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Hermesworld is an international logistics and trading company. The brand is part of the Otto Group holding, and its headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany. Hermesworld creates solutions for international trade and supply, and an important scope of work is e-commerce. Customers can count on assistance in organizing integrated logistics services, sending parcels and much more.

The company has several structural divisions. Some of them perform certain functions in an international format, while the rest are representative offices of Hermesworld in different countries of the world, including Germany and Austria, the USA, Great Britain, China, and also Russia. The main element in the structure is Hermes Europe, which coordinates the activities of all other divisions. In total, the staff of all divisions of the company has over 15 thousand employees. The company's total annual income is about 2 billion euros per year at present. Also today, Hermes is the largest private provider of parcel delivery services in Europe, delivering to private customers.

Company Principles

The main mission of the company is to delegate decades of experience for the success of each client. There are also several root positions that define the face of HermesWorld.

Ecology very quickly comes to the forefront of global processes, and environmental issues cannot be ignored today. The company is engaged in logistics tasks, and this activity on a global scale has a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, Hermesworld aims to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere during operations. This applies to the transition to environmentally friendly transport systems (for example, the transition to electric cars), as well as the optimization of existing delivery mechanisms that increase the efficiency of logistics, but reduce the number of flights, transportation, and so on.

Implementation of innovative solutions for delivery within urban areas, taking into account the growing urbanization. It is important that logistics companies keep in touch with retailers, municipalities and local authorities in the development and updating of alternative delivery methods, including parcel machines and much more. These activities will help ensure compatible deliveries to urban centers in the future, with an increasing growth in the volume of parties in cities.

Favorable working conditions for the entire staff of the company are what determine the effectiveness of processes to the greatest extent. Hermesworld sets the task to inspire, develop and motivate each member of the company, and this applies to all associated employees of partners around the world. Adequate working conditions and remuneration are everything. Hermes is the only major logistics company that has been using an external audit system for almost 10 years. The system is constantly being adapted and optimized to meet current requirements.

Hermesworld also pays attention to issues of influence on society, which a logistics company, or a large international company of any field of activity, can bear. So, Hermesworld sponsors various charitable initiatives and foundations.


The company was founded in Germany in 1972 by Werner Otto. The main idea of the appearance of Hermes was the desire to create a quality alternative to the delivery services that were provided at that time by the national postal operator of the country Deutsche Post. But first things first.

At each stage of history, Hermes sought to actively explore, refine and implement innovative opportunities for efficient delivery and organization of logistics around the world. In the 1970s, Hermes courier services showed high efficiency and speed of targeted delivery. An important milestone in the development of the company in the 1980s was a bold product: delivery within 2 days. Important elements of the service were delivery on appointed days, delivery at the exact time of day, and delivery on Saturdays.

The main focus of the company's research in the 1990s was to improve delivery speed, and new solutions were introduced to guarantee safe delivery. Innovative technologies made it possible to deliver parcels to addresses quickly by improving the efficiency of processing the incoming flow of items. An important part of the system was the deployment of local networks of couriers who knew and understood the needs of customers in their areas.

The first attempts to enter the electronic world space took place in the early 2000s, and since 2004, online tracking has been launched, which made it possible to track parcels along their entire route. This step has significantly increased the confidence in the company's logistics services from partners and their customers. In the late 2000s, effective solutions for affiliate online stores appeared, which made it possible to put delivery issues in automatic mode. Even then, couriers provided manual terminals for cashless payment upon receipt of letters and parcels.

Today, the company has a huge number of divisions and branches around the world, and the turnover of parcels is hundreds of millions of units of cargo annually. Hermes does not go astray while continuing to implement new programs to improve and scale services while maintaining high quality services. And this applies not only to the mail services described above, but also to broad logistics products.

Main Services

Hermesworld offers several basic categories of services that define the general scope of the group of companies. Separate units have their own products, and we will mention this in the next section. Now let's find out more about the main services.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Development of individual solutions for each business on request. Hermesworld works with various industries and applies specialized experience to create the most effective assistance for each client. Activities in this area are ensured by almost half a century of experience in logistics, well-established mechanisms for performing special industry expertise, knowledge of logistics solutions at different levels (regions, global deliveries), supply chain optimization, customs consultations, building international partner networks, organizing security solutions, Integration of innovative IT data analysis tools for deliveries.

Worldwide Shipping

Assistance in attracting customers around the world and organizing the supply of goods to all corners of the planet. Solutions for global online trading, taking into account the peculiarities of delivery to different countries: assistance in all directions with customs clearance, the choice of convenient payment methods and so on. The company follows all the steps of the chain of action for e-commerce, providing fast delivery, comfort for customers and affordable prices.

Our Focus Industries

As mentioned earlier, Hermesworld develops solutions for various categories of trading. However, the company has deeper and more individualized experience in several niches. Sellers in these categories can rely on large-scale networks and their own logistics products of the company, which increase the efficiency of businesses very much.

