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The post office, called "India Post", is the state postal system of India, which is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Communications. It was founded in 1854 by Lord Dalhousie, who laid the foundation for the modern Indian postal service.

India Post is the most common postal system in the world. He is involved in delivering mail (mail), transferring money through money transfers, accepting deposits through small savings schemes, providing life insurance under the Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) and providing retail services such as account collection, sale of forms, etc. The Indian Post also acts as an agent of the Government of India to provide other services to citizens, such as paying old-age pensions and paying salaries in accordance with employment standards National Security Guarantee System (MGNREGS). ) Mahatma Gandhi. India Post has 155,015 post offices and is the most widespread post network in the world. The country was divided into 23 postal circles, each of which was headed by a chief postmaster. Each circle is divided into regions led by a postmaster general and consisting of field units known as units.

For over 150 years, the Department of Post (MP) has been the basis of the country's communication and plays a decisive role in the socio-economic development of the country.

Internal mail

By internal mail, you can send a letter, a book package, a parcel. None of the internal mail points speaks of the cost of sending and delivery time, it will be disassembled later.


A letter means any message that is enveloped and addressed.

  • Maximum weight: 2 kg
  • Maximum envelope size: 353x250 mm

Book package

There are two types of book packages: a book package containing printed books and a book package containing periodicals.

  • Maximum weight: 5 kg
  • Maximum envelope size: 60x30x30 cm

As for book packages, there are certain prohibitions on them:

  • There should be no personal message attached or recorded on a book package.
  • It should not contain paper money, postage or other postage stamps, checks, etc. Exception: it may contain a stamped postcard with a return address or a letter or packaging.


Anything can be sent to the parcel, except for items whose transfer is prohibited. May contain a one-time message with the addressee of the parcel. If it is assumed that the message contains a message other than permitted, it will be opened in the presence of the addressee or his authorized agent, and for each written message a double postage will be charged for delivery. If the addressee refuses to pay expenses, the package will be returned to the sender, from which the fee will not be returned.

  • The weight of an unregistered parcel must not exceed 4 kilograms.
  • The weight of the registered parcel should not exceed 10 kg if it is placed at or addressed to the post office of the branch, and 20 kg in other cases.
  • The length of the package should not exceed 1 meter, and the length and girth together should not exceed 1.80 meters.

Speed ​​post

Speed ​​Post provides express delivery of letters and parcels weighing up to 35 kg to India on time. This is an affordable service that is provided throughout the country.


  • Cargo insurance up to INR 1.00 Lakh
  • Indian post tracking. Expedited shipping of an online tracking and tracking service to track the number of your shipments from booking to delivery
  • Compensation

Speed ​​Post is available both in India and for shipment to other countries.

Prices and delivery times are indicated on express mail.

The table of tariffs for express delivery within India is presented below. The cost is indicated in INR.

​​​​Weight​ ​​Local ​>200 Km. 201-1000 Km. 1001-2000 Km.​ ​​​​2000< Km.
​>50 g. 15​ 35 35 35​ 35
51-200 g. 25​ 35 40 60 70
​201-500 g. 30 50 60 80 90
​500< g. 10 15 30 40​ 50

Delivery time within India:

  • local - 1-2 days
  • Metro-Metro - 1-3 days
  • State capital - the capital of the state - 1-4 days
  • The same condition - 1-4 days
  • The rest of the country - 4-5 days

International speed post

To send you need to fill out a customs form CN22 (cost below 300 SDR) or CN23 (cost above 300 SDR).

The total maximum weight of the parcel and documents varies from 10 to 35 kilograms depending on the country of the recipient.

Delivery time varies from 3 to 9 days depending on the country of the recipient.

The cost of the tariff varies from 600 to 3660 Indian rupees depending on the country of the recipient.


Business Parcel is a premium ground-based service that meets the needs of business customers with an economical and reliable distribution solution.

  • Maximum weight: 35 kg
  • The maximum length should not exceed 150 centimeters in any measurement or 300 centimeters in length, and the largest circumference is measured in a direction other than length.
  • Indian tracking post. An online service to track and track your goods from booking to delivery.
  • Delivery. Business parcels are delivered right to your doorstep.

Tariffs and delivery times are also available on the India Post website.

Tariffs are presented in the table below.

Distance Weight
>2 kg. 2 - 5 kg 5< kg
Local 45 57-81 95+
Within State 80 100-140 162+
Neighbouring State 100 125-175 203+
Other States 115 145-205 237+
Between Metro and State Capitals* 105 130-180 208+
NCR-Delhi/ Ghaziabad/ Noida /Greater Noida/ Faridabad 70 95-125 143+

Delivery speed:

  • local - 3 days
  • Metro-Metro - 4-5 days
  • State capital - the capital of the state - 4-6 days
  • The same condition - 3-6 days
  • The rest of the country - 6-7 days

India International Post

India Post provides basic international postal services, namely. Letters, parcels.


  • Letters, printed paper and small bags, up to 2 kg
  • Size limits: maximum: length, width and depth in aggregate: 900 mm, but the maximum size cannot exceed 600 mm with a tolerance of 2 mm; in the form of a roll: length plus double diameter: 1040 mm, but the maximum size should not exceed 900 mm with a tolerance of 2 mm.
  • Compensation policy for registered mail: for loss / general theft / full damage of an internationally registered product - 30 SDR
  • The cost varies from 20 to 60 rupees depending on the weight and country of the recipient.

Air package

This service is intended for corporate and retail customers to provide cost-effective and quick goods sales services.

Maximum weight: 20 kg.

Maximum parcel length: 1.05 meters.

Indian mail tracking

The cost varies from 600 to 1500 Indian rupees depending on the weight and country of the recipient.

What is the tracking number and how to track your package

Parcels and courier delivery are sent with a tracking number from India Post, by which you can find out how the package is moving. The sender cannot register small parcels and letters, then he will not have a tracking number.

One-way number format for registered international mail approved. The India Post track number is the same and consists of 13 characters:

  • RT111111111IN - a small package from India;
  • CA222222222IN - package from India;
  • EE333333333IN - express delivery from India.

The 13-digit track number is encrypted: the type of departure in the first letter, the uniqueness of the number is confirmed by the second letter and all numbers. The last two letters indicate the country of the postal service, for example: RU - Russian Post tracking, USA - USPS tracking, etc. but in case of India Post they will all end with IN.

The India Post track number allows you to check your package and its condition on the way. At each stage of shipment, traffic information is entered into a single tracking system.

Conditionally, the international mail of India goes through the following main stages:

  • Reception of cargo at the post office of India;
  • Processing and distribution in the sorting center;
  • The parcel arrives at the place of international postal exchange, where it prepares for further movement;
  • Customs clearance in the country of origin;
  • Export;
  • Import;
  • Customs clearance by the receiving postal service;
  • Sorting the parcel in the country of destination;
  • Transfer of the parcel to the recipient.

Delivery time of letters and parcels

On the official website of the Indian Post, the delivery dates of letters and parcels are not always indicated everywhere. But the site has such a function "Calculate postage", with which you can approximately calculate the delivery time.

Internal mail

If that we live in New Delhi, and we need to send a letter and a parcel to Mumbai, delivery times will look like this:

Letter - 4-6 days

Parcel - 5-7 days

Order a package - 5-7 days

International Indian Post

If that we live in Delhi, and we need to send a letter and parcel to China and Canada, as the countries closest to India and remote from it, respectively, delivery times will look like this:


China - 6-11 days

Canada - 7-11 days


China - 6-11 days

Canada - 7-11 days

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