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WishPost is quite a young company in the delivery industry, which has been established in 2010. Nevertheless, it has become a quite popular service in the world. In the first place, Wish is an online platform, which connects sellers and buyers around the world, but primary from China. The goods prices are lower than on other online shops, as Wish, sells products directly to the buyers. Thus, there are no additional fees for distributors. In addition, this service personalizes product search what allows users to save time on searching something you need after using Wish for several times. However, WishPost does not provide services in storing all the products from sellers and in case of return, customers have to deal with returns by themselves.

WishPost Delivery Services

At WishPost you can find several various delivery methods to choose from. In general, they directly depend on the destination country. The delivery time for each also varies due to the option you choose and where the package has to be delivered.

WishPost Registered Mail

As most sellers are located in China, WishPost registered manages shipments with China Post Registered Airmail. It is a fast option for goods to be delivered. Moreover, it allows consumers to trace the shipment with Wish tracking numbers during the whole delivery process from the merchant to a local post office in the country of destination.

WishPost Unregistered Mail

In case you search for a cheap option to deliver goods, than WishPost Unregistered Mail is what you should consider. It uses China Post Small Parcel delivery, which is very cheap. However, you will be able to track your packages with Wish tracking numbers only on the territory of China. When goods arrive at the destination country, they transfer to local state post office services. Therefore, you will need to wait until you receive a notification that packages are delivered and you need to pick them up.

WishPost Delivery to USA, Countries & Regions

WishPost provides delivery to a large number of countries across the world. However, depending on the country, there are different available options. Due to a strong connection with the United States of America, delivery to this country is different from the rest of the world. Other regions and countries may have different prices for the goods, as sellers set them manually according to the destination country.

WishPost Express

Sometimes, time becomes very important when you need to receive something very quickly. WishPost Express is an option for goods to be delivered right to the deadline without delays. In addition, you are able to use WishPost tracking numbers to always know whether packages are. Depending on the country, you will receive a different estimated delivery time. This option is beneficial both for customers and for sellers. It allows users to make payments faster. In most cases, WishPost Express delivery is going to be accomplished within five business days, if there are no issues. However, some countries require a little bit more business days to have packages been delivered.

  • Australia 7
  • Denmark 6
  • Finland 7
  • France 6
  • Italy 6
  • Norway 8
  • Puerto Rico 7
  • Spain 8
  • Sweden 8
  • Switzerland 6

Management Of WishPost Express

In case you need to receive something fast, you will not find the problem of using WishPost Express. After joining the service, you are able to add or remove products from Express delivery in the personal account. In the chart, you can find goods that are going to be delivered via Express in a special orange badge. In the Order History section, you can find all the goods you have been ordering. This is where you can also check the WishPost Express tracking numbers.

Features of WishPost Tracking Number

Buying goods from distant countries means that packages travel long distances. Consumers often get worried about their purchases. Therefore, the possibility of tracking is very important. WishPost tracking system is what you can easily use and always know where your package is. It does not matter if your shipment consists of two parcels or hundreds of them. You can receive the up to date information about where your delivery with an accuracy of two days.

While buying something from Wish service, packages receive their unique tracking number. The WishPost tracking number may consist of either 13 characters or 11 digits. The first one begins with two letters, then nine digits and two letters in the end. The letters often indicate the delivery destination and the country of product origin. It is quite a widespread format of tracking numbers among world international delivery companies. Here some examples of them:

  • CN764532918UK;
  • US001199782CN;
  • AU151692340CN.

The second format is less popular. The tracking often stops when the package leaves China. Here is some of them:

  • 93847569112;
  • 00998877192;
  • 19543546754.

Upon making a shipment you receive tracking numbers for each package. It is recommended to check them in the beginning. If some of them are not valid, you should contact the customer support department.

WishPost Delivery Time

Buying products from various countries takes different time to receive them. WishPost delivers a great number of products to different countries every day. The average time for WishPost Standard delivery ranges from 15 to 30 business days. Sometimes, there can be delays, which require up to 45 business days to accomplish the shipment. In case packages are not delivered in the above-mentioned time, you should contact the merchant or customer support department.

WishPost Customer Support Department

When you deal with purchasing goods, different issues may occur. WishPost offers various options to receive assistance. At first, you should consider checking the FAQ section. The website design is very easy to navigate. There you will plenty of different instructions, and solutions to the most common issues. All information is divided into different topics and categories. In case you do not know where to find the needed answer, you should try the search tool. You just need to enter some keywords in order to receive several articles. Moreover, in the profile menu, you can open a customer support bot assistance. By answering a common question, you are able to get information on the common questions.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with a customer support department by submitting a request. It allows clients to provide all the information on the issue in the request form. Consumers have to enter your email, subject, and description, email of the merchant account, or its identification number. After selecting, to what your question is related to, you may attach some documents, photos, screenshots, etc.

In case you need to receive urgent assistance, there is a phone number. It can be found on the Contact page of the website. It is available 24/7 and you can always get in touch with a friendly service representative.

Statuses of WishPost Delivery

After receiving a WishPost tracking number, you will receive one of the following statuses on your shipment. The information can lag behind in 1-2 days of the package. The statuses refresh more often.

  • Arrived at customs of destination country;
  • Departed from Airport to destination country;
  • Picked up;
  • WishPost Arrive at Destination Airport.

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Guiselli Villegas
5/2/224:04 PM
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7/14/219:42 AM
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Certas transportadoras utilizadas pelo wish não entregam.
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3/21/217:44 PM
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Tomas Rodriguez Torres
3/5/212:34 AM
Hi my track numer is UM1***1CN , Due to the pandemic, I could not make the claim, I do not have my package or my money, it is the first time I have bought at wish, and I have been very disappointed. my emial is t***[email protected] Thanks
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Paco delgado
2/11/2111:16 PM
Quisiera saber donde esta mi paquete desde el 28 12 2020 que llego a España
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1/31/214:13 AM
So slow
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