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Eesti Post / Omniva is a national postal and logistics company of Estonia that organizes transportation within its own country and abroad. In addition to standard delivery, the company provides courier services. As a member of the EMS cooperative, Omniva is the designated operator for the delivery of EMS items. It provides services to private and corporate clients.

Country’s mail today is a part of the Omniva concern as the main enterprise. Omniva is a giant in the electronic commerce of the Baltic countries. Eesti Post is the popular name inside Estonia, and Omniva mostly used in the international market. Eesti Post is the first official name of the post, which remained so until the company was reorganized and entered the international postal market.

The main office is in Tallinn. Omniva is a part of the Baltic Postal UnionThere are more than four hundred branches in different regions of Estonia.

Delivery services can be used not only by residents of Estonia. Eesti Post delivery is often found on Chinese internet sites. The terms are fast enough, and for 10-45, depending on the package and services, as well as the individual situation, the client receives an order. Delays are extremely rare. The most popular areas of work of the Eesti Post are the Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia), Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Ideology and principles of work

The innovative Omniva brand takes its roots from the Latin word “Omni”, which can be translated as “comprehensive, all in one, all.” The postal operator seeks to note with such a statement that it is ready to provide each client with a flexible package of solutions on the principle of "all in one". This is achieved through an extensive and deep network of delivery routes, a package of related services, and a strong presence in the digital world.

The symbolism of the company is the circle. O is a symbol of great opportunities, perpetual motion in a circle, beginning and end at the same time. This is the basis of the company's root mission: movement should not be reduced. At the same time, the circle acts as a closed symbol.

The company strives to provide any combination of services for our customers, working with goods and information. Circle means an approach when a task (one-piece circle) is opened into separate parts to form a single whole again in the configuration required by the client. A metaphorical circle denotes a set of specific services and opportunities, each of which is important in the context of a single whole. The company is constantly improving the catalog of services and is at the forefront of modern delivery solutions and postal services.

Each line of the "image" of the company corresponds to a certain color. An orange color indicates the wisdom and experience of a company that has been operating in the service market in one form or another for more than 100 years. The bright orange color indicates the freshness of ideas, the willingness to explore and integrate everything new (the main thing is that it brings a completely new benefit to customers). Red color is the strength, development energy, and reliability of the company. Pink is the youngest of all, and it points to innovation.

The company strives to be the leader in logistics in the Baltic countries, but sees many more areas where it is necessary to develop and grow.

Omniva has always noted that the company strives to work for people regardless of politics and government. The main goal above this is to make people closer to each other, to allow everyone to communicate openly, exchange info, and send goods. These are needs that will be relevant and always needed.

An important part of the policy and principles of the development of Eesti Post is the development of info and communication technologies and, as a result, the use of online stores. This leaves an imprint on the activities of postal and logistics companies, and the Estonian postal service follows trends to the maximum. All the most convenient solutions are implemented in this direction to make everyday tasks of ordinary people fast and convenient.

Omniva's activity leads to the development of Estonian businesses that receive simple and effective tools for trading within the country, as well as abroad, in any markets. The company organizes exit channels for everyone and helps to translate all the information into electronic format. The strength of the company lies in the variety of channels and in the ability to combine trade and information ways. The system should work in a way that is convenient for everyone.

Brief history

The history of the company begins on November 13, 1918, at the very beginning of the existence of the Republic of Estonia. The company worked in those years along the Baltic coast, and the first postage stamps were issued a few days later. Subsequently, a gradual development followed, in 1922 the Eesti Post became a full member of the UPU. From the moment of occupation of Estonia by the USSR troops in 1940, until the restoration of the country's independence 50 years later, the company remained part of its postal service. This year, the updated Eesti Post opened, then the first stamps of the country's independence were issued, and USSR postage stamps were withdrawn from circulation with the advent of 1992. The following is the story of a new independent story where the Eesti Post is gradually growing and developing to this day. Since 2014, the company has been renamed to its current name, which is part of the strategy of introducing the brand into the worldwide services market.


Today, Omniva has a wide range of postal and support services. The company serves individuals and business partners. Next, we will consider all the solutions of the company sequentially.

Services for private clients

This category offers assistance to private individuals. All services are divided into four categories:

  • Parcel;
  • Letter;
  • Periodicals;
  • Services at Eesti Post Offices.

