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SpeedPAK is an e-Bay shipping service developed to provide customers with an easy and convenient way to deliver goods from China to a wide range of countries. Thus, it's easy to buy products and even check the current location of your parcel with the help of SpeedPAK tracking, which will be better than China Post tracking in this case. Working in collaboration with range Connex Ltd, SpeedPAK is one of the best solutions to choose if there is a need for buying a product originating from China. This shipping service is integrated with eBay's platform, so delivery will not take long. If you want to get to know what are the options of shipping various products from China to different European countries and the US, keep reading.

SpeedPAK shipping services

Depending on the parcel, you will have to select one of the shipping services offered by SpeedPAK. There are two types to choose from: economy SpeedPAK and standard SpeedPAK. SpeedPAK track is the part of both, but if you select standard SpeedPAK tracking, there will be end-to-end tracking, while for the economy it will be possible to watch parcel only to the country of destination. Standard services include:

  • SpeedPAK EU Standard Service
  • SpeedPAK AU Standard Service
  • SpeedPAK CA Standard Service
  • SpeedPAK US Standard Service

As for economy services, there is only SpeedPAK EU Economy Service. So, let's have a more detailed look at all of them.

SpeedPAK US Standard Service

Using this SpeedPAK customer service, it is possible to send products to the US. End to end SpeedPAK tracking in the USA is available, so it will be easy to watch a parcel throughout the way. There is a weight limit for this service, equal about 32 kilograms. Speaking about transit time, the delivery will take from eight to twelve business days.

SpeedPAK EU Standard Service

This service makes it possible to deliver goods to seventeen European countries, including:

  • Ireland
  • Hungary
  • The Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • France
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Netherlands

The weight limit is two kilograms, but for the United Kingdom it's ten kg. End-to-end SpeedPAK shipping tracking is also available.

SpeedPAK EU Economy Service

There are 46 European countries included in the list of destinations for this service. Speaking about the size and weight of the parcel, there also some limitations. The maximum weight of the sending of yours is two kilograms. The delivery time may differ, it completely depends on the destination, but, as a rule, the one will have to wait from 8 to 12 days for the parcel. Economy SpeedPAK from China is certainly a good choice.

SpeedPAK AU Standard Service

With the help of this option, it is possible to send goods to various destinations in Australia. The weight limit is thirty kilograms, end-to-end SpeedPAK tracking is available. Delivery time is similar to what we have in previously described services.

SpeedPAK CA Standard Service

Sending parcels to Canada has never been easier. SpeedPAK USPS is also available, so you will be able to watch your parcel whenever you want. The weight limit for this service is thirty kg as well.

SpeedPAK Express Service

Sometimes people want to get their goods immediately, so for such cases SpeedPAK Express Service is a perfect choice. SpeedPAK Express service offers the delivery time varying from fine to nine business days (end-to-end tracking included). As you can see, SpeedPAK from China is easy and quick.

UK Lite / US Lite Services

Standard shipping from China to worldwide also includes UK Lite and US Lite services. They are considered additional ones, as it's possible to deliver only super-small parcels of less than 1kg of total weight. So, how long it will take to deliver goods via these services?

  • US Lite - from fourteen to twenty business days
  • UK Lite - from ten to fifteen business days

Delivery time

SpeedPAK is becoming more and more popular because of qualitative services and many destinations around the globe available. SpeedPAK shipping time does not take long, but it depends on the destination and type of service. As a rule, it takes from eight to twelve days for a person to receive the parcel, but for express service and lite services this time may slightly differ.

SpeedPAK tracking number

We all know that it's impossible to watch the parcel without tracking number. All companies use different tracking numbers, so what about SpeedPAK? SpeedPAK tracking numbers for the economy and standard services are different. For the SpeedPAK Economy service the following format is used: EE+twenty-six characters (digits or letters). Here are some examples:

  • EE1000414213589UB01020003A0A
  • EE1000411382772DH01010003G0A
  • EE1000393702635DH01040003E0A

Speaking about SpeedPAK Standard service, there are usually two letters (ES) followed by 26 characters as well. It looks like this:

  • ES1000459284416NG01010001E0A
  • ES1000455125348NG01010001A0A
  • ES1000453044234DH01010001B0A

Interested in how to track SpeedPAK? Simply enter your tracking number, and you will get all the information about a parcel of yours. As you can see, eBay SpeedPAK tracking is very easy and convenient.

SpeedPAK tracking status

Many people wonder what is the tracking status of the parcel, so let's have a look at what are the stages of the delivery process:

  • Shipment data received
  • Package received
  • Consolidation facility arrived
  • Regional distribution center arrived
  • Regional distribution center departed
  • The flight departed from the country
  • The flight landed in the country of destination
  • Import customs clearance completed
  • Arrival at Unit
  • Delivered

Why choose SpeedPAK?

A huge number of people around the globe go Internet shopping, and eBay is one of the most favorite places to find goods. So, the best solution for quick and safe shipping of goods is SpeedPAK, offering a transparent tracking system and various options to tailor to any needs of the consumers. What else one can wish? You just select goods for yourself, make an order, and wait for the parcel to be delivered. SpeedPAK uses rail, airplane, and ship delivery, so you will receive your goods just in time.

SpeedPAK customer service

So, SpeedPAK is a high-quality logistics firm aimed at making it easier for people to ship goods worldwide. If there is a need to track and trace your shipment, it's possible to do it online or with the help of customer support service. Although it's possible to use online tracking facilities to check the location of the parcel, sometimes people face difficulties they are unable to solve without professional help. For such cases, there is a customer support service, always ready to help you solve various problems. If you are facing difficulties tracking your parcel, eager to check your tracking code or have any other questions, simply call customer service, and professionals will help you. If you don't need an immediate response, you can send an e-mail, and get all the necessary information. But note that in this case, you'll have to wait for the response for several days. eBay in general and SpeedPAK, in particular, are both very client-oriented, so be sure your goods will be safe and delivered in time, and all your problems (if any) will be solved.

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Pakete vor Tagen von DHL Bearbeitet aber noch immer nichts Zugestellt... 30 TAGE.... Da ist ja China Post oder der kleine Chinuke mit nen Rucksack auf den Rücken noch schneller..... Aber beste ist, keiner weiß wo meine Ware ist! Top Service!
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Schrecklicher geht es kaum. Wann das Paket ankommt, wird immer wieder verschoben
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Non è arrivato ancora il mio paco
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El paquete está en España desde el día 7 y aún no lo he recibido y estamos a23 de agosto.
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