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China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited processes domestic and international express mail. It provides 3 classes of service by delivery time: economy, standard, and premium. The company strives to offer customers primarily fast and secure door-to-door express delivery. China International EMS delivers different parcels, including documents, urgent letters, bills, etc. between China and other countries.

China EMS (Express Mail Service) is a subsidiary of China Post. It holds the first position in China's express service business. It operates a growing network of facilities all over the world in 200+ countries and regions at the present moment.

China EMS Delivery Options

At the China EMS website, you can find three main types of delivery services. Domestic, International, and Next Morning option. In addition, you can always ship your packages online. To do so, you will have to download China EMS Ship Client from its website or simply use the website Ship Online option. With China EMS tracking you can always know the latest information on the delivery process.

International Express Service

If you need to send something to China or you want to receive a package, China EMS is able to help you. It is available for such countries as

  • The USA;
  • Australia;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • Japan;
  • Korea;
  • Hong Kong.

As you can see it cannot deliver packages to any country due to lack of business connections, but EMS China works on increasing the number of available countries. With "Get Time Quote" you can calculate the estimated time needed for your delivery.

Next Morning Express

Sometimes you may need to deliver something within the shortest time among China regions. In such a case you need Next Morning Delivery. It is fast and can deliver packages even less than one day. This service uses overnight flights to make sure that the addressee will receive your delivery on the next morning.

Domestic Express

Express means that your shipment will be delivered quite fast. In a couple of days, addressee with be happy to receive the package. It is the most popular option from China EMS.

Domestic Economy

In case you do not want to spend a lot of money on the delivery, and you do not need to have it very fast the economy option is more suitable. Even if it is cheaper and takes more time, it does not mean that domestic economy shipment is lower in quality.

Domestic Expedited Parcel

China is a large country and many corporate parcel markets need to have their goods delivered. The main feature of the expedited parcel is that packages are delivered mainly by land. Therefore, it is suitable for large and heavy shipments.

Domestic Paid By Addressee

Delivery can be very different. Thus, a different delivery option should be available. It often happens that people order something online or just from a distant store of some goods. Depending on the seller addressee may need to pay for the delivery. This delivery option allows being paid by:

  • Centralized addressee;
  • Third-party;
  • Direct addressee.

The Average China EMS Shipping Time

Depending on the delivery option you choose the time will be different. For international shipments, it may take from 7 to 10 days due to the target distance. The domestic delivery option can accomplish the order within 3 to 5 days. The next morning option will do everything is possible to make sure that the package will be delivered on the next morning or at least within 1 day.

How to track China Post EMS package?

China EMS tracking numbers comply with a standard of the Universal Postal Union. They contain 13 characters, starting with letter "E" or "L" and one more letter, than there are 9 digits, and trailing 2 letters "CN", as in the following examples:

  • EO123456789CN;
  • EE987654321CN;
  • LR321654987CN.

China EMS Benefits

  • Several times faster delivery than regular China Post Mail.
  • Higher priority at the customs for processing.
  • No additional fees for customs clearance, fuel surcharges or even a return, if needed.
  • The International EMS gives you a guarantee on your package.
  • China EMS tracking service is provided as well.

China Post EMS package shipping time

Usually, a China EMS parcel is delivered to its destination within 3-7 working days. For some remote areas, it may take a bit longer.

  • South and Southeast Asia: within 3 days
  • Australia: within 4 days
  • American and European countries: within 5 days

Requirements for packages shipped by China EMS

There are some restrictions considering the maximum size of a package. Its combined length, width, and height must not exceed 90cm, and the greatest dimension must be under 60cm. As for a roll form, length + diameter x2 must not exceed 104cm, and the greatest dimension must be under 90cm.

Also, there is a minimal threshold when it comes to size. The package must not be smaller than 11cm in width and 14cm in length. As for a roll form, length + diameter x2 must not be smaller than 17cm, and the greatest dimension must be over 11cm.

There are also certain limits on the weight of a package, which depend on the shipment destination. Here are some examples.

  • Philippines: 20 kg
  • Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UK: 30 kg
  • Macau, UAE, USA: 31.5 kg
  • Hong Kong, Malaysia: 40 kg

What is ePacket?

ePacket is a shipping service, which was created in collaboration between China Post and USPS. It is somewhere in the middle between China Post and China EMS in terms of delivery speed and price. It is widely used by Chinese online marketplaces to ship parcels to the USA and 30+ other countries.

There are some cons of shipping packages with ePacket. For example, if the package gets lost or damaged, the sender will not be compensated in any way. And on top of that, the weight of a package is limited by only 2kg.

EUB Tracking

EUB is one another shipping service, which was specifically designed to deliver items to the USA, UK, and Australia. EUB packages must also weigh no more than 2kg (or 4.4lb). There are some restrictions considering the size of a package. The sum of its length, width and height must not exceed 35in, and the greatest dimension must be under 24in. Usual delivery time of a EUB package is 7-10 days.

EUB tracking numbers are almost the same as used by ePacket. They also begin with the letter "L", or, sometimes, "A".

China EMS Reviews

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China EMS
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Kathleen O’Brien
12/7/237:07 PM
I have order two different orders and both were shipped by this company and neither has arrived. Both tracking numbers begin with AM and end with CN. I’m very frustrated as I cannot get any answers. Pllease advise.
Not delivered yet
Paula Rotariu
12/5/231:14 PM
Not delivered yet
Donna Assef
12/3/236:48 AM
I don’t feel this is a legitimate company. None of their links work for customer service. The tracking said my package was delivered but it was not. Ridiculous and a total waste of a lot of money. I should have known better!
Not delivered yet
Our user
12/1/235:13 PM
Not delivered yet
Johann Jarosch
11/21/239:40 PM
Ich bin nicht mit dem China Ems zufrieden
Not delivered yet
10/6/233:38 AM
Never got any packages sent by CHINA EMS. IT'S A SCAM
Not delivered yet
Maryann Henderson
10/2/233:42 PM
Haven't received package said it was delivered tracking number was AS0***3CN
Not delivered yet
Our user
9/29/2312:57 AM
Not delivered yet
9/2/233:55 AM
Payed for express shipping and after 15 days it says package is out for delivery in my town over 36 hours ago. No idea on who is delivering it or if it was even really sent. I sure don't have it.
Not delivered yet
8/17/238:30 PM
Says delivered, but not to my address.
Not delivered yet
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