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Serpost Carrier Info & Tips

The Postal Services of Peru or Serpost is a Peruvian state company, dedicated to the service of correspondence, money orders and to the market of national and international shipments and parcels, and follows the guidelines of Universal Postal Union. Serpost employs 563 postmen, 1,744 workers, and has 158 offices in Peru.

Simplified Export Dispatch

Merchandise whose FOB value (seller delivers the merchandise on board the transport designated by the buyer at the port of shipment) does not exceed $5,000 It is required to present the Simplified Export Declaration, the procedure is carried out by the exporter or a customs dispatcher.

Courier Fast Delivery

It allows senders to export or carry out through Quick Delivery Service Companies (courier) for a maximum FOB value of US $5,000per shipment. If it is greater than this amount, you have to do the final export procedure.

Postal Delivery - Exporta Fácil

It allows you to export or make postal shipments through Serpost, such as sales or gifts abroad up to a maximum FOB value of $7,500 per shipment, must not exceed 30kg of weight. If the value is greater than $7,500, you have to do the procedure according to the definitive export. This procedure is when the FOB value of the merchandise exceeds $5,000, the intervention of a Customs Agent is required for the processing.

Ecommerce Sample Delivery

Before carrying out an export, many of the companies carry out a shipment of samples first, these allow the customer to ensure the type of product (quality, characteristics, materials, among others) to be marketed. In this sense, the sending of the sample has a particular purpose, and its main changes have been in the logistical aspect. Serpost is the ones in charge of getting the samples to the local buyer or potential international buyer within a period not exceeding 2 days.

A benefit in the shipping service is that exporting companies are provided with an online tracking system through which they can count on the traceability of the product and with the real-time visibility of the geographical location of the sample sent.

Likewise, the company receives information about the logistical process through which its shipment is passing and is even notified if it has been rejected or had any problem in the documentation for its customs clearance. There are three established routes for the shipment of these samples:

  • Simplified export clearance procedure. It allows the delivery of national or nationalized goods for use or final consumption abroad;
  • Temporary export procedure. It is for re-importation in the same state, which allows the delivery of products in order to re-import them within a certain period;
  • Easy export procedure. It is designed mainly for micro and small entrepreneurs.

The shipping method that Serpost can carry out is by simplified export for a maximum FOB value of $5,000 with an approximate weight of 50kg and easy exports for a maximum amount of $7,500 with a weight of 30kg.

How to Receive Packages At Serpost

The international transport company makes the delivery to Serpost , who is in charge of the transfer and storage during the dispatch process, is also responsible for the opening, handling, weighing, closing, custody, security, and delivery. The customs officer verifies and indicates which shipments require customs clearance and which will be of direct distribution and must be delivered to the recipient. The customs officer generates a notification that Serpost will send you physically, in the following cases:

  • They require your presence.
  • They need supporting information or documentation.
  • Communicate the reasons for the impossibility of entering the country.
  • It is destined to another customs regime, that is, to carry out a different procedure than Importa Fácil.

If after paying taxes everything is in the order you will be able to receive your package. In case there are some issues it is better to get in touch with a customer support department.

Serpost Packages Collection Via WhatsApp

Users of the Serpost can enjoy more personalized attention and waiting times will be reduced. This is thanks to the fact that Servicios Postales del Perú, which is Serpost, a company, attached to the Ministry of Transport and Communications has implemented its new system for picking up mail and parcels, and other types of mailings, via appointments agreed by WhatsApp in this city.

Users of the postal service can communicate via a specific WhatsApp number and request an appointment to collect their shipments. Serpost will also use this mobile application to communicate with users, whose correspondence or order is available to be delivered, scheduling an appointment for it.

The implementation of this new system for picking up shipments is part of the implementation that Serpost has been progressively making nationwide of its new Single Window model. Through this system, the Peruvian State postal operator offers its delivery admission and delivery services in one place, thus providing a comprehensive service to users of the postal service.

Serpost Tracking Number Peculiarities

While sending packages or mail the possibility to track delivery provides an opportunity to senders and addressee to always know the location of the shipment. Serpost provides tracking numbers to every parcel, you are sending. Thus, you can save a lot of time while sending plenty of packages at once. While preparing packages you receive a Serpost tracking number. A large number of companies have a specific format. Serpost follow the guidelines of Universal Postal Union towards tracking numbers. Thus, it has 13 characters among which are 4 letters and 9 digits. Here are some examples of them:

  • RR123456789PE;
  • AU123456789PE;
  • EU123456789PE.

Serpost Reviews

Our user
10/3/214:15 AM
Not delivered yet
2/26/206:25 AM
Serpost is the worst postal service I have known. Even in their offices the customers are a hinderance to the staffs resting time which is all day long. Tracking is almost imposible and you are lucky if you get your package. Sorry nothing good to say about this 100% Peruvian service.
Not delivered yet
1/21/205:37 PM
+60 days
Jesus ivan fragui CONPE
12/30/1912:52 AM
I did not recieve my item yet
Not delivered yet
Isaías choquehuanca
12/3/1912:47 AM
Buen trabajo
Dana briones
10/29/191:24 PM
Not delivered yet
Alonso Osorio
9/23/198:52 PM
Se demoran más de 2 semanas en entregar
Not delivered yet
Luiggi Yax Molina Tipian
9/13/196:31 AM
The organ is correct, the problem is the other organs that is associated with this and don't send the item in his times correspond...
Daniel Valle
9/6/194:24 AM
Su ultimo mensaje fue "DISPONIBLE PARA ENTREGA EN EL CENTRO DE DISTRIBUCIÓN - OFICINA POSTAL CHORRILLOS " Y no q pueda significar porque aun no me llega nada
Not delivered yet
9/5/199:55 PM
Not delivered yet
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