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ePacket Carrier Info & Tips

With great development in e-commerce, many sellers were seeking a proper solution for delivering. China EMS has decided to develop an ePacket option. It is very simple and convenient to use.

Benefits of ePacket


While buying some goods from abroad many customers want to receive them as soon as possible. As ePacket packages are limited in size, they are convenient for transportation by different means. Therefore, delivery companies do not need to worry about the suitable transport for the package and it can be delivered very quickly.


Many large delivery companies are expensive when you need to deliver something very fast. In most cases, they are using large transport for delivery. Thus, small packages are not very convenient for them and it expensive. With ePacket, the prices are far lower as they aim most on small packages and fast delivery.

Track Package to Doors

The ePacket tracking system allows clients to check the delivery status until the moment the addressee gets packages at home. Thus, you can be sure that delivery is accomplished.

Free Returns

Every year many goods are lost in the delivery process. For sellers, it is a huge loss as they simply lose their goods without receiving any income. However, it is what does not happen with ePacket. Every undelivered good always returns to the sender.

Postal Customs

Every package for international delivery goes through the customs. Any responsibility for customs, additional fees, and taxed rely on the addressee.

Specifications Of ePacket Packages

One of the reasons why ePacket delivery is very effective is its limitations. They allow to increase the efficiency of transportation due to proper space management, which allows even small local couriers to deliver a package to every house.


In the beginning, you should keep in mind the maximum weight. For every package, it is 4.4lbs (2kg). It includes:

  • Packing box;
  • Filling stuff;
  • Item;
  • Everything else that influences weight.

Only when sending something to Israel you are allowed to put something heavier up to 6.6lbs (3kg).

Package Size

Size matters for ePacket. If the item is smaller, senders add more filler to protect the item in the larger box.

Minimum Size:

  • Length 14cm;
  • Width 11cm.

Maximum Size:

  • One side should not exceed 60cm;
  • All sides together should not exceed 90cm.

How to track an ePacket from China?

Since ePacket as a service is a product of USPS and China Post working together, you can use any of those sites to track your ePacket parcel. But of course, you should still use Parcelous to do that, since we offer a lot of small yet powerful pieces of functionality to improve your parcel tracking experience.

Every package of ePacket has a personal tracking number. In case you are shipping many packages, you can always track each one separately. The ePacket tracking number consists of 13 characters. The initial and last two are letters, while in the middle are digits. ePacket tracking numbers are similar to China Post EMS tracking numbers, but they start with letter "L" (however "LF" and "LH" starting letters are used by airmail) and end with letters "CN". Therefore, you may have the following samples:

  • LO923845671CN;
  • LE981234567CN;
  • LI9813245765CN.

How long does it take for an ePacket to be delivered?

The ePacket option is popular for its price and delivery time. As it provides its options to multiple destinations, delivery time may vary from country to country. Therefore, here you can review the estimated time for a package to reach the following destinations:

  • Vietnam requires 6-8 business days;
  • Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Russia need 7-20 business days;
  • Brazil 19-29 business days;
  • Mexico up to 21 business days;
  • Other countries: 7-30 working days.

To some island location, you may not be able to ship ePacket. Such information you should specify at the customer support department. In addition, holidays are very loaded periods. Therefore, the delivery may take some additional days. However, you should not worry as you always can view the last update of package location with ePacket tracking number.

ePacket Reviews

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How do we calculate the rating? People are more likely to post negative reviews (for example, when their package is delayed or lost) than positive reviews (when everything is fine). It doesn't mean that bad situations happen more often than smooth delivery, though. That's why we give the negative reviews lower priority to calculate a more accurate carrier rating.
Reynald Eric Medenilla
9/23/217:36 AM
Please deliver my package
Not delivered yet
Roy Atkison
8/13/2112:59 AM
130 days later still undelivered I reach the merchant or the carrier feel like I been scammed by China and ems
Not delivered yet
Kevin landry tchakounte yankouo
3/15/211:31 PM
I haven't received my package for a month yet on the website it is written that the package has been delivered. but I haven't received anything. please give me information about my package https://www.packages24.com/track?number=LZ6***2CN
Not delivered yet
F.L. Words
7/15/206:52 AM
Due to COVID-19 delays, this shipment took 105 days to go from Shenzhen, China, to Vancouver, B.C., Canada. From April 8 to July 3, there were no updates at all.
Berend otten O***[email protected]
4/18/208:45 AM
Staat al 14 dagen als geleverd,maar er is niets geleverd, en zo ja waar dan,hoe kan ik zien waar het is,graag antwoord
Not delivered yet
Rosemary Camalonti
2/14/203:32 AM
A empresa é péssima, o currier disse que não conseguiu entregar o produto porque o endereço esta incorreto, obs* o endereço esta corretíssimo, conferi e reconferi diversas vezes. E é de fácil acesso meu end. Não tem como não achar, e no condomínio tem uma pessoa específica só para receber encomendas e correspondências. Ou seja, nem se quer passaram pela porta. Já faz 08 dias que disseram que não conseguiram entregar, nem tentaram novamente ( se é que tentaram alguma vez) .
Not delivered yet
12/6/192:20 AM
Not delivered yet
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