Let’s discover each of them deeper.


Parcel delivery within Estonia and to other countries is presented here. The company offers flexible delivery and pricing for shipments, which allows each client to choose the most comfortable delivery format.

For domestic delivery, the user can specify the scales of the package, weight, and purpose. Depending on the best option, the package can be delivered in any combination, from the door of the sender to the door of the final point, including post offices and post terminals located throughout the territory of Estonia.

For deliveries outside the country, the user can specify the direction (Baltic countries, the EU, or the rest of the world), dimensions, and weight. It is also possible to arrange shipment up to courier targeted delivery of everytning.

Let’s know more about the sending dates in a separate section of the article.


The company offers three main solutions in this category:

  • A letter to Estonia;
  • A letter abroad;
  • A letter from e-service.

Each category has its subcategory.

A letter to Estonia

Delivery of letters within the country’s territory. The service includes four packages.


The option to send all the paper items using the company to the addressee’s mail box. Letters can be sent at the Eesti Post post office, dropped into a mail box, or in a self-service environment. Delivery is carried out the next day.

Maxi letter

This solution allows everyone to send more voluminous mail and tiny items, such as gifts, photos, and educational materials. Departure is possible at the post office of Eesti Post or by dropping the letter in the mailbox, and delivery is carried out the next day. Allowable weight is up to 2 kg.

Registered letter

Sending a letter in Estonia with delivery to the recipient. The company requests a signature from the recipient to confirm the services. A person can send the letter to the post office of Eesti Post or in the self-service environment. Delivery is carried out within 2 days. If the addressee did not pick up the letter immediately, then he can receive it at the nearest Omniva point within the next 15 days.

Registered Maxi Letter

A combination of the two previous solutions, which allows everyone to send parcels up to 2 kg to anywhere in Estonia with the obligatory signature of the addressee upon delivery. Dates on the road are the same as in the previous one.

A letter abroad

A set of user options for sending letters to other Baltic countries, the European Union, or around the world.

International Letter

The ability to send mail to the addressee’s mail box also abroad. Email request can be created at the Eesti Post Post Office or in our self-service environment. On average, delivery takes 3-5 days, and the task will be finished in the addressee’s mail box.

International Maxi Letter

In the international maxi-letter, a person can provide abroad more voluminous paper mail and small items, such as gifts, photographs, or educational materials. That is, it is still the same parcel weighing up to 2 kg with limited dimensions. The rules of transfer, delivery, and terms are similar to those in the previous case.

International Registered Letter

This service makes it possible to send everywhere letters, and docss outside the Estonia, and he company will transfer to the addressee under signature following the conditions of the country of destination. Sending is possible from the post office of Eesti Post, and everything will be delivered within 3-5 days on average. Taking it to the addressee is carried out at the specified address at the door.

International Registered Maxi Letter

An analog of the previous service for parcels weighing no more than 2 kg. Delivery conditions correspond to the previous service.

A letter from e-service

Omniva offers a very interesting service in the spirit of the times. The user can send an e-mail from a special area of sending, at any convenient place, and at any convenient time, and Eesti Post will print and deliver the paper letter to any address.

To send a letter, the addressee needs to enter the self-service environment using an ID card, Mobiil-ID, or a bank link. Next, the user needs to create an email file for forwarding. The finished letter is uploaded to the self-service environment with the name of the recipient and his address. Further, payment is carried out online using the link.

Four categories of services are also available here.

Domestic Letter

Sending an e-mail with paper delivery throughout Estonia. The recipient will receive a letter in one business day.

International Letter

The service is similar to the previous one, but delivery is carried out to any country in the world in the recipient's mailbox. Delivery takes 3-5 days on average.

Domestic Registered Letter

Delivery of a letter with the obligatory signature of the recipient upon delivery by the delivery service. The arrival of the letter is expected in one business day; delivery is possible throughout Estonia.

Registered International E-Letter

Email delivery to all countries and territories of the world. In this case, delivery is only possible in electronic form at both ends. This means that the recipient is given a link to the letter in a protected form, and the condition for receipt is the use of an electronic signature.


Subscription and delivery of periodicals from around the world, or subscription and delivery of Estonian periodicals for customers outside Estonia.

