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Croatian Post (Hrvatska Pošta) is a state-owned company in Croatia, which is engaged in the delivery of documents and parcels on its territory and abroad as the main activity. It exists and has been active since 1999. The central office of the company is located in Zagreb, and in total the network has about 1000 service points throughout the country. Croatia Post is a major employer in its country, which employs more than 10,000 people.

Like other modern state-oriented postal services of the world, Hrvatska Pošta is actively developing support solutions. The company provides financial services, assistance to business development, sells philatelic and other goods. Next, we will tell in detail about the origins, services, tracking and delivery time of letters and parcels within the country and other destinations of the world.


The history of country’s postal services dates back to the 17th century. However, the Croatian postal service acquired its original and structured form in 1848 with the adoption of the decree on the establishment of the Main Office in Zagreb. The company existed at all stages of the creation and growth of the country, survived the era of united Yugoslavia, and became a full-fledged modern institution with the advent of the country's independence in modern times. For example, it became a member of the Universal Postal Union in 1992, and two years earlier the public company HPT-Hrvatska pošta i telekomunikacije was founded.

The company got its modern look in 1999, when it became an independent company after the reorganization of the organization pointed above. That has turned into two new joint-stock companies, the post office of Croatia and telecommunications of the same country. In the new millennium, the process of liberalization of the postal market has begun, which has led to the creation of a network of related services. So, from January 1, 2011 Croatia Post has become a universal service provider with the right to maintain this status for 15 years.


The new company sets the main goal of serving the citizens of the country. And this applies not only to postal services, but also to the provision of every average Croatian with high-quality and timely financial, digital, insurance services. The company seeks to provide the client with a single space for processing contact activities with a number of other services that play an important and inalienable value in people's lives.

The development of new services, solutions and ways of fulfilling orders is carried out taking into account thorough research and taking into account the needs of customers. Particularly noteworthy is the process of integration into the digital information space, and the Croatian Post offers in this case a number of valuable and innovative solutions. For example, today we can talk about the appearance of large sorting centers in the country, equipping postal workers with personal digital devices with specialized software, and so on.

The brand’s philosophy is based on technological development and the search for modern solutions to maintain postal and related services. This largely allows the state post office of the country to be an internal leader in this field of activity.

What plans do you have for the future? It has a detailed development strategy after 2022. The company’s focus remains on postal services with scalability, which provides through optimization and improvement of business processes and the introduction of innovative business products. The quality of any service at any stage of its implementation remains an important default task. Entering new markets is a long-term goal.


Croatian post provides a traditional set of postal services, which are complemented by a number of electronic solutions and related services. The list of services on the company's website is highlighted in several main categories. Next, we will consistently talk about all categories of services and their capabilities.

Letter and Parcel

Predictably this is the main activity of the organization. The key categories of services here are delivery of letters and parcels within the country, or international delivery.

Sending mail within Croatia

The departure service in Croatia is available for packages, postal packets, letters and postcards of various types. Delivery times are 1 business day in 85% of cases. Another 10% of shipments find the addressee within 2 business days. The remaining 5% - 3 business days. The size of the letter or parcels should not exceed 9 x 14 cm, and weight - no more than 2 kg.

Sending mail abroad

Delivery of international mail is available in almost 200 countries. The service is available for letters, priority letters, letters with a guarantee of delivery, parcels, postcards and telegrams. Delivery of currencies, securities, jewelry and precious metals in this way is prohibited. The maximum dimensions of items for letters and parcels are similar to the previous paragraph. Delivery times in Europe are 3 business days for priority shipments and 5 days for standard shipments. As for the rest of the world, the deadlines are 12 and 21 days, respectively.

Packing and Packaging

The company provides assistance with the safe delivery of any items to the addressee. At Croatian Post Offices, a client can find a number of safe packaging solutions for different types of items. The range of dimensions of boxes and packages for parcels and parcels is 14 options and varies in size from 175 x 150 mm to 480 x 300 x 200 mm, at a price of 3.90 to 13.90 kunas, respectively.

Receiving Mail

The range of options for receiving mail is also wide. Shipments can be delivered to the mailbox or at the address in the hands of the addressee, or stored at the post office until delivery. It is also possible to forward shipments to another address of the recipient with notification to the sender. A tracking system is available in most cases.


