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Spain's national postal service – it is Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos (Correos). The history of this company began in 1839. It is recognized by the Universal Postal Union. Correos located in Madrid, has more than 10,000 postal centers throughout Spain.

Today you can buy everything, any goods, and from different parts of the world! Many people pay attention to Spanish products – clothing, accessories, perfumes and other products. Excellent quality and bright diverse design do not leave buyers indifferent. However, it is possible to purchase goods from Spain only through the state postal service – Correos de España. Delivery can be tracked online, and it is very simple. Spain Post Tracking will help you buy or send what you need.

Shipment Tracker

To check the detailed status of your shipment, you need to enter the delivery code or link in a special field. Below you can find information on where to find the delivery code. By clicking on the search, you will see a list of your packages, where they are currently located and when they arrive at the specified address.

You can find the codes by a special link: you will need to enter a country, province, city. You can also enter the code to find out which city the package is traveling from.

Package and Baggage trackers

You can find out details about the status of your parcel by entering the parcel code or its reference number. You can track your luggage step by step and keep abreast of its status. This section is similar to the Shipment Tracker section. It is needed for different types of packages.

The parcel code usually consists of English letters and numbers. For example: PQ43841000022600128042M or package code of Paq Premium – PK43B40200003830128042G or PK43B40200003830128042M. This option is also possible: PK43B40100004060128014K. There is another example: CA987654321ES. The last two letters indicate the country of the sender – Spain. The first letter C identifies the type of shipment (parcel from 2 to 20 kg, international). The letter A is generated at the time of sending and is a specific index. R – small parcels up to 2 kg, E – express packages, L – correspondence, V – shipment indicating value. You can receive parcel code by email, SMS on your mobile phone, or both. It will depend on the information the sender provided to Correos Spain.

Types of parcels and their delivery time

Paq Premium

Delivery tailored to your customer's needs. Delivery time: 24-48 hours, depending on the point of departure and destination. National, Andorra and Portugal peninsular.

Paq Standard

Service of the highest quality at a reasonable price. Delivery time: 48-72 hours, depending on the point of departure and destination. National, Andorra and Portugal peninsular.

Paq Premium Internacional

Express International home delivery service with tracking and signature. Delivery time varies depending on the destination.

Paq Standard Internacional

Pak Standard International home delivery service with priority delivery dates and signature. The service is available to all countries. Delivery time varies by destination.

Online Paquete Internacional Económico

International Cost-effective home delivery service. Wide international coverage. Delivery time: depending on the destination.

Paq Light Internacional

International Preferential delivery of documents or goods weighing up to 2 kg with the ability to track the parcel via computer. Delivery is carried out to the main European countries. Delivery time: 3-5 business days.

Urgent delivery products

Backpack Pack

Delivery of backpacks and bags between the stages of the journey. From € 4/stage (including VAT). Delivery time: until 14:30 of the same day.

Bicycle Pack

You can send your bike by mail, prices should be clarified. Delivery time is 48-72 hours.

Pilgrim Pack

Delivery of packages for pilgrims. From € 19.40 (including VAT). Delivery time: 72 hours.

Price calculator

Price calculator is needed in order to find out the price of a product. Cost will be visible in some categories: send documents, send parcels, direct marketing, money, books and newspapers, and others. You can see the format of invoices issued by Correos España.

With Checking tools you will be able to check documents generated by Correos.

Correos-PrestaShop and Correos-Magento Modules

PrestaShop and Correos-Magento are a free platforms that offers you to create your own online store. It allows you to add various e-commerce features: payment methods, logistics and transportation, marketing, etc. PrestaShop and Correos-Magento integrates national and international package processing services, so order management is fast. They include the following features:

  • Paq Premium and Paq Standard with delivery options from CityPaq, Correos office or home.
  • Paq Internacional Light and Paq Standard International, which allows you to send packages anywhere in the world.
  • Paq Retorno, where you can control the return.

Post Offices Rates

In this section you can familiarize yourself with Correos tracking tariffs for all products and services: letters and postcards, registered mail, burofax, parcels, Correos expenses for business: advertising and direct marketing, additional and logistics services for business, administrative notifications. Prices are indicated separately for each region: Rates Península y Baleares, Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra.

Correos Espana always answers all questions related to sending, tracking or receiving parcels. You can always find out how to prepare the goods, how to send or pick up the parcel, and clarify other questions of interest.

Financial Services

Spanish postal tracking has a Financial Services section where you can find out information about money transfers or cards. Giro Internacional lets you send money to international destinations. Giro Inmediato help send money urgently. Giro Nacional allows you to send money with a full guarantee. Western Union allows you to send money in minutes to more than 190 countries.

Correos Pre-Paid Card – a simple and safe way to control your expenses. Más Cerca Card (National) – the card that takes you further.

Correos prepago & CityPaq

With these applications you can manage your prepaid card anytime, anywhere. From 6 euros (including VAT). Delivery time: one week from the moment of ordering online. Service is National and International.

CityPaq is a new free service. Just download it and you can send and receive packages without having to wait or travel anywhere. You can use it at any convenient time of the day or night!

How to receive the parcel

Correos España tracking offers to receive packages in different ways. Préstamo personal – is a national post office service.

PO Box. This service allows you to receive all kinds of mails without specifying a personal address. Quarterly subscription cost: from 24,79 € (without taxes). Correos de España assigns a mailbox, and you can receive any parcels and mail. Delivery is carried out in accordance with the office hours. This is a national service.

Mail Forwarding is a national and international post office service. With this service any company can continue to receive their correspondence for a limited period after a move. Correos will send correspondence to your new office from € 34.97 (including VAT).

Possibility of purchases through the mail service

Envelopes and Boxes, Online store, – the opportunity to buy tickets for national theater events, shows, concerts and festivals.

You can virtually visit the shops: Shop on Calle Orense, Madrid, Shop in Valencia and others.

The Spanish national postal service is very convenient, it helps to quickly receive any kind of parcel or send the goods, regardless of the location of the recipient.

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Correos Spain
Correos Spain
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Depuis le 26 octobre j'ai pas reçu mon colis le numéro de suivi c'est RF2***2ES
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I Ha
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Envié un paquete de 19 kg el día 1 de agosto desde Barcelona estamos a día 10 octubre y simplemente está en investigación.Quiero mi paquete.Servicio caro y nefasto .como se puede perder una caja de 19 kg.
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3/14/234:29 PM
Horrendous service
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10/20/221:35 AM
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9/21/2210:58 AM
Payed 250€ for a stamp. Over Paypal. Now no one is answering the emails, the Website has a chat offer (no one is writing back there either). Waiting for my Package over a week now. No respond, no Communication. Scam scam!
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Francisco Javier Rodenas Reig
9/8/227:35 PM
No encuentra mi dirección
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8/28/2211:18 AM
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