Amazon Tracking

Amazon Package Tracking

Amazon is a huge company that provides services in different spheres. It is very popular with Amazon Prime subscription that grants every member a great variety of services to use and e-commerce. It is one of the biggest internet markets in the world where it is possible to buy almost everything.

Amazon logistics has multiple delivery options, which allows to delivery packages very quickly inside the USA and to other countries. Together with Amazon tracking, you can always know where your package is right now.

What Is Amazon FBA?

In order to reach a high speed of preparing the shipment and sending it, Amazon has developed a unique and convenient system for that. Fulfillment By Amazon or simply FBA is a special service that Amazon offers to sellers. When sellers are signed up for Fulfilment By Amazon, they do not care about storing, packaging, and shipping products to customers by themselves. Sellers simply store their goods at Amazon fulfillment centers until they are ordered.

When a customer orders something, Amazon workers prepare the package and ship it. Therefore, it saves a lot of time for getting ready packages for shipment and you are able to receive them sooner. The package should be longer than 63cm on any side and the maximum weight is 22kg.

Amazon Air

Amazon Air is not a simple air freight option. The whole airline is ultimately focused on cargo transportation, rather than passengers. It allows to delivery of multiple order to the destination with one flight. Moreover, Amazon makes shipments to most countries around the world which makes global e-commerce much easier.

With Amazon Air, you may easily send heavy products to customers, but you should not exceed the limits. Your packages should not be heavier than 22kg, while for jewelry is 18kg. In case you want to send a box with only one heavy item up to 45kg you should attach the Team Lift label. In case it is even heavier, there should be a label Mechanical Lift. Thus, your package will be lifted properly without damaging it.

Speaking about dimensions the limit is 63cm. You may send even larger objects. However, it is recommended that information at the customer support department as too large packages may be rejected for shipment.

Amazon Prime Air

Logistics Amazon team works on implementing the newest technologies in the delivery industry. Amazon Prime Air is a totally new method of delivery using drones. They are able to deliver small packages of 2.25kg. Such drones are equipped with a special container of a fixed size. Thus, if you want to have this option available for your product you should take into consideration dimensions. The number of cities where this delivery method is available constantly increases. In a few years, it may even reach your town.

Truckload Delivery

While sending large packages or a great number of them, you should consider LTL (less than truckload) or FTL (full truckload) shipment. For such delivery, you may need to send your packages on pallets. In such a case, it requires some additional preparations. You should schedule shipment with a carrier, prepare pallets, attach the proper label, and provide all Amazon data needed for delivery.

Partnered Delivery Options

One of the reasons why Amazon is so huge in the delivery industry is its partnerships with different delivery companies. It is easier to use some local delivery services, than building a new warehouse, hiring people, buying all the necessary equipment, etc. If you need to ship some hazardous materials, you will not be able to use partnered options.

Amazon-Partnered Small Parcel Delivery

This option is available only within the 48 United States as delivery performs by ground transportation means. SPD or Small Parcel Delivery is suitable for light and small packages of 200 total quantity. The delivery time is always different as each partnered service has a personal schedule. Thus, you should get in touch with them to confirm shipping and pick update.

Amazon Partnered LTL/FTL

Such an option is suitable when your packages are heavier than 68kg. Trucks can lift far more weight, and will have fewer troubles in the delivery. However, to use it, you should match several requirements.

  • Have a forklift to place your pallets on a truck;
  • The addressee should be able to pick up pallets;
  • Prepare all the data about packages like quantity, class, weight, and schedule the shipment time properly.

Freight Forwarders

Previous options are available only for the USA. However, you still may find a solution for your country. Amazon allows to use freight forwarders option for international shipping. A freight forwarder is a service helps with preparing necessary documents for international shipping. Scheduling the delivery and booking space on warehouses. Tracking your cargo, providing insurance, and dealing with all other delivery that may occur.

Amazon Logistics Tracking Number

While buying something online from amazon or simply making a shipment you can simply track Amazon package during the whole delivery period. Each package receives a separate number. Thus, you may send multiple items at one shipment and get the latest information on their delivery. Amazon tracking number may be of several different formats. They consist of 15 characters, and the first three in most cases are letter combinations like TBC, TBA, and TBM.

  • TBA131176543210;
  • TBC123456789010;
  • TBM109876543211.

It is much more convenient to track your delivery with a mobile application. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Alternatively, you may simply use a special link for tracking the Amazon package. While shipping a package via Amazon you have to create a personal account. After shipment, you simply need to go to the ‘Orders’ page. Then to click on the track package button, next to the needed item and you will receive the up to date information on the delivery.

Approximate Amazon Delivery Time

For the delivery, industry time plays a very important role. While tracking Amazon you may notice how fast it is, even for distant countries. The delivery time in Amazon depends on the option you choose and distance to the target destination. It is necessary to mention, that not for every country all three options are available.

  • Standard shipping is both the cheapest and slowest option. You may not worry about the quality as it is the same with every option. The approximate delivery time ranges from 9 to 32 working days.
  • Expedited shipping is a medium option. It saves your time for a little bit higher price. Its delivery time ranges from 5 to 26 working days.
  • Priority shipping is suitable for urgent deliveries when time matters. It may be expensive but your packages will come in time. To deliver your shipment this option needs from 1 to 7 working days.

With Amazon shipping tracking you may easily receive the up to date information during the whole delivery period.

Customer Support Department

If you have decided to ship your products with Amazon, you should feel free of contacting the customer support department for any questions. On the website, you can find plenty of different FAQ sections with instructions and information. However, calling them in person is the most effective way to solve issues.