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4PX Express was established in 2004, positioning a global cross-border e-commerce supply chain integrated service provider. Since the establishment of the company, it has focused on the development of cross-border e-commerce logistics in various fields. It operates with IT technology and big data as the core driving force, through the global warehouse distribution network and terminal delivery network, with innovative and reliable logistics supply chain services to win the majority of cross-border.

The trust of international e-commerce sellers has now developed into a leading enterprise in the field of cross-border e-commerce logistics. The company has on average more than 5,000 employees and more than 70 branches worldwide, serving approximately 300,000 cross-border e-commerce merchants and more than 1 million cross-border e-commerce end-users worldwide.

4PX Express provides five major services based on the global parcel delivery network and the global order fulfillment network. It includes:

  • global order fulfillment services;
  • warehousing and logistics management system services;
  • global return solutions.

Global parcel direct delivery service and global transshipment import service are the companies with the most complete service in the market segment and the most complete global network. In the high season, the daily parcel handling capacity is up to 3 million orders, in the off-season, the daily handling capacity exceeds 1 million orders, and the order handling capacity is 6 million orders.


4PX using advanced WMS system tailored for the seller set procurement management, warehouse management, order management, inventory management, logistics, and distribution management in one of the storage outsourcing services. E-commerce sellers only need to deposit the goods in 4PX distributed warehouses around the world, and 4PX will complete the storage quality inspection, goods shelf, inventory management, order reception, order sorting, order review, multi-channel delivery, and other logistics operations. E-commerce sellers can easily achieve one-stop logistics and warehousing services.

  • American Los Angeles warehouse.
  • American New York warehouse.
  • London warehouse.
  • Luton warehouse.
  • Vancouver warehouse in Canada.
  • Bruchsal warehouse in Germany.
  • Czech Bol warehouse.
  • Spain Madrid warehouse.
  • Hong Kong warehouse.
  • Hong Kong border Dongguan warehouse.
  • Osaka warehouse in Japan.
  • Tokyo warehouse.
  • Warehouse in Sydney, Australia.

International Air Delivery

In case you have something to have or just a lot of packages to be delivered around the world, this option will be able to help you. The billing starts from 45kg and 100kg on certain routes. Different destination ports and routes have different timelines, which you can get to know in a service representative. In addition, the prices also depend on the country of destination.

It is important to inform a service representative of the goods delivery in advance, including the number of goods, weight, delivery company name, and contact information, delivery location, etc. When handing over the goods to the company staff, you should confirm the company name and the goods information with ground staff in person.

Brand goods must be provided with a brand authorization and business license. Dangerous goods, liquids, powders, etc. banned by air; the state expressly prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, currency, and other infringing products.

EMS Services

China EMS

It is an express mail service of China Post. The service network covers 210 countries and regions in the world and is sent overseas through customs networks of various countries. There are many domestic cities that can handle EMS exports from China, with low discounts and a wide range of services. No surcharge for remote areas. It requires 3 to 8 business days to accomplish the delivery.

Hong Kong EMS

4PX is a first-class agent of Hong Kong Post. The newly launched express delivery service, which covers 190 countries and regions in the world. Customs clearance is delivered overseas through the postal network of various countries. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and safety. Another quick and economic way for online sellers to post overseas. It requires 2 to 7 business days for delivery. The customs declaration form needs to be filled out in English or the language accepted by the destination. In order to facilitate customs inspection at the destination, the sender must complete the declaration form completely, correctly, and clearly, otherwise, it may cause delay or even confiscate the mail.

Singapore EMS

In 2009, 4PX signed a cooperation agreement with Singapore Post to become Singapore Post’s partner in China. The Quartet and Singapore Post has carefully launched a door-to-door postal EMS express service for the characteristics of Chinese sellers. It has a wide range of services, charging according to actual weight, no fuel surcharge and remote area surcharge, and convenient customs clearance. The delivery takes from 3 to 7 business days. For each parcel, the sender should fill out a CN22 customs declaration. The product name declaration column should not only use the generic names such as gift, sample, electronic, etc. as the product name but should be specific to the product name.

Packet Delivery

China Post

China Post Packet is an affordable postal service product. It includes registered and regular mail services. The China Post small package service launched by 4PX is especially suitable for packages with lighter weight and less than 2kg per item and low value.

Hong Kong Post

The Hong Kong Post packet is an airmail product designed for small items. Its predecessor is "bulk registered airmail service", which aims to provide e-commerce sellers with a more comprehensive mailing solution. Additionally, it aims to cooperate with the new electronic customs regulations to be implemented by the US and EU member states. Especially suitable for online sellers to mail items with lightweight and small volume. EDI data declaration greatly shortens customs clearance time; advance declaration can be accelerated. The online mail processing tools help to simplify cargo handling and posting procedures, which are based on the number and weight of postings, greatly save the time of mail processing.

Singapore Post

In 2009, 4PX signed a cooperation agreement with Singapore Post to become Singapore Post's partner in China. Like the Hong Kong Post packet service, the Singapore Post packet service is an airmail product aimed at small items. It is another comprehensive service and reasonable price postal solution for 4PX as the most professional multinational e-commerce logistics provider for e-commerce sellers.

Singapore Post is the owner of a public postal license supervised by the Singapore government. It is also a listed company. It is fully market-oriented and can provide efficient and high-quality domestic and international postal services.

Global Return Service

4PX Global Return Service (GRS) is a personalized overseas local return processing for cross-border e-commerce sellers based on a comprehensive global warehousing and logistics service network and a leading GRS return service system and operation management.

4PX Global Return Service (GRS) assists sellers to achieve accurate and efficient management of returns, significantly reduces operating costs, and enhances the overall competitiveness of overseas sales. The return methods provided by 4PX include shipping, air transportation, express delivery, and postal services. Sellers can choose the most appropriate return method according to their own circumstances.

4PX Express Tracking Number Peculiarities

The 4PX Express tracking number greatly depends on the delivery service, which the company uses for a specific delivery. The EMS services have a standardized format of 13 characters. It begins and ends with letters while in the middle it has 9 digits. They look as following:

  • CK123456789CN;
  • VA123456789CN;
  • CN123456789CN.

In case you are using other delivery options, the 4PX tracking number can consist of 16 random digits. Here are examples:

  • 1234567890123456;
  • 1234567890121416;
  • 0987654321654321.

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