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Newgistics is an American company that develops logistics solutions for e-commerce. The company is one of the first world brands in its field and has been operating since 1999; they have been able to develop qualitatively for more than 20 years, developing and integrating always relevant solutions for customers that correspond to objective reality and individual needs of each. This is an activity that includes unprecedented retail experience, innovative practices, flexible technology platforms and powerful data, and ensures the growth of business for all the company's brand customers. Many positive reviews serve as the best proof of this.

Providing timely commercial solutions for each client that will be the best in a given class is the root goal of Newgistics in each individual case.

Working principles and network of partners

The world commerce market is developing and growing at a tremendous pace. Not everyone is given easy opportunities for survival and development in this world. Everyone who counts on success should use all the permissible opportunities. Newgistics does the same for customers in order to provide the desired result and even exceed customer expectations.

Assistance in business development with the help of seamless and multi-channel solutions for commercial activities, including digital and physical products at the same time, is the basis of the company. In addition to real help, advisory activities are possible. But in any case, every Newgistics client gets a solution for a situation that is perfectly polished in accordance with individual requests and needs.

The number of possible solutions is large, and it is best to outline them now briefly. Firstly, it is assistance in the field of e-commerce, including building a strategy, integrating individual solutions, modernizing and developing innovations. This is a work that spans the entire ecosystem of e-commerce business. The organization of order fulfillment for the customer’s consumer audience also plays an important part of the company's activities. The perfect experience for an online shopper is possible! Convenient delivery and return tools are included.

With Newgistics, brands gain the understanding and control that is required at every stage of order execution. Thanks to agile development and optimized technologies, Newgistics helps brands quickly respond to the rapidly changing world of digital commerce and stay ahead of competitors at every stage of the client’s journey.

Among the partners of the company, there are such brands as SAP Hybris, Google Cloud Platform, Annex Cloud, Adobe, Manhattan Associates, U.S. Postal Service, and Kewell.

History & innovations

Newgistics was founded in 1999 in Austin, Texas, and it was an era when the concept of e-commerce was just emerging. The idea of creating the company was the desire to create the most efficient at that time the order fulfillment procedure for customers, and so that they could easily return goods purchased online.

The e-shopping industry itself was very limited at that time, and people rarely took this opportunity, and most were simply skeptical or wary of the new industry. E-commerce had several serious inconveniences, and the return process rejected the lion's share of customers from online stores. Returning or exchanging at a regular store was easy, as it was enough to present a check. Online purchases were problematic, as the buyer had to go to the post office to send the parcel back. Few people will like it.

Nevertheless, the interest in the possibility of online purchases grew constantly as Internet access spread, and this process was very fast. The task was to make the unfamiliar and mysterious purchase process (and especially the return) very friendly and comfortable for both sides of the process.

In search of simplified delivery, a number of related logistical problems have arisen. The return procedure still caused a lot of doubts among people who have not yet mastered the possibilities of the Internet thoroughly. What problems were there? The time for the return shipment of unwanted goods turned out to be too long, and the delivery information was not enough. Consumers spent time in doubt about the goods already paid for, and sellers did not have the opportunity to carry out business planning and conduct high-quality communication with their customers. Newgistics decided that this process will become more predictable, reliable and efficient.

In 2001-2003, Newgistics, in partnership with the US Postal Service (USPS), developed a revolutionary parcel return system that was patented under the name SmartLabel. The return concept was to issue pre-paid labels with a bar code with a pre-set address, which consumers received in a waybill or box, or in electronic form, and could print at home. Such a document was attached to the return, and unnecessary goods were transferred to the courier or by mail. The return quality for the buyer was growing, and Newgistics partner stores got the opportunity to collect systematic information on returns and to improve the quality of products and assortment constantly.

Labels (documents) are a reference to the customer’s account. They allow you to track and sort data for use by couriers, consumers and retailers. The order fulfillment path has become transparent and predictable at all stages. Sellers receive unprecedented control of returned goods from the consumer’s threshold to the final order for returns, including detailed event data, general data on return trends and delivery information, resulting in significant savings in organizational processes. This allows retailers to provide loans to consumers in advance, opening the door to future purchases earlier.

Consumers were able to manage data through emails and text messages, which reduced the load on the support service. As one of the founders and leader in the field of return mail logistics, Newgistics applied the same solutions for outbound deliveries.

In 2008, the company became the first member of the USPS electronic verification system (e-VS), which enables large-sized mail senders and package consolidators to record data and pay electronic postal expenses, including fees for special services.

Later that year, Newgistics received the USP Corporate Business Achievement Award for its commitment to innovation, teamwork, communication and customer satisfaction. In 2011 and 2015, Newgistics became one of America's 5,000 fastest growing private companies.

USPS and Newgistics began a new round of collaboration in 2008 with the goal of developing a free carrier refund system. Today, retailers use Newgistics applications or web services to plan and manage loading. This is another significant block in the foundation of consumer convenience.

