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In the world, there are plenty of delivery companies. It makes it difficult for a new one to appear on the market. However, many international delivery companies have a poor connection between them. Thus, Yun Express has become a mediator between them. It has developed an advanced logistic system, to the delivery process. As a result, people around the world are able to receive their packages faster and in better condition. Cross-border eCommerce is no longer a problem. Yun Express deals with delivery between China, Europe, and the United States of America.

International Express Delivery Services

UPS Delivery

UPS is a longstanding delivery company in the United States of America as a messenger. With a clear commitment to supporting global business goals, UPS has now grown to have $42.6 billion in assets. Today's UPS, or United Parcel Service, is a global company whose trademark is one of the most well-known and admirable trademarks in the world. It is one of the world's largest express carrier and package delivery, which is also a leading provider of professional transportation, logistics, capital, and e-commerce services. Every day, it manages logistics, capital flow, and information flow in a lot of countries around the globe.

Package Size Requirements

The actual weight of light and large-volume goods is calculated according to the volume weight: the volume weight is based on (length x width x height) cm/5000, and a parcel of multiple parcels is settled by the sum of the maximum weight of a single piece (small cargo carry 0.5, large Cargo carry 1).

  • Scope: The service covers 220 countries and regions.
  • Price: Hong Kong UPS Express officially announced the price of 3-6 fold.
  • Inquiry: Online query for detailed package delivery information.

DHL Express

DHL Express (HK) is a cooperation between Yun Expres and DHL. It is a product launched around the world with a fast time and price concessions. Upload the order, and return the tracking number after the goods arrive at our company for operation, and you can view the entire tracking track on the DHL official website.

Package Size Requirements

The length of a single piece exceeds 120cm (including 120cm) or the actual weight of a single piece or the volumetric weight exceeds 70kg (including 70kg), an extra-long overweight fee of RMB 810/ticket is required (additional fuel surcharge is required). Charges, such as multiple tickets, if multiple items are overlength and overweight, multiple RMB 810 will be charged. (If DHL reimburses our company for extra-long and overweight fees after the shipment is exported, our company will reimburse this fee to the shipper).

  • High recognition: buyers from various countries and regions have recognized it;
  • Safety: high security, detailed tracking of the entire trajectory.

FBA Transshipment

Billing Mode

Carry weight in units of 1kg; billing weight: the actual weight of the whole ticket is compared with the volume weight of the whole ticket, whichever is greater (volume weight calculation method: length * width * height cm/6000=kg).

FBA China Europe Line

The China-Europe FBA special line is an independent research and development channel of Yun Express, which is specially tailored for Amazon sellers. A direct delivery FBA warehouse service for products sold to European countries. The service's first journey utilizes Hong Kong's rich flight resources to be airlifted to European ports. Combined with the customs clearance advantages of European ports, a perfect delivery network is established, and UPS completes the final delivery.

Package Size Requirements

Longest side≤150cm; secondary longest side≤75cm; length + (2×width) + (2×height)≦330cm. The minimum standard for a single shipment is 100kg, that is, the weight of the entire shipment must be 100kg or above.

The billing weight of a single box of goods must be less than or equal to 31kg and reject the goods with a single box of billing weight equal to or more than 32kg. The average weight of a single ticket of a single box needs to be more than 15kg. If it is insufficient, the standard is as follows: single box Average weight<12kg, add 2RMB/kg; 12kg< single box average weight<15kg, add 1RMB/kg;

  • Direct flight, rich flight resources;
  • Customs clearance and stability;
  • Seamless connection throughout, fast and stable information updating;
  • Back-end delivery service provider UPS, guaranteed high-quality service.

FBA America Line

FBA American special line standard line (chargeable), shipping code: FBAUSB. It is an independent research and development channel of Yun Express, which is tailor-made for Amazon sellers and a direct delivery FBA warehouse service for products sold to the United States. The first flight utilizes Hong Kong's rich flight resources to fly directly to Los Angeles or New York in the United States. Combined with the advantages of local customs clearance and UPS's perfect delivery system, it produces a service product with fast time, low price, and excellent service.

Package Size Requirements

The longest side <121cm; the second-longest side <76cm; length +2* (width + height) <330cm. The actual weight of a single package is ≤22kg. If the single package exceeds 22kg, an overweight fee of RMB180/piece will be charged. The minimum standard for a ticket is 10kg, that is, the weight of the whole ticket must be 10kg or more. If it is less than 10kg, the billing weight will be calculated as 10kg.

  • The price is cheaper than express;
  • The volume can be divided by 6000;
  • Customs clearance is stable and can be tracked and inquired throughout;
  • The time limit is comparable to the UPS blue list, about 8-10 working days;
  • According to the customer's cargo characteristics, we can make a separate plan to tailor a set of optimal service plans for the customer.

Yun Express Tracking Numbers

Possibility to track number while sending some packages is very important. It allows clients to know where your package is almost in real-time. Yun Express tires to provide the most up to date information on each package. Among delivery companies, tracking number formats are very the same. However, the Yun Express tracking number is different. It consists of 18 characters, where the first two are letters YT and the rest are digits. While receiving a tracking number, with this format you will always know that Yun Express performs the delivery. Here are some examples:

  • YT1234567891113150;
  • YT0204060810121416;
  • YT0987654321654321.

Average Delivery Time

Yun Express does not guarantee that you will receive a package on a specific hour of the day. As it accomplishes the role of logistic navigator and delivery is accomplished by other companies, the package arrival time varies due to the service you choose and the distance between two countries. In general, delivery accomplishes on working days and packages may arrive from morning to evening. If there are some delays, the package may need up to two weeks to arrive to the addressee. In normal conditions, it needs from several days up to one week. Here is the average delivery time of the most popular delivery options at Yun Express.

  • FBA America Line 8-10 working days;
  • FBA China Europe Line 7-10 working days;
  • UPS International Express 3-7 working days;
  • DHL International Express 4-6 working days.

Customer Support Department

In case you need some assistance Yun Express has much plenty of different offices in China. On the website, you can find regional offices in different regions of China. Each of them has their phone number, which you can always use to get information on your issue.

Alternatively, you can always write an email directly to them. It is recommended to provide as much information as you may even attach some pictures, screenshots, and documents if needed.

Otherwise, if you just need some information and instructions about the service, you should check the Help Center. It contains a large number of common questions, answers, solutions that are easy to find.

For some additional questions, that are not mentioned on the website, the live support chat is available on the website 24/7. It allows users to get in touch with a service representative directly and receive effective assistance.

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12/7/232:58 PM
33 jours que mon colis est en transit et toujours pas livré
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YT2***8 kargo adresime ulaşmadı
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Vēl neesmu saņemusi lūdzu atnakt atrak ļoti steidzami
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Nach 47 Tagen immer noch keine Lieferung!!! Keine Kontaktmöglichkeit!!
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never again!
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Never again!!!!
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Liefertermin ????
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11/8/233:57 PM
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beaucoup beaucoup trop long je vais attendre combien de temps encore ?????
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