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UPS (United Parcel Service) is a large transportation company, working since 1907, which started as a messenger company. Its services are available worldwide in more than 200 countries. By the means of a partnership with USPS, the company achieved even more swift delivery time and lower rates.

Many long-standing companies have begun to provide their service from small offices. In order to deliver packages to distant destinations, they simply used bicycles. That is the story of a UPS. Its abbreviation stands for United Parcel Service. In 1907, it has been established as a very small delivery office. Many years have passed until it received the first delivery vehicle.

Nowadays, it is an international company. It can deliver your packages not only across the United States of America but also to any country in the world. UPS has many different departments. With new modern technologies, UPS drone delivery becomes more and more popular in large cities.

UPS Express Services

UPS offers several shipping options for international delivery. Each of them is day-definite, which means that you will not have to wait many days for delivery.

  • UPS Express Plus
  • UPS Express
  • UPS Express Saver

Each of these options provides a money-back guarantee together with definite time for delivery. These services are good at solving customs issues quickly, which allows you to worry less about the shipment process. The weight limit for these delivery options is 68 kg/150lbs. If your packages are heavier you will need to think about freight delivery methods.

UPS Express Plus

In case you need very quick delivery and you ready to spend more time on it, UPS Express Plus will satisfy your needs. The delivery time ranges from one to three days, which allows the addressee receives packages by 9 AM.

UPS Express

From the world ‘Express’ you can understand that it is fast delivery. Your shipment with this option will reach the target destination maximum to the noon of the third day, but in most cases, it comes sooner. You are allowed to send multiple packages per shipment and each of them will have a UPS tracking number. Thus, delivery to multiple customers becomes easier.

UPS Express Saver

Sending packages should not be always expensive. It often happens that customers are afraid of using economic options as the quality of delivery is poor and packages may be lost. It is not about UPS. The Express Saver option helps to save money on shipping your packages by not hurrying with it. Packages need up to five days in order to reach the target destination and addressee will be able to pick up them by the end of that day.

Freight Shipment

The main division in delivery depends on weight. If you need something heavier than 68 kg/150lbs, then you should consider UPS Freight options. They are suitable for ordinary people and large companies.

Air Freight

Sometimes your package has to be delivered very fast. In such cases, Air Freight is what you should consider. It is fast and may deliver even heavy packages.

Ocean Freight

If your order requires a lot of space and is very heavy, Ocean freight is what you need. Large cargo ships perform delivery. This option is also connected to local delivery systems that allow receiving packages at the needed location.

Worldwide Expedited Ground Freight

Some freight options are limited to several countries that are located very close. With expedited ground freight, you can send goods every effectively between the USA and Mexico. This service-oriented on-ground delivery by truck to the needed destination. You can prepare as much as you want packages and ship them across the USA states or Mexico.

Delivery of Temperature Sensitive Goods

UPS is a global international delivery company that tries to solve multiple various tasks. Different types of goods require suitable conditions for transportation. UPS provides special containers that can sustain the same temperature level during the whole period of the delivery. Therefore, you can ship chemical reagents, medical, pharmaceutical biological, and any other temperature-sensitive products.

Such containers are equipped with a different 24/7 monitoring systems. While transportation, the UPS delivery team can deliver your shipment in proper time and condition. In addition, optimized warehouses are suitable for storing such products for some duration. Therefore, you will not lose the quality of what is inside of your container.

This option is quite expensive. It helps to solve complicated delivery tasks with very valuable products for transportation. For more information, it is recommended to contact the customer support department.

How to track UPS packages?

There are 3 ways to track a UPS parcel. The most common way is to use your tracking number, which usually looks something like this: 1Z473D1X3754009839. Other ways are tracking by your package ID or delivery confirmation number.

Features Of UPS Tracking Numbers

UPS tracking is what you can easily use and always know where your package is. It does not matter if your shipment consists of one box or thousands of them. You can receive the up to date information about where your delivery at the moment.

Each package receives its UPS tracking number even all of them are placed in one order. The UPS tracking number always starts with 1Z and goes with numbers. Thus, the UPS tracking number simply called 1Z number. In total it has 18 characters. For instance:

  • 1Z1239861291114160;
  • 1Z1234567891113151;
  • 1Z0204060810121416.

In addition to that, every customer can add a reference to the delivery, which can be further used in order to track the package. It may be a short description or a reference number, which is convenient for you. The limit is 35 characters. With multiple package shipments, you will be able to track each package separately. It is very convenient when you are sending goods for different people just by ordering one shipment.

How Long UPS Delivery Takes?

UPS deliveries a great number of packages to different countries every day. Therefore, after the shipment, it may take from one to three days to deliver your package. Even if it is some distant location, airplanes will be able to accomplish the delivery quite fast.

In general, the time greatly depends on the day you place an order. While doing it on weekends, your package will need to wait till Monday. With UPS tracking you always can check where your delivery is. If you are planning to send presents to your relatives on holidays, it is recommended to place orders a little bit sooner. Thus, you will be sure that your packages will come in time.

On the UPS website, you can find a parcel delivery quote tool. It helps to calculate the estimated time for your delivery. You just need to specify the source and target destinations of the delivery and date. Then, you will receive possible options to choose from. Additionally, you can choose what kind of UPS delivery service you would like to choose.

Customer Support Department

In case you have some questions about UPS tracking number, delivery time, or way to use this service, you will not have problems to find a solution and receive answers. At first, you can always check the FAQ section. It is well organized and all valuable information is divided into categories. Thus, you can easily find what you need.

Then, if your issues are not something urgent, you can send your request by mail. The customer support department may provide you with an answer from several hours up to a couple of days, depending on the density of the traffic. In addition, you can find UPS Virtual Assistant, which can respond to your questions very quickly with all available information.

The most common way for many customers is by phone. You may easily find phone numbers in the Help Center. Depending on the country, available phone numbers are different. You can always change the location if you wish to get more information on UPS delivery in a specific place.

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