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China Post Carrier Info & Tips

China Post is the official postal service of China. Its owner is the State Post Bureau of the People's Republic of China. The company is responsible for domestic and international mail delivery, print media distribution, stamps issuing, postal financial services and much more.

This carrier is responsible for the delivery of parcels inside and outside of China. This carrier operates a huge amount of shipments from online marketplaces like Aliexpress and other online marketplaces, which have grown a great deal lately. The majority of sellers from trading platforms like GearBest, DealExterme, Joom, etc. use China Post to deliver orders. When a package is registered with the carrier, it is assigned a tracking number, which complies with a standard of the Universal Postal Union. It contains 13 symbols, begins with 2 letters, followed by 9 digits and ends with 2 letters "CN".

China Post tracking system is rather complicated and the results are presented in Chinese language. Our service gets rid of those inconveniences for you.

International Services

International services by China Post include ordinary small packet plus, large package and EMS. They can also be put into three categories by transportation methods: airmail, surface airlifted (SAL) mail and surface mail.

Transportation Methods

  • Air Package. It is the fastest method that uses airplanes for delivery and it costs less than most EMS and Express options.
  • Surface Air Lift Package. You may often see SAL abbreviation. With this method, your parcel firstly will be delivered by the land of the source country. Then, by air, it will travel to the target destination, where the package will be delivered to the addressee as an ordinary mail.
  • Surface Package. If you need a low-cost transportation method and you are ready to wait, then surface parcel may be suitable for you. With this option, your parcel can be delivered by different land transports like trucks, automobiles, railway, etc.

Tracking Number examples

You may encounter very different number formats. They diversify according to the type of delivery method and service you choose. In most cases, it has 13 characters. It begins with a letter "R", 9 digits in the middle, and "CN" letters in the end. Here are some examples:

  • RL123456789CN;
  • CF918273645CN;
  • UB129834765CN.

While sending several packages at once, they are not limited by one destination. Each package receives a unique tracking number and you can check the delivery status of packages separately.

Tracking Statuses & Their Meaning

While checking updates on your delivery you may see several different statuses. Each of them helps to understand the current stage of the delivery process.

  • Inward arrival. It shows you when your parcel has reached the country of the target destination;
  • Collection. After you have shipped your parcel and it has reached the post office you receive this status;
  • Outward departure. When your parcel is been properly prepared and it can be delivered to the target country you will see this status;
  • Dispatching. If you send packages to foreign countries, at first some post office get and redirects them to the export office, from which they will go to foreign countries;
  • Opening. Such status occurs after your packages are received by some locals post offices and have been processed. Alternatively, if your package is a part of a larger box of parcels, which has to be checked at customs. You do not have to worry, as custom workers do not open your package. If everything is fine, packages continue their shipment;
  • Successfully delivered. When your package is delivered. If you have received this status, but there is not package you should ask neighbors or get in touch with a courier who has got your delivery.

The Average Time For Delivery

While shipping goods with this wonderful company, the time for delivery greatly relies on the target destination and what transportation method you have decided to use. Speaking about countries the average time for delivery ranges from 5 to 90 business days. Among delivery methods you can use:

  • Air Package average time 5-16 business days;
  • Surface Air Lift Package average time 15-21 business days;
  • Surface Parcel Package time 41-70 business days.

What is China Post Air Mail?

China Post Registered Air Mail is an economy class and hence slow shipping service. It may take around 2-4 weeks for the shipment to get to destination country from China.

Registered Air Mail

Registered Air Mail tracking number starts with letter "R", for example, "RA123456789CN". To track China Post packages you have to know the tracking number of your shipment. Type it in the input field above and press "Track".

Ordinary Small Packet Plus

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is meant for shipping of light and small items under 2kg from China to the outer world. It is the cheapest of all China Post services and is widely used in e-commerce because of that. All kinds of small packages like clothes, accessories, computer hardware, etc. are usually delivered this way. You may easily send large quantity of them with only one shipping order.

Such parcels also should not be longer than 90cm. These requirements are suitable for the most goods that people buy at eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, or any other small eCommerce seller. If the international small package weighs less than 500g, the cost rates will be as for sending documents. The time needed for delivery greatly relies on the options you choose and the distance between the source and target locations.

Large Package

China Post Large Package is meant for the delivery of large and heavy items. It is rather cheap, compared to other carriers, but very slow: the package can take up to 2 months to be delivered to the final destination. Large Package tracking numbers start with the letter "C".

Not everything that you buy online is light and small. Many markets are international, which allows buying even a TV set form a distant country to your house. For such purposes, an international large parcel service will be suitable for you. A tracking number is indicated on every package even when your order has multiple packages.

This option allows to send packages from 2kg to 40kg. Speaking about the size, there is no specific restriction. If you still have a large item for shipping, it is recommended to get in touch with the customer support department to get more information in your specific situation.

Express Mail Delivery Service

It often happens that you need something to be delivered in a very short time. For such purposes, China Post can offer you its China EMS tracking service. It is not that cheap as other standard options, but you can be sure that your package will reach the target destination within 2-7 working days. Additionally, if there are some delays in delivery, you may receive up to 50% of the money back.  At customs, it receives higher priority and ships outside sooner.

In case something has happened to your package and it has to be returned, you will not have to pay additionally. Depending on the target country, the maximum weight limit is different. It ranges from 20kg to 40kg. The dimensions restriction for the EMS package also varies due to the destination. It can be from 1 to 3 meters.

Tracking China Post Unregistered Parcels

Unregistered China Post Packages are trackable only when they are being transported within China. As soon as such parcel is exported to the destination country, it becomes unavailable for tracking. Its tracking numbers usually begin with the letter "U".

Pros of tracking with

We offer a very user-friendly interface to track your China Post packages. We gather tracking information not only from China Post but also from all the carriers involved in processing the shipment, so you don't have to do it manually from different sites - we collect it in one place. We also translate all the information that is in Chinese to English.

One more feature for your convenience: after you do a tracking request, your tracking number gets remembered and is shown under the search form, which is clickable. A click on this element will instantly get you to your tracking results. Never it has been getting back for updates so easy!

Customer Support Department

This company is interested in providing a successful and satisfying customer experience. However, it simply impossible to avoid all the issues that may occur. In such cases, you have different ways on how to solve your issue.

In the beginning, it is recommended to check the FAQ section. As it contains a great number of different common questions, answers, and instructions, it may help you to cope with your problem.

In case your issue is a specific one and you do not hurry, or you simply need to get information on your personal question you should send a request. On the website, it is possible to find a page, where you are able to provide all information about your issue and send it to the customer support department.

Sometimes it is important to solve the issue as soon as possible. For such purposes, you should not afraid of calling customer support agents personally. By providing all the information you have, support representatives will provide you all the necessary information and assist in solving your issue.

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