  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Wine

However, the company's extensive experience will provide development of solutions in any field of activity. It is enough to seek help in order to activate trading and / or improve existing indicators in the near future.

Supply Chain Solutions

The company provides customized solutions for supply chain businesses around the world. The development of unique routes and means of delivery will increase the efficiency of clients' businesses and increase their income. If necessary, assistance is provided with the refinement of existing supply chains. Hermesworld guarantees a wide range of knowledge for specific industries and product groups.


Supporting solutions to improve the efficiency of the client’s warehouse logistics. The company provides a wide automated chain of warehouse processes. Services in this category reduce warehouse costs for the client, as well as the cost of collecting orders.

Consolidation Solutions

Effective consolidation saves business money in 100% of cases. For this reason, Hermesworld seeks to provide faster or more profitable alternatives on behalf of the client. Consolidation is possible at the level of regions and direct buyers, or between regions and even at the international level.

Interaction with China

China trading is a separate focus field of Hermesworld activity. The company provides direct deliveries to customers in Asia, which reduces the cost of labor-intensive re-import.

Quality control

The quality of the goods is subject to detailed verification in the country of production. Quality control is always ensured by high German standards and technologies. The service is provided for all possible tasks in this category.

Unit price

When calculating the cost of production, logistics costs are taken into account as a variable item of expenses. Hermesworld helps solve difficulties and give customers stability by unit pricing. This is a reliable margin protection and no need to carefully check accounts.

All about clothes

The company is closely associated with clothing as a category of goods, and profile customers here can count on a number of complex and very valuable additional services. These are packaging, repackaging, selection of orders at the article level, labeling, scanning, among other things.


The company provides a number of electronic solutions for global logistics in the spirit of the times. This is all the help that makes the movement of goods and the interaction between the seller and the buyer convenient.

  • Hermes SCM platform allows you to monitor the situation of supply chains in real time in different countries, continents and oceans. Eight modules of our SCM platform allow each client to always receive reliable information.
  • Order management. The platform is applicable for direct approval of orders. Each client can track and manage already concluded contracts.
  • Managing supplier activity online.
  • Integrated type of inventory. Possibility of efficient visual analysis of incoming and outgoing deliveries.
  • Cargo management. Easy transportation planning and cost control. Clear construction and route planning to optimize transportation issues.
  • Internet documents. Automatic generation of transport documents on the platform, which simplifies part of the bureaucratic work.
  • Event management. Timely reporting on events and forecasts for more efficient coordination of supplies.
  • Workflow management. Coordination of partners, creation of common rules and responsibilities, effective data analysis.
  • Performance control. Optimization of the assessment of services due to the reporting system in the goods flow.

Additional Services

Long-term professional experience of the company in the field of customs clearance, insurance and safety of goods. This is assistance that will help businesses avoid problems at the borders, taking into account the specifics of different states.

Solutions in this category will help customers accelerate the flow of goods, reduce workload, optimize and minimize costs, and increase the number of delivery opportunities in general.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

Hermesworld tracking number format is typical of international shipping standards. It is difficult to come up with a clear standard for the numbers presented, because there are many divisions of the company in different countries of the world. Generally speaking, examples of Hermesworld tracking numbers are RE218721102DE or 3352709624801576.


Hermesworld reached a large scale as a non-governmental delivery service, and at every stage of their existence, their services were a quality alternative to established services in different parts of the planet. Today, customers can count on a range of up-to-date postal and logistics solutions, which will be implemented individually, comfortably and quickly for all parties.

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7/7/2310:31 PM
My parcel has been obviously delivered at a wrong address, so I did not get it. Thanks to the company, which were selling goods, I am waiting for the refund.
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thank you.
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11/21/2212:12 PM
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4/23/2211:07 PM
When you say you are going to deliver today so you wait in than get a message saying next working day today is Saturday so got to wait till Monday
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Desislava Marincheva
1/31/226:15 PM
My package was received by Hermes on 23rd of December 2021 and today 31st of January 2022 I'm still waiting to receive my parcel . This is more than horrible service.
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1/30/2211:38 PM
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Hristo Hristov
1/20/2212:44 PM
I still don't receive my order
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12/9/211:18 AM
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11/23/217:19 PM
My goods are in outer space for all I know. They may as well be for all you care. I just want my parcel but I’ve no idea where it’s got to. No phone number to talk to a human being. No chance of live chat to a human being. Any company I might be thinking of buying from online in the future will be thoroughly checked out so I know exactly which delivery companies they use. I absolutely promise myself that nothing I buy ever gets (mis) handled by useless idiots like you ever again. Hermes you are an absolute disgrace of a Company. You should be ashamed of yourselves for the piss poor service you (don’t) offer. Trouble is you’re not are you . . . .
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Henry White
11/16/213:00 PM
Never had a problem with Hermes , Delivery personnel very good. Says my parcel has been delivered , not to this address flat 2/1 25 Newton Street Greenock Inverclyde pa168sa . I would like to know where my parcel was delivered to . Thanks
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