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CNE Express was founded in 2003. Nowadays the company is headquartered in Shanghai, with branches in Yiwu, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, and more. CNE Express is interested in investing in science and technology, aiming at improving the overall efficiency of the industry. The company uses a large number of high-tech fully automatic sorting equipment to achieve intelligent, efficient, and professional service processes. CNE is one of the leading cross-border e-commerce logistics service providers in China.

International Hotline

There are many options to choose from for international shipment, so let's have a look at those.

CNE Global Priority - UK, France, Germany

This service is used for transporting general goods to the UK, France, or Germany. Priority flight delivery, easy and convenient tracking - that's what one can expect from this service.

  • Delivery time: 3-6 working days;
  • Type of cargo: general goods;
  • Package weight limit: 5 kilograms (3 kilograms for Germany);
  • Size limit: the sum of three sides ≤90cm;
  • Declaration requirements: shipment name and declared value must be truthfully declared.

CNE Global Deals

It is possible to send goods to numerous destinations via this service, including:

  • Europe;
  • America;
  • Australia;
  • Middle east.

Any parcel sent via CNE Global Deals can be tracked throughout the way. The delivery usually takes 4-15 business days.

CNE Global Economy - France, Germany, UK

CNE Global Economy is a special service designed to help customers save money. It is both cost-effective and quick.

  • Delivery time: 3-6 working days.
  • Type of cargo: general goods.
  • Package weight limit: 5 kilograms (3 kilograms for Germany).
  • Size limit: the sum of three sides ≤90cm.

CNE Global Express

CNE Global Express is used for sending goods to Europe, Australia, America, and the Middle East. The entire process can be tracked using the CNE Express tracking number. The delivery usually takes 4-10 business days. The package weight limit is 3 kilograms. Forbidden goods will be confiscated. The list of forbidden goods includes:

  1. Firearms;
  2. Ammunition;
  3. Police equipment;
  4. Explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, radioactive items;
  5. Any other items prohibited by the state.

CNE Global Speed

The average delivery time for this service is 4-8 business days. This service is used independently for goods sold to Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East.

CNE Global Special-Poland Special Line

This service is used for transporting goods to Poland. It can be used for general goods only, and the parcel shouldn't weight more than 30 kilograms. The delivery time may be different, usually it takes 5-10 business days to deliver a parcel.

CNE Global Economy-Italy Special Line

This service offers CNE Express tracking and quick delivery (7-9 working days). The weight limit is 5 kilograms, the size limit is 80 cm.

EMS Shanghai Transit

EMS is an international mail express service managed by the UPU. Numerous countries and regions in the world are accessible. Parcels are sent by a local service provider in Shanghai and can be tracked online. The maximum weight per package is 30 kilograms. The maximum size is 1 meter.


TNT, headquartered in the Netherlands, specializes in providing global express and postal services for parcels, documents and freight for businesses and individuals, offering efficient delivery networks in Europe and Asia. FedEx serves 220 countries and regions around the world, providing many types of delivery services. DHL, DHL Air Cargo, is a company of Deutsche Post DHL. It is a world-famous postal and logistics group, providing global door-to-door courier services. CNE Express cooperates with these companies to satisfy clients' needs.

CNE Global Register

This service is preferred for small packages. The maximum weight is 2 kilograms. The recipient will have to wait for the parcel 6-12 business days.

AT Registered Packet

This service can be used for parcel delivery to 231 countries around the globe. The delivery takes 7-15 working days. The weight limit is 2 kilograms.

China Post Registered Packet

The features of this service include:

Parcels sent via this service are sent by a local service provider in Shanghai.

International E-Post

Using this service, one can send goods to 39 countries and regions in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The weight limit is 2 kilograms. The price for this service may be different, as it depends on the size and weight of your parcel and the destination.

International Packet (economy)

There are several services used for parcel delivery to foreign postal partners. There are 232 countries accessible. So, such services include:

  • CNE Global Mail (cooperation with numerous top postal operators to intelligently select the optimal route for small packages, with super time-effective stability).
  • Direct Shipping by RM (parcels and letters are delivered to Royal Mail. This service is used for sending goods to the UK).
  • EE Parcel Post (this service is designed for delivering goods to Russia. The delivery takes 6-12 business days).
  • CH Parcel Post (this service covers 40 countries and regions in Europe, Australia, and North America. The delivery takes 10-20 days).

CNE Express Tracking Number Peculiarities

CNE Express tracking makes it possible for customers to check the status of a parcel. It can be used at any time, so you will know for sure when your parcel will reach its destination. CNE Express tracking number is a combination of letters and digits. Here are several examples:

  • UL549327459CN;
  • RP385012740CN;
  • UL238564392CN.

All you have to do to track your parcel is to enter your number in a corresponding field on the official website. It is possible to track CNE Express parcels throughout all way, but some services don't allow tracking in a destination country.

CNE Express Average Delivery Time

The average delivery time via CNE Express is three weeks. Depending on the destination, your parcel may arrive a little bit earlier or later, so it's better to use CNE Express tracking to be fully aware of the current status of your parcel.

CNE Express Customer Support Department

It is possible to solve various problems by browsing the CNE Express official website. For example, one can track parcels or get to know more about the services offered. But what to do if you are unable to cope with the problem by yourself? You can contact customer support by phone or fill in a special form to get professional help.

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CNE Express
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Kellie Rogers
11/7/233:27 AM
I haven’t received my package yet I didn’t pick this company to deliver it I would like my package asap! Thank you
Not delivered yet
11/1/233:20 PM
Not delivered yet
Leidner L.
10/26/239:07 PM
Versand ist jetzt 31 unterwegs und immer noch nicht angekommen sehr schlecht
Not delivered yet
Irina Reimchen
10/17/234:32 PM
Seit 27 Tagen warte ich schon auf meine Bestellung, erhalte nicht mal eine Information. Sehr schlecht Leistung
Not delivered yet
Andrea Grundkötter
10/12/2311:22 AM
Grauenvoll noch nichts angekommen und verfolgen kann ich meine Sendung auch nicht
Not delivered yet
Boban Savic
9/28/239:47 AM
Not delivered yet
Our user
9/27/2310:52 PM
Not delivered yet
9/16/232:16 PM
Man kann nicht sehen wo die Ware sich jetzt befindet. Für Express Versand zu lange. Keine Nachricht wie lange es noch dauert.
Not delivered yet
11/29/221:45 PM
Colis enregistré Livré mais jamais arrivé ! Recours très compliqué
Not delivered yet
Sebastian Alsvik
11/20/222:04 PM
As fast as DHL! Super fast, always same tracking updates, super good. Dont hear on other reviews.
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