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FedEx is an American Federal Express Corporation that was founded in 1971. From a simple idea expressed in the term paper of a student, it could become one of the leading delivery companies not only in the USA but also around the world. Frederick Wallace Smith has developed a system for urgent deliveries. Nowadays, it has been greatly improved.

FedEx is the company, which introduced quick delivery to the world and sticks to it till the present day. FedEx provides fast and reliable shipping of almost 4 million items every business day all over the world to more than 220 countries, being one of the world's biggest express delivery company. Based in the USA with headquarters at Memphis, Tennessee, FedEx offers its customers worldwide shipping service.

FedEx delivery has started to do overnight shipping, which tremendously reduced the time needed for delivery to any country of the world. Moreover, FedEx tracking has been something innovative. This company is one the first who has implemented the technology of real-time tracking system. Now, it is difficult to imagine any other delivery company without the possibility to track your shipping with updates on the location of the package.

Tracking packages shipped by FedEx

FedEx was the one who invented real-time package tracking, providing customers with precise and relevant information about their packages' location and movement history. This brought transportation convenience to a new level and helped to deal with lost parcels problem. To track a FedEx package, one must have a tracking number, but it is also doable with a reference or TCN. There are a lot of other complimentary services FedEx customers can get: proof of delivery, vacation holds, delivery alerts, etc.

FedEx shipping options

There are a lot of service classes you can choose if you are a FedEx customer. You are not limited in size or weight of your item: you can ship everything from small parcels or envelopes to heavy loads. If you're in a hurry, you may use one of Priority shipment options, with which your parcel may be delivered the same day, the next day or in 2 days. Special rates apply for special items, like hazardous or perishable items, which need extra care.

Packaging services

FedEx provides not only transportation services, but also helps with packaging. You can choose a box or other type of packing supplies from a great variance of those, whatever suits your item most. There are a lot of sizes and styles to choose from, and you can even customize the style of packaging supply with a convenient online constructor, which is a great way for businesses to promote their brands. And your parcels will get packages by professionals as well.

FedEx Delivery Services

When you need to ship something, you may think about FedEx as a very good option. Every customer can create a personal account, which grants clients with various discounts. If you plan to do many business shipments, there is a separate account type, which is convenient for every business service. However, it is not obligatory to have a personal account. You can always make one-time shipments with a special manager on the website to provide all the necessary information and pay with a credit card.

FedEx International Next Flight

In case there is a package that has to be delivered very fast, then FedEx International Next Flight option is for you. Form its name you can understand that your shipment will occur as soon as possible. It may take even less than a day to reach the destination. Each package is limited to 2,200lbs but the amount of such packages is unlimited.

FedEx International Priority

Most of the companies have a cheap, expensive, and medium delivery option. FedEx International Priority allows shipping packaged during weekdays. If Saturdays is a working day in the target country, then you will not have to wait until Monday. The package weight limit is 150lbs. It is possible to use your personal packaging but it should not exceed 274 cm (108") in length. Such a delivery option may take a maximum of 3 days if there no issues.

FedEx International Economy

If you are not in a hurry and there is no point in paying more than needed, FedEx International Economy may better decision. Its delivery may take up to five days and the package should have less size and weight. Each package has to be 150lbs in a box of 274 cm (108") in length.

FedEx International First

Sometimes you need to deliver a package as soon as possible. In such a case, you worry less about the money and you ready to pay more. This option allows you to deliver your package even within one day. However, it is not available for every country:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Luxembourg
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • England
  • Puerto Rico
  • Spain
  • USA
  • France
  • Netherlands

While preparing a package for such delivery you should take into consideration weight and dimensions. For FedEx international first the package should be not heavier than 150lbs. (68kg). In case your package is heavier, you may use other services. However, as you are no limited in a quantity of packages, you may simply distribute your items in several packages and have them delivered to the needed destination. Speaking about the size of the packages they can be quite long, up to 274cm. If to measure in girth and length it is 330cm. You make use of your own packing but you should count it with a total weight.