Ordering Domestic and Worldwide periodicals in Estonia

The catalog of available publications is available on the Estonian Post official website and it includes categories of Estonian, Russian and International print media.

Place an order in our online store, at the post office, or ask for help from a postman. The cost of the order depends on the publication and the term of the order. To see the cost of the order in the online store, click on the newspaper or magazine in the catalog that interests you.

Some publications offer discounts to senior citizens, students, students, and teachers. To receive the discount, present to the postman or post office employee a document confirming your right to the discount.

Subscription is possible for almost any period. At the post office, anyone can submit a request for forwarding, suspension, or cancellation of the order. Changing an order costs 1 euro.

Ordering Estonian Periodicals to other countries

Almost all newspapers and magazines published in Estonia can be ordered abroad, which helps the Estonian Post. Sending is carried out once a week.

The cost of the order depends on the cost:

  • each specific newspaper or magazine;
  • sending to a foreign country, taking into account the weight and place of delivery;
  • picking (50 cents for 1 departure).

Services at Omniva Post Offices

This category of services offers all the additional solutions that you can count on at the post offices of the Eesti Post.


Eesti Post offers branded postage stamps for collectors. You can buy them in philatelic shops or the online store of the company with the possibility of payment by credit card or directly through the bank. In addition to postage stamps, annual and souvenir kits, first-day envelopes, maximum cards, envelopes with special stamps and other philatelic goods are also on sale. It is possible to order a postage stamp with a unique design as a gift.


The company is the official distributor of numismatic and bonistic goods of the Bank of Estonia, and you can buy collection coins and banknotes in the online store.

Cash cards and payments

Eesti Post provides the opportunity in all its branches to make domestic money transfers (up to 1000 euros per day). Three delivery options are available: from the post office on-demand, with notification to the addressee, or with paid home delivery.

Also, post offices provide the ability to send and receive international money transfers in the Western Union system.

Pensions and benefits

The service of regular delivery of pensions or benefits by mail to the home of the applicant. To apply for the service, you need to file a petition with the Department of Social Insurance. The service is paid (8.10 euros for each delivery), and free targeted delivery of pensions or benefits is possible if there is compliance with the conditions established in the State Pension Insurance Law.

Services of other companies at the Eesti Post branches

Eesti Post cooperates with many partners who sell goods and services in the company’s branches. In this way, the Eesti Post client gains access to several more solutions.

Public transport tickets

At the post office, you can buy and personalize a single Ühiskaart electronic card and activate the e-ticket. At the post office, the card costs 2 euros. To this amount is added 1 euro for the personalization of the euro card. Document verification is required. Also, at the post office, you can buy paper tickets for various city and county lines.

Recreational fishing and hunting permit

At the post office, you can pay the right to conduct hunting and fishing for the whole year. It is worth noting that permission for fishing is required only for special means of fishing. Fishing with a simple fishing rod is free and allowed for everyone.

Forms of the Health Insurance Fund

If the client does not have access to the service points of the Health Insurance Fund and there is no way to send documents electronically, he can fill out the forms of the Health Insurance Fund at the post office. When filling out the forms at the post office, you can contact the staff for help.

Personal identification

Mail provides an opportunity to assure the identity of the client for any services.


At the post office you can purchase packaging materials, envelopes, stamps, postcards, mailboxes, lottery tickets, newspapers, magazines, phone cards of various operators, as well as industrial and grocery products in stock.

Services for business

Omniva also provides services for businesses of any scale. These are all possible delivery services, as well as related assistance to logistics, advertising and so on.


Forwarding commercial shipments to all destinations in Estonia and abroad. Sending is possible from the post offices of Eesti Post, or by courier.

Letter (Infologistics)

Secure online messaging. A business representative sends an e-mail through the Estee Post system and makes a choice in which form the recipient will pick up the text, in the form of a secure electronic link, or a printed letter. The ability to order a paid response is available immediately.


Manage company accounts conveniently in electronic format using a specialized solution to send receipt and storage of electronic invoices.

What are the benefits of this solution? Electronic bills will help you save time, money, and also adhere to eco-friendly standards. Their use reduces the risk of errors by an order of magnitude, and also eliminates the need for manual billing. The user to make the process of conducting production on accounts of goods and services purchased and sold by the company completely paperless. It is also possible to manage accounts received through various channels, including electronic and paper accounts, as well as PDF files.