Croatia Post provides the opportunity to send a telegram to any address provided. This service is not anarchoism, because the company has integrated telegrams into modern solutions. The client can send a telegram by phone, mobile phone, fax, online, or traditionally at the post office. To send, the telegram text must be provided in Latin letters of the alphabet, and the address of the recipient is indicated very accurately for timely delivery.

Web telegrams can also include pictures dedicated to memorable dates and so on (options are presented on the company's website). Also, the sender can attach physical gifts to the telegram, which are offered by the Croatian post in assortment. The company can send one of the prepared congratulatory texts as a telegram filling. It is possible to order telegram delivery on a specific day, rather than the nearest available time. Providing a transcription or photocopy of a telegram is also possible.

Most telegrams within Croatia are delivered the same day or the next business day. Certain types of items in this category can be delivered up to one week.


Paket24 is a parcel delivery service of up to 300 kg throughout Croatia and abroad. This is the largest service in the country that provides such services, and the company guarantees the delivery of goods with the sum of the sides from 9 to 200 cm to more than 200 settlements of the country on the next (working) day. It is possible to deliver goods on time. Goods on pallets are delivered. The company provides the ability to order services online.

As additional services, Croatia Post offers the possibility of delivery with confirmation, additional insurance and delivery on Saturdays at an additional cost. Oversized boxes and packaging are presented in the offices and on the company's website. The dimensions of the available packaging solutions range from 175 x 150 mm, up to 550 x 250 x 500 mm at a price of 3.90 to 25.90 kunas.

Delivery of items using EMS service is available in more than 100 countries. Delivery times for European countries are 5 business days, with the exception of Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Switzerland (up to 2 days), as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia (up to 3 days). Tracking option available.


The service of electronic receipt of letters and documents, as well as payment of bills and any operations with banks using a single interface. Confidential data has a high level of protection. Paying bills costs 2 kunas per account. Electronic messages in the system can be sent online, or printed and delivered in a traditional format to any address.

Financial services

If you urgently need to send money to someone, pay bills, exchange currency or make a savings deposit, Croatia Post will help you to complete any of these tasks easily and quickly. In addition, options are available to apply for a savings deposit at Hrvatska poštanska banka, apply for a credit card, get various types of insurance and much more. 142 post offices in Croatia provide financial advisory services.


In the post offices of Croatia sold a number of products of their own brand, or from partners. The range of solutions varies from stamps and philatelic goods to consumer goods in post offices in Croatia. The company has its own online stores for different types of goods.

Business solutions

Solutions for business partners that help improve the quality of service to their customers. Cooperating with online stores, Croatia Post helps them improve delivery speed and reduce costs, and also helps automate the financial issues of businesses.

Examples of tracking numbers

You can easily track the package of Croatia Post using the track number that is attached to each item. Registered parcels have a special number that can be tracked along the entire route. All cheap types of items also have a track number, but tracking is only possible on certain sections of the track.

For information about the shipment, you can use the official website of the company. To do this, just enter the number in the “Follow shipment” panel. It is worth taking into account the fact that tracking is provided only at the time of transportation of the parcel by this company. After sending the parcel from the Croatian Post to the postal operator with the delivery authority on the subsequent section of the route, then tracking becomes possible on another service.

In total, Croatia Post serves three classes of mail. These categories are simple, logged, and simple tracked items. Ordinary items do not receive numbers and are not supported by a receipt. Delivery is possible in the recipient's mailbox, or at a branch with large dimensions with an address notification. Tracking such packages when leaving from Croatia is problematic.

Registered and simple traceable letters and parcels have a unique number in accordance with international practice standards. This number consists of 2 letters at the beginning and end and 9 digits between the letters.

An example for Croatia post is СY123456789HR. Let's look at the components of tracking numbers in more detail. The first letter is the category of departure, and there are six in all. These variations are:

  • R - registered shipping;
  • V - shipment with declared value;
  • C - package;
  • H - sending from the online store (e-commerce);
  • E - express sending EMS;
  • L - simple, tracked correspondence.

The second letter and all nine digits mean a unique index that is automatically generated. The last two letters are an indicator of the country where the package is formed. All packages with HR symbols at the end are from Croatia.

Of the two types of parcels that are assigned a track number, only registered packages are issued under the signature of the recipient. Accordingly, the delivery service bears liability only for them.


Croatia Post is a stable example of a national postal service that adapts to the needs of the 21st century and expands activities in related fields to provide customers with a more comprehensive and comfortable cooperation experience.

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