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Tourline Express is a logistics company in Spain, which is called CCT Express since 2020 as a result of the reorganization.

History and features of the company today

Tourline Express was founded in 1996 as a franchise network of express transportation in Spain. In 2005, CTT (Portuguese Postal Service) decided to bet on the Iberian market and acquired Tourline Express. After 15 years, CTT combines its leading Portuguese subsidiary CTT Expresso with Tourline Express as part of a new development and improvement project. From this alliance, CTT Express was born in Spain, whose mission is to be the market leader in Iberian express parcels through its experience in Spain and its leadership in Portugal. Thus began the implementation of the Iberian Project, the meaning of which is to integrate the Spanish and Portuguese markets into a single domestic market.

Today, the company has more than 200 branches in Spain and over 2,300 branches in Portugal, and this number continues to grow (especially in Spain). The company also has 30 in-house distribution platforms and a total of 30 million shipments per year throughout the Iberian Peninsula. More than 80 thousand customers use the services of the company, and international parcel and cargo delivery services are among these.

For reference, CTT is the largest distribution and logistics operator in Portugal with an annual turnover of about 770 million euros. It is also one of the largest business groups in the country, and its mission is to establish the best physical and electronic relationships between all its clients: citizens and companies. He works in the mailing sector, courier express delivery services, logistics, production and document management, advertising market, financial market and electronic services. The company has a logistics network that has no analogues in terms of coverage nationwide: about 800 offices, about 350 distribution centers and more than 3,000 delivery vehicles, which cover the entire population of Portugal. This, in turn, is a national company that offers the largest employment to about 14 thousand people.


The company focuses on logistics and postal services, but modern solutions are also available here, including the e-commerce sector. The entire catalog of services is divided into two main categories, solutions for the Iberian Peninsula (in Spain and Portugal), as well as international services.

Services on the Iberian Peninsula

The services here are divided into basic mail solutions, services for the islands, as well as additional solutions.

Basic Services

All major delivery solutions within the Iberian Peninsula are collected here.


  • until 8:30 in the morning the day after collection;
  • until 10:00 the next business day after the package is marked in the delivery service;
  • until 13:30 the day after the application for departure throughout the Iberian network;
  • within 24 hours;
  • within 24 hours for less urgent shipments;
  • guaranteed option within 24 hours at the end of the working day.
Island Services

All postal and logistics solutions that provide communication with the non-mainland territories of Spain and Portugal, such as the Canary Islands.

  • Express option for shipping to the Canary Islands. The guarantee of coming to large islands the next business day after receipt, and plus 24 hours for delivery to small islands.
  • General options for the delivery of goods to the Canary Islands.
  • Service for less urgent shipments to the Canary Islands with a 2-day delivery guarantee, plus 1 day for delivery to the Small Islands.
  • Budget solution to the Canary Islands for 4-7 days, plus 1 day for delivery to small islands.
  • Express option to the Balearic Islands. Delivery guarantee until 14:00 the next business day after receipt for large islands, and plus 1 day for delivery to small islands.
  • General solutions for the delivery of goods to the Balearic Islands.
Additional Services

All services associated with logistics and postal services, which are designed to make life as easy as possible for the client.

  • Collection in the offices. More than 150 branches of CST Services in Spain were responsible for the collection and delivery of goods.
  • Scanned invoice for the sender.
  • SMS / Mail confirmation for the fact of delivery or any change in the status of the shipment.
  • Help with the return of goods for online stores.
  • Saturday delivery.
  • CST Express Plus cards.
Other Destinations

Delivery services within 1-2 days to territories such as Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra.

International services

The company diligently expands the global presence, and ensures the delivery of goods around the world. Several solutions are provided for this.

Global Air

Express export / import air transportation for everyone with daily departures and daily deliveries.

E-Commerce - Ground Delivery

Ground delivery e-commerce service to France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Urgent Ground Departures

Export / Import of urgent ground service for all who have daily departures and daily deliveries.

Ground Shipping France Special

Ground service for delivery to France and delivery before 1:00 or 6:00.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

Tourline Express tracking numbers for domestic and international cargo tracking have a standard world format. For example, this is RP902965116SG, RP929448838SG, 1043224668.

Delivery Time

Domestic delivery takes 1 day in most cases, and 2 days for the most remote regions, such as the small islands of the Canary and Balearic Islands. International delivery depends on the destination, and may take from 2-3 business days to the nearest countries, up to 2-3 weeks with non-priority shipment to other continents.


Tourline Express / CCT Express actively developing and striving to provide top-level service to customers in Spain. Achievements of the company indicate that this is only a matter of time, which will be realized as the network scales up and mail and logistics products strengthen.

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Tourline Express
Tourline Express
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