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Ukrainian Post or Ukrposhta is a Ukrainian state institution dealing in the provision of postal services like delivery of parcels, postal orders, non- addressed printed forms, etc. It is the national postal operator of Ukraine. The founder and sole shareholder of the Company is the Ukrainian State Treasury, represented by the minister for transport and communications Ukrpoczta operates based on the Act on Postal Services of October 4, 2001.

Delivery Options


In case you need a fast and convenient delivery across Ukraine, Express service is what you should consider. It has an optimum ratio of price and quality. The cost of delivery depends on the weight, size of the parcel, and distance.

Convenient gradation of parcels by weight and clear tariff zones - calculate the most advantageous option for customers. Speaking about dimensions shipment does not exceed 2 m and the sum of the longest side and the largest. The perimeter (length of the circle) in any direction (except length) should not exceed 3.5 m.

  • You choose who pays for delivery - the sender or the recipient;
  • Address delivery or courier fence in regional centers at a fixed price: you can not visit the branch;
  • Postpaid for goods (up to UAH 50,000);
  • The price includes the cost of the declared value (300 UAH) and SMS or Viber-message to the recipient.


Ukrainian Post SmartBox is a unique service in the Ukrainian delivery market. It has simplified the process as much as possible: you do not need to weigh the parcel, calculate the distance, or wait in line and waste time. By choosing SmartBox you get a full range of services at a single price. It is very easy to use. In the beginning, choose the package size and pay for the service. Then customers get the right number of boxes and a unique activation code.

Within 30 days, you should activate the code in the personal account and generate barcodes for each shipment. Within 5 months, clients need to register a shipment with a barcode in the Personal Account, print the barcode identifier, and attach it to the parcel. In the post office, you leave the already prepared parcel without queuing and without making payments.


Ukrainian Post Standard is an economical delivery in Ukraine for those who choose the best price. Delivery cost depends on weight and distance. You choose who pays for delivery. Delivery to the destination and courier pickup have fixed prices. Moreover, you do not need to visit the post office. Execution of shipments with declared value and description of the attachment. It has the lowest rates for delivery throughout the country. The tariffing of shipments weighing from 100 grams.Postpaid for goods up to UAH 50,000.

Courier Delivery

Send parcels from the post office, home, job office at a convenient time. Shipment can be delivered to recipients to the post office, to the workplace or home. By Courier Delivery you can send or receive parcels with other options "Ukrainian Post Express", "Ukrainian Post Standard", "Ukrainian Post SmartBox", international shipments.

The shipment can weight more than 30 kg, depending on the destination of delivery. In cities of regional significance, district centers, towns, and villages the allowed weight is up to 2 kg. Regional centers, as well as Mariupol, Rubizhne, Siverodonetsk, Lysychansk the maximum weight is up to 550 kg. If the weight of the parcel is more than allowed, Ukrainian Post will deliver it only to the post office. Delivery by the courier cannot be ordered to the addresses of correctional facilities and military units. The service is also not provided for sending "on request" and those that are addressed to subscription boxes.

Electronic Mail

An electronic message received via the Internet is a service accepted on the Ukrposhta website. The message is sent by different electronic channels and it is going to be delivered to the addressee (recipient) reproduced on paper. To send an e-mail over the Internet, the user must have a personal computer connected to the Internet and use bank card payment systems like VISA International, MasterCard International.

Procedure for sending
  • In the section "Electronic message" you indicate the postal address of the sender (yourself) and the recipient, the text of the message and other information on the appropriate form.
  • You pay for the service by bank card payment systems: VISA International, MasterCard International.
  • Upon completion of payment, information about the message is sent by electronic channels to the post office and it is going to be delivered to the addressee (recipient) reproduced on paper.
  • An e-mail received over the Internet cannot exceed three hundred words or 3,000 characters.
  • Electronic messages addressed to the home address of individuals and "On request" are accepted for sending within Ukraine.
  • E-mails received via the Internet can be delivered to the addressee on an art form, as well as with the delivery time ordered by the sender.
  • Information about the delivery of an e-mail received via the Internet can be sent by SMS-e-mail or e-mail to the sender's e-mail address for an additional fee.

Tariff for sending an e-mail received via the Internet excluding VAT is UAH 7.50 per 1 word without the cost of an art card. Fee for the use of an art card - UAH 4.00. Notification of delivery - UAH 1.00.

API Integration

API functionality allows quickly to integrate logistics processes into any business. It automates the processes of registration and control of shipments and it allows to create a single entry point for all customers and services of JSC "Ukrposhta". API offers auto-completion and formation of all necessary accompanying documentation together with calculating the cost per shipment.

API Shipment Types:

  • Domestic;
  • International;
  • Mail address classifier;
  • Domestic mailing.

Domestic & International Shipments

API for domestic and international shipments allows the customer to exchange data in JSON format with the Ukrposhta information system like sender and recipient data, sending parameters, etc. and process them automatically. It generates a unique barcode ID number, which is added to the accompanying documentation and it can be used for tracking. API automatically checks the entered index values to prevent incorrect information. It helps with calculating the cost of shipping according to current tariffs, categories, and parameters of shipping, additional services, country or region, and it takes into account individual discounts or tariffs. It forms the necessary supporting documentation and opens wide opportunities for further control and analysis of information on shipments.

Ukrainian Post Tracking Number

Customers always want to know where their package is. Thus, the possibility to track shipment is very important. Ukrposhta cares about providing high-quality services. While making a shipment of several packages, each of the parcels receives a unique tracking number. Quite often world international delivery company develops its own format of numbers. However, most of them prefer to use 13 characters format, which has two letters in the beginning and ending, while in the middle it has 9 digits. As many companies use the same format, it makes it easier to forward parcels. Here some examples of tracking numbers:

  • RC987654321UA;
  • VR012345678UA;
  • NZ415263567UA.

Average Delivery Time

  • Express. If to exclude the day of departure it requires up to 2-3 business days within the oblast center, oblast and between oblast centers when customers make shipment before 2 pm.
  • SmartBox. Delivery needs just 1-2 business days to deliver packages between regional centers and within the region.
  • Standard. Time delivery greatly depends on the destination. Within the city, it requires just 3 business days. To send the package within one oblast and between oblast centers, it needs up to 4 business days. As for delivery around Ukraine, you will need to wait up to 6 business days.

Customer Support Department

In case you need some assistance from the Ukrainian post-delivery service, there are several available options. For urgent cases, it is recommended not to hesitate and get in touch with a service representative by a phone number. It allows quickly to receive assistance on your issue together with answers to questions and instructions. Alternatively, in popular social networks, there are chatbots, which help to find information on your inquiry.

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I ordered in early December and to this day have not received it. I will not be ordering from outside Canada again. Awful experience.
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7/14/209:23 AM
Спасибо Укрпочте за приятное общение и информацию о посылке.
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примите меры найдите товар
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