Four service packages are available.

E-Invoice Mailbox

A free solution for receiving, but not generating electronic invoices. The retention period of received electronic invoices is 1 year.

Small Business Package

Optimally, if the business does not compile invoices for goods / services sold with financial software, and manually confirms and pays the invoices for goods / services purchased.

The package helps to conveniently keep the accounting documents of a small enterprise in electronic format inside a single office. The user is given the opportunity to send documents to the accountant in electronic format every month, excluding paper.

Among the additional functions, it is worth mentioning the possibility of generating a payment file with information from the received invoices for purchased goods / services. It can be imported into the Internet Bank to create pending payment orders. The payment file can be imported to Swedbank, SEB and Sampo pank.

The package costs 8 euros per month for any number of users.

Business Package

Comprehensive management of all invoices for goods / services purchased, as well as the transfer of invoices for goods / services sold through various channels from one workspace.

The service costs 7 euros per month for each user.

Business Package+

A service for companies with specific needs. Eesti Post considers each request manually, and creates the most flexible solution based on the source data that serves all business processes. The cost of the service depends on the developed concept and is calculated individually.


Distribution of company advertising to a wide audience of users, or assistance in the development of individualized advertising messages for the existing customer base. Assistance in organizing customer databases, as well as in the production of printed advertising products.


Press order for corporate clients, as well as solutions for publishers, including delivery on a subscriber base, outsourced customer order management, packaging, publication transportation and much more.

Other business services

There is a set of additional services that are useful for businesses, but cannot be categorized in the above categories.

Digitization of documents

Help in translating company documentation into electronic form. Fast and high-quality digitization of documents of any type.


The press of editions in any quantity and formats.

Data processing

Organizing data and creating effective arrays of information that work for the business.

Intermediary services

This category of services includes partnerships for the sale of business goods at Eesti Post post offices, the organization of customer postal payments through post offices, as well as measures to identify the identity of company customers.

Examples of tracking numbers

To locate the parcels, you will need an Eesti post tracking number. It is usually issued to the sender, when paying for transportation services, you can find it on the receipt.

Postal items come in two categories and the main criterion for separation is the weight of the item: up to 2 kg are small packages, more than 2 kg are already packages. Shipments from Estonia up to 2 kg may not be traceable, but parcels and fast delivery of EMC shipments Estonian Post always registers and gives them a tracking number.

Tracking an Estonia Post package by number is very simple. A single-track number format for registered international mail has been approved. The track number Omniva has the same form and consists of 13 characters:

  • RT123456785EE: small package from Estonia;
  • CA123456785EE: package from Estonia;
  • EE123456785EE: express departure from Estonia.

In the tracking number, the type of departure is encrypted with letter at the beginning, the latest numbers set the unique code of the parcel. The last two letters indicate the country of the postal service. EE is an indicator of Estonia.

Delivery Time

In terms of delivery time, Omniva offers several solutions for shipments within the country and abroad.

Domestic delivery

All letters and parcels that are sent within Estonia.

Courier 10

A service for those who care about high-speed delivery. The recipient will receive a letter or parcel the next morning (on a business day) from 08.00 to 10.00. Delivery does not allow work with bulky parcels. The service is relevant to all major cities in Estonia.

Courier Standard

Courier express delivery on a weekday or Saturday for an additional fee. Delivery is possible anywhere in the country from 08.00 to 17.00 the next day. This option allows the delivery of bulky packages.

Courier Plus

Delivery by courier with an exact indication of the desired time of receipt. The postal item will arrive at the place at a time suitable for the recipient on working days from 08.00 to 20.00 and on Saturdays from 8.00 to 16.00.

International delivery

From the post office, everyone can send a parcel to a post office in absolutely any state, including even the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The largest possible weight of a postal item depends on the country of destination, however, it cannot exceed 31.5 kg. If a postal item weighs more than 20 kg, it is called a maxi package. Unlike a standard package, when sending a maxi package, value-added tax is added to its value. Parcel delivery in Europe takes an average of 6 business days, and around the world about 10 days.

Delivery of goods from China, depending on the country of receipt, is possible within 10-45 days.


Omniva / Eesti Post offers an outstanding range of postal services within the country and abroad. This is a simple but streamlined delivery mechanism that is developed following the needs of customers and the scaling strategy in the international market.

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