In recent years, Newgistics growth continues to increase, and the list of services is expanding. In 2015, the company will send over 80 million packages with USPS and will remain the largest user of the Parcel Return Service, which it helped to develop.

Today, customers can turn here for help with strategic consulting, digital integration, development and support. Hundreds of brands collaborate with Newgistics on a variety of scales.


Today, the list of areas of the company has three main niches:

  • Digital commerce;
  • Fullfullment;
  • Shipping + Return.

Each of the categories has several products, and we will talk about all this in more detail below.

Digital Commerce

Modern solutions for online stores that will help to become a niche leader through innovation. Developing a digital commerce strategy from scratch.


The first intelligent truly active commercial ecosystem that operates on the principles of machine learning and adapts to the actions of each client of an online seller, providing him with a convenient user experience. Designed to Let Brands Blend Content with Commerce.


Top-level integration even for complex ecosystems. The company provides effective and personalized solutions for hybris, Demandware, Oracle ATG Commerce, Endeca and Adobe Experience Manager, which helps to implement a targeted digital commerce strategy in each case. Help includes creative technical solutions to solve new problems, which helps customers to orient themselves at work with customers.


A thorough examination of businesses and electronic solutions, which includes tasks for further development, technology selection and testing of existing systems. The company will help the customer analyze a set of interacting applications and their infrastructure in order to guarantee efficiency. Among other services, the company provides assistance in choosing a software product (assistance in choosing new solutions and technologies, as well as steps in developing existing projects), as well as reviewing the code and helping to bring it to the declared standards and best practices.

Development & Integration

Development of high-quality solutions that are characterized by simple and efficient in the first place. Creating a visualization of the actions of the buyer and the convenience of the purchase. All this is possible taking into account the choice of only the most economical ways to accomplish tasks, including means, human resources and time. In software development, extreme programming and development methods through testing are used in an Agile environment to focus on quality throughout the development process. The result of the company’s work is a reliable, high-quality code designed for quick delivery and with fewer defects. Services for all popular mobile platforms are also included.

Hosting & Managed Services

Full automation of the online store, which reduces the risk of human errors to a minimum and strengthens the brand image in the eyes of the client. Help focuses on key commercial and content platforms, including hybris and Adobe Experience Manager.

End-To-End Commerce

A complete solution for the mutual integration of digital and physical commerce. The company helps to carry out a full range of actions to establish online sales processes in any conditions. Among the steps, this can be the design, development, integration and support of digital commerce, and even the implementation of physical operations to the threshold of the client. It is a complete solution designed with flexibility in mind for any business.


Organization of delivery from the warehouse to the buyer's door, quickly, efficiently and exceeding people's expectations. The company helps to maximize from every point of contact of the business with customers.

Pick And Pack

Development and implementation of the “perfect order” path for each individual situation of each retailer who works online. Arranging delivery of a network of 1.2 million square feet of Newgistics warehouses throughout the United States. Providing any unique storage and delivery conditions on request.


Formation of a unique complete kit for brands. An ideal product presentation for the consumer, which improves the quality of building long-term relationships with the customer base.

Shipping + Returns

The SmartLabel + technology described earlier for fast, efficient and transparent delivery of any goods with the option of a smooth return.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

The company uses standard international tracking numbers for shipments within the United States and around the world. Examples of Newgistics tracking numbers are: 80092840658820, LO190007005CN, RA253900636FI, LA204482204US.


Newgistics is not only a high-quality logistics company in the USA and around the world, but also an innovative partner for online trading. The company's solutions help online stores and customers feel more comfortable and trust each other, and this is the main reason for the effectiveness of Newgistics services.

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Heather Powers
2/2/228:55 AM
I've ordered some socks on December 24, 2021. Well, on December 28, 2021 they got shipped out. Never gotten any updates neither USPS or Newgistics sites. I tried getting a hold of few sites that would maybe help me out, but they didn't. I'm just wondering where my package is. Kind of tired of trying to locate it, but no updates.
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Our user
6/17/215:37 PM
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No Name
8/12/206:14 PM
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Victor Carvajal
7/13/206:05 AM
2 months in transit. Do not use this shipping company.
Not delivered yet
Marcus Olivas
7/9/203:23 AM
I have been waiting over 2 months for my package!
Not delivered yet
This is a fraud
7/3/204:32 AM
From the time I placed my order until it is one big fraud
Not delivered yet
Our user
6/26/203:29 PM
Not delivered yet
Our user
6/18/202:27 AM
Stephen Richards
6/15/207:19 AM
For some reason my package was delivered in Japan. I live in Twentynine Palms California. The package came from Inglewood. Why are these guys allowed to sell in Facebook or Instagram? Now, they erase their website and I just have to say good bye to my money! I’m a sucker for placing trust into these idiots!
Not delivered yet
Gina R Farrar
5/15/201:56 AM
I am waiting over 10 days for my package. Not happy with this company!
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