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UBI Smart Parcel focuses on cross-border e-commerce, and provides its customers with a number of effective premium services. It is worth noting that the areas of activity of the company are located within the delivery services of goods, and we are not talking about additional areas of activity in this case.

Main info

As for the available solutions and opportunities, the activities of UBI Smart Parcel are marked by the presence of a tracking service on the routes, the ability to print a foreign postal label in case the client needs to have a virtual foreign warehouse, efficient and timely delivery due to an established network of partnerships.

Customer operating costs can be reduced by fully automating processes with the eTower solution from UBI Smart Parcel. We are talking about an outsourcing system that helps partners manage work processes and provides technical support at the company's facilities.

A wide system of delivery options is designed to meet the needs of fundamentally any client, his requests and needs. The service is available in many languages related to the world's largest trading markets.

The partners of the company, among others, are New Zealand Post, Canada Post, Omniva, China Eastern, China Southern, Virgin Atlantic, Turkish Airlines, eBay, Australia Post, Singapore Post.

Services & Solutions

The main part of the company’s activity is cargo delivery services from China to different countries of the world. A number of limited services are also available. Let’s look at all the features that are provided sequentially.

China – World

The company organizes the delivery of goods from China to almost all countries of the world, but several major routes are the most developed and well-established.

China – Australia

UBI Smart Parcel is active in deliveries to Australia. Delivery is carried out from different cities of China, as well as Hong Kong to the four main hubs of Australia with a transit time of 4-8 days. Also noteworthy is the high percentage of impeccable delivery without damage, which amounts to 96% in this area. Deliveries are possible to parcel machines. Additional advantages include a favorable price-quality ratio, the ability to process expensive products, oversized packaging, overweight packaging (not more than 30 kg), as well as packaging with batteries.

China – New Zealand

The company sends parcels to New Zealand with a delivery time of 5-8 business days. Full and partial tracking of items is available. The company also provides the ability to freely deliver bulky goods, or shipments over 30 kg. Parcels are delivered to postal machines, and small items can be delivered to the recipient's mailbox. This saves the recipient time in case he is not at home at the time of delivery. Delivery of goods under signature is possible.

China – Canada

China - Canada direction is relatively new and promising. It was created by the company in close cooperation with the Canada Post, and for some time now gives successful results. Accurate targeted delivery of goods is available to customers, saving time at many stages of delivery and even optimizing conversion on the website of the online store. Work in the field of mobile commerce is also deep.

Clients get access to more than 6 thousand post offices throughout Canada for independent delivery in case the buyer of the goods is not able to receive the goods at their address at the time of delivery. There are many delivery options, and the lead time is on average 6-8 business days.

China – Russia

The company provides large-scale cargo delivery throughout Russia through partnership with the largest courier company SPSR. Customers have access to full tracking of packages along the route, and the average delivery time is from 5 to 12 business days, depending on the destination.

The company offers two main options for the delivery of parcels in Russia. Firstly, these are points of issue on the territory of the Russian Federation, the number of which is about 2000 throughout the country. They are able to quickly and efficiently serve over 80% of potential buyers. The remaining 20% is delivered to the door by the UBI Express Courier.

At the same time, delivery to points of delivery is available for goods up to 15 kg and a maximum length of one side of 60 cm. For courier delivery, shipments of no more than 30 kg, 120 cm of the length of either side and 180 cm of the length of all sides of the package are possible.

China – Mexico / Brazil

Deliveries to America south of the United States are ensured through a bunch of UBI & SingPost partners. Delivery is available throughout Mexico and Brazil. At the same time, delivery to Mexico on average takes 13-21 business days, and Brazil 13-24 business days (to the main cities of these countries). The ability to track cargo is complete at all stages of delivery. Among individual solutions, it is worth noting additional insurance for high-value goods shipped by online stores.

China – India

Cargo delivery along the China - India route is ensured through the joint work of UBI Smart Parcel & DTDC. The latter is the largest local courier company in India, which provides premium level service. Delivery options range from 5 to 12 business days, depending on the specific destination. Companies deliver goods up to 30 kg at a competitive rate in increments of 1 g. A number of auxiliary delivery options are available on request.

Other service options

In this category we offer to mention all other services and solutions that are provided under the UBI Smart Parcel brand name.

Russia Semi-Tracked Service

Ability to deliver goods in partial tracking. Goods are delivered within 15 business days to Moscow, and 16-22 business days to other cities in the country. The solution guarantees quick mail cleaning, coverage of all regions of the Russian Federation with delivery to the recipient's mailbox for inexpensive and oversized items.

MiniPak Service to EU

The company did not pass by the possibility of delivering goods to such a popular destination as the European Union. Cargo delivery here is carried out through the partnership of UBI & Bpost / Landmark. Services are provided in all 28 EU member states. It should be borne in mind that delivery is available for parcels of not more than 2 kg and costing less than 22 euros. The full stage of delivery to any corner of the European Union from China and Hong Kong is 6-10 business days, including customs issues. There is no need to measure volumetric weight, and the indicator of complete safety of cargo is 97%.


UBI Smart Parcel is interested in expanding partnerships with businesses. The company offers mutually beneficial cooperation with the ability to connect to an integrated delivery management system, as well as providing full technical support. The company’s activities are focused on satisfying the needs of each customer’s partner, providing high speed delivery, security and reasonable prices for services. Related services, including bookkeeping and billing, are possible.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

Company tracking numbers depend on the delivery direction and affiliate network. Basically, these are typical numbers for situations such as, for example, UBI005298127RU, RR045020653FI and more.

Time of Delivery

Summarizing the above, the company delivers goods around the world with the involvement of partners, and this greatly affects the range of delivery times. In general, it ranges from 5 to 24 working days in different directions for large transport hubs. Targeted delivery to remote cities and towns may take longer.


UBI Smart Parcel focuses on a specific limited service sector with an emphasis on individual delivery directions, and provides high-quality service in its area of responsibility. This is not the largest logistics service available, but they provide reliability, as well as a decent ratio of quality and delivery price.

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UBI Smart Parcel
UBI Smart Parcel
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