FedEx International Ground

This option for international delivery by ground is available only between Canada and the USA. This service delivers packages directly to the house or location of the addressee. The approximate time for delivery ranges from 2 to 7 working days. The quantity of packages is unlimited but each of them should not be heavier than 150lbs. (68kg) and not larger than 419cm in girth with length. It is quite cheap for these two countries.

FedEx Freight Shipping

Delivery companies provide their service to very different orders. Thus, if you need to ship a vehicle or simply something very heavy or large, you should think about FedEx Freight shipping. It can be by cargo ships and planes. With FedEx tracking, you always can receive the last update on the location of your package.

FedEx LTL Freight Priority

It does not matter if you need to transport plenty of goods for business or personal use. If they are time-sensitive LTL Freight Priority may be able to solve your delivery questions. Your packages can be palletized to reduce the possibility of any damage. Speaking about dimensional restrictions for one unit it should not exceed the 20000lbs. (9070kg) in weight and 640cm in length. You can always check FedEx packing guidelines for more detailed information.

FedEx Freight Priority Plus

Freight priority has an additional option for even faster and better delivery which is called Plus. Your delivery will be able to arrive at the destination on the exact date, even if it is a weekend. With FedEx tracking, you are able to track your package to the doors of the addressee.

FedEx LTL Freight Economy

FedEx offers different delivery solutions and it does not mean that each of them should be expensive. The freight economy option is suitable for those customers who are ready to wait more time. Maximum it may take to 6 business days. Your package should weigh a minimum of 151lbs. (69kg) and a maximum of 2200lbs. (1000kg). Speaking about the length it should be no more than 762cm.

FedEx Tracking Number Examples

FedEx tracking number is very simple as it consists only of digits. Their number may vary depending on the country, delivery option, package, etc. The tracking number may have 12, 15, 20, or 22 digits.

  • 123456789112;
  • 123456789111315;
  • 12345678911131517192;
  • 1234567891113151719212.

While shipping several packages you will receive not only one FedEx tracking number. Each package receives a unique tracking number that allows you to send them to a different location with one shipment.

How Long FedEx Delivery Takes?

FedEx has become popular across many countries in the world due to the urgent delivery. Thus, even with the cheapest option for shipment to various countries, you will not have to wait too long. Speaking about the minimum and maximum time it is from 1 to 5 days if there no issues. It is necessary to mention, that the delivery service does not work on the weekends. The exception is countries where Saturday is a working day.

FedEx Customer Support

FedEx aims to provide the best service in the delivery industry. Thus, customer service plays a very important part of it. In case you need to find some solutions or instructions, you should check the FAQ section. It contains tons of information on the most common issues and problems. They are very descriptive and very helpful.

Alternatively, you can use virtual assistant. It looks like a simple chatbox where you may ask questions. Based on the words you enter, it can provide you necessary information or links to instructions. It may prevent you from spending a lot of time checking the FAQ section.

If you could not solve issues by yourself, you may try reaching out customer support department by phone number.

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2/1/2311:39 PM
Would have been nice to know before shipping that smartpost uses a second party government delivery at the final destination. I would have paid more to actually track my package. Instead I have to wait on u.s.p.s.
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Charlene R
12/19/2212:36 AM
Placed order on 12/13/22, Received messaged on 12/15/22 that package has no delivery date and is pending. Tracking PKG everyday and still delivery is pending. Package is being transported by FedEx Smart and I have no idea how that happened. Did not say I wanted that type of shipping when I placed my order. I am so frustrated at this point!
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Charlene R
12/19/2212:22 AM
Placed order on 12/13/22, Received messaged on 12/15/22 that package has no delivery date and is pending. Tracking PKG everyday and still delivery is pending. Package is being transported by FedEx Smart and I have no idea how that happened. Did not say I wanted that type of shipping when I placed my order. I am so frustrated at this point!
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10/21/229:36 AM
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Please update your system
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Im almost at two weeks waiting for my package !! This service is the ABSOLUTE WORST !!!
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