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Founded in 2013, Alibaba, Intime Commercial, Fosun Group, Fuchun Group, SF Express, Shentong, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Yunda, and other financial institutions jointly announced the official launch of the "China Intelligent Logistics Backbone Network" ( Referred to as CSN) project, all parties to the cooperation jointly set up. An innovative enterprise based on Internet thinking, Internet technology, and judgment on the future, hopes to create a logistics data company with a demonstration effect.

Delivery Services

Cainiao delivery company is focused on busdget-effective shipments. It performs international shipments by sea and air. You can make Cainiao shipments to more than 150 countries around the world. This delivery company is useful when you are not in a hurry to receive a parcel from China. It cooperates with major postal operators from different countries to provide high-quality service. The delivery may take up to several months, depending on the option you choose.

Features of Cainiao Tracking Number Tracking Number

Cainiao tracking number has a very common to another international delivery service format. It consists of 13 characters, with two initial and letters nine digits in the middle and two characters in the end. Alternatively, it may have 17 characters with only two initial characters.

  • LP00179198303297;
  • AU192837465CN;
  • CN546798023UK.

When the package goes outside of China you will not be able to track it, but it greatly saves the costs of the delivery. Thus, you may want to check if you will be able to receive an additional tracking number from the local courier of the destination country.

Address Fill Format

When filling in the address, you need to pay attention to the following information:

  • Try to use printing instead of handwriting, if it is a handwritten address, please use capital letters.
  • Write down the full name and full address of the recipient.
  • The phone number of the contact person is very important, especially when customs clearance requires tax payment, it can be used to contact the recipient for assistance.
  • Fill in the return address to return to the sender when the package cannot be delivered in special circumstances.
  • Please be sure to write the zip code.
  • Make sure to pay adequate postage.

The address format of different countries will be different. In order to ensure that your package can be delivered normally, please check the relevant knowledge of mailing in the recipient country in advance, and use the usual address format of the destination country. You should pay attention to the following information: address writing order, postal code format, packaging requirements, customs declaration requirements, delivery and delivery time requirements, etc.

Package Billing And Size Restrictions

Different carriers have different requirements for package billing and size restrictions. Please be sure to confirm with the carrier before shipment to ensure that the package can be delivered to the recipient in a timely and accurate manner. The shipping methods that users can choose are generally divided into the following four types:

  • Postal parcels: divided into postal registered parcels (below 2KG) and postal parcels (above 2KG).
  • International EMS: Articles below 0.5KG are calculated according to the document price.
  • Dedicated line logistics: such as Russian special line, American special line, European special line, etc.
  • Commercial Express: such as DHL, TNT, UPS and Federal.

Tips On Risk Prevention

  • Understand the customs clearance requirements of the product in the destination country.
  • Try to avoid suspected infringement of imitation brand products.
  • Try to truthfully declare the product value, special circumstances: customers request low declarations, and retain good evidence.
  • The name of the declared product should be as detailed as possible, avoid writing only "gifts" and "accessories".
  • Commercial express delivery to Brazil, be sure to write the recipient VAT tax ID.
  • Electronic products are mailed to Europe, especially Italy, Spain, generally need CE.

Common Logistic Statuses of Delivery

Picked Up

Under normal circumstances, your package has been taken, indicating that the package has been delivered to the carrier and is waiting for delivery.


It means that the parcel left the country of development and sent it to the country of destination. Note that the package does not necessarily go directly to the destination country, and may have to transit through other countries.

Pending For Pick Up

It means your parcel is ready for collection. Under normal circumstances, your package has arrived at the destination's delivery point or your package is on the way. In this state, it is recommended that the recipient contact the destination country's transport company as soon as possible to understand the delivery matters. Since general shipping companies have a certain retention period for pickup, it is recommended that the recipient contact the pickup as soon as possible to avoid the package being returned.

Proper Investment

It indicates that the recipient has successfully received the package. If the recipient does not receive the package, it is recommended that the recipient consult the destination country's transport company or the sender to open a file in the sending country to check the delivery situation.

Traffic Security Check Failed

Post failed to pass the security check, and your mail could not be delivered to the shipping company due to security reasons and could not be carried.

Customs Clearance Failed

Your package failed to clear customs, the specific reasons may be:

  • Due to adjustments in national trade management policies, the consignee was unable to provide relevant documents;
  • Belongs to wrongly sent, wrongly unloaded or over-loaded goods, can provide the consignor or carrier's written certification documents; the consignor and the consignor agree to return, and can provide written certification documents that both parties agree to return; the relevant trade occurs Disputes, able to provide court judgments, arbitration decisions or undisputed valid goods ownership certificates;
  • If the goods are damaged or the national inspection and quarantine are unqualified, they can provide relevant inspection certification documents issued by the national inspection and quarantine department according to the consignee's application.

Parcel return

In case your parcel is returned, it means delivery failed. Here the common reasons to have packages returned.

  • The failure to deliver the parcel is that the addressee is not at home during the delivery. The delivery is delayed to reschedule the delivery, the recipient requests the delayed delivery, the address is unknown, and the rural or remote area cannot be delivered or does not provide delivery services.
  • If the delivery fails, we recommend that the recipient contact the destination country's carrier to arrange for delivery again or pick up the package.
  • Please note: General shipping companies have a certain retention period for undelivered parts, so please contact the pickup as soon as possible to avoid the return of the package. If the package has been delivered, please ignore our prompt.

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eu ainda não recebi minha encomenda eu comprei uma árvore de natal e ainda não chegou aqui na minha casa Na Bahia já tem dois meses que comprei e não recebi eu fico em casa todos os dias pra não voltar a mercadoria
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