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PostNL is the flagship postal provider in the Netherlands. The Netherland Post works closely with national postal services and private delivery partners. It offers the most extensive and reliable delivery of their mail, packets, and parcels – not just in the Netherlands but also abroad.

Customer Services

The Netherland postal service offers a wide variety of solutions for private customers. Let's examine the most favourable services.

Domestic Mail

It's the most popular service. This Netherland Posts solution allows sending cards or letters to any address in the Netherlands quickly and easily.

Domestic and International Parcels

All clients can send parcels to any address quickly and easily via the post office. Moreover, there's the possibility to choose Signature for Delivery for added peace of mind. In this case, the addressee is asked to sign for the delivery.

Netherlands Post Registered Mail

All valuable or important PostNL registered airmail delivered safely to any destination in the NL and worldwide. All clients can use the Netherlands Post registered track when sending relevant or essential items. In the event of loss or damage, the customer will receive compensation up to 50 euros. The Netherland Post registered tracking is also available.

International Packets

International Packets is the perfect solution to deliver small parcels to international destinations. The Netherlands package tracking covers three different options:

  • the most affordable Packet Basic solution;
  • fast and trustworthy Packet Tracked option;
  • superior Packet Extra set, which requires the receiver to sign for the delivery.

All three options offer the reliability of PostNL's top-notch worldwide distribution network. The Netherlands Post tracking system is also available.

Insured Mail and Parcels

This solution allows the safe delivery of the most valuable items to any destination in the Netherlands and worldwide. The Netherland Post service also gives compensation up to 500 euros for lost or damaged letters or packages.

Priority Mail and Parcels

This solution offers a priority delivery to any address. Depending on the customers' preference, the mail will be delivered by 10 a.m. or noon the next day (on Monday - Friday period).

Business Services

However, not only private consumers use PostNL services. Many businesses need to send letters or parcels in the NL or worldwide. Let's examine the most popular solutions for businesses.

All-in Mail Delivery

It offers a wide variety of bulk, PostNL international mail, parcels, and registered mail services. There's no need to separate all domestic and international sendings. Moreover, PostNL staff prepare all items for shipping.

Secure Transport

With the Extra Coverage option, the content of the Netherland Post mail parcel is insured against loss or theft up to €5,000. The particular amount depends on the country of dispatch and the state of destination.

With Extra Coverage, customers can protect the purchasing value of the parcel up to €5,000, depending on the country of dispatch and the state of destination. Signature for receipt is included as a standard when the client opts for this service. The person who receives the NL shipping is required to sign for it.

Conditional Transport

Distributing pharmaceutical products is a piece of art in itself. With a specialised team, the Netherland Posts company deliver medical aids following the EU demands for Good Distribution Practices. The temperature is enduringly registered and saved digitally.

The new Express Service now enables to deliver shipments to recipients within the same working day. The Netherlands Post can deliver purchases to both private and business recipients.

All of the NL Post parcels will be received and delivered the same day, regardless of the suitable GDP segment 2°C-8°C or 15°C-25°C. All shipments will be carried according to the GDP rules.

Pharma & Care offers a wide variety of services in air-conditioned transport. Whether it's parcels, pallets, mini-pallets or parcel goods, the Dutch postal service has the right solution.

Delivery and installation

PostNL also specialises in providing large goods to consumers, following all logistics wishes.

This company deliver goods over the first threshold of a home or office. That's what it calls the Threshold service.

If anyone opts for Top service, this company will provide the necessary installation of goods. It could be, e.g. hooking up a washing machine or installing a fridge, making a bicycle ready to use or set up a television.

Following delivery, every customer of the Netherlands Post service needs to answer a standard of five brief questions to check he/she is satisfied with the quality of delivery.

We continuously train and monitor the delivery drivers, as well as test their product expertise and installation skills. And we also look at customer fulfilment and service. The unique Customer Service employees are also specially trained.

Night Distribution

As part of its strategy of building itself as the leading logistics e-commerce group in the Benelux market, The Netherlands postal services has acquired PS Nachtdistributie, a leading player in the overnight distribution in the Benelux region. PS Nachtdistributie operates a comprehensive distribution network in the Benelux region. It allows providing overnight parcel Netherland Post surface delivery services to a diversity of customers and industries. PS Nachtdistributie's has the sorting centre in Vianen, which will be added to the PostNL network.

The expansion of the Benelux distribution network will enable PostNL to improve its services to its customers further. Also, the acquisition provides PS Nachtdistributie with access to a 'one-stop-shop' for all PostNL's logistics solutions.

Post NL track and trace

With NLpost Track & Trace, everyone can follow the Netherlands Post surface mail to its destination via an online international tracking system. Once items are on their way, the client can easily monitor their progress by using the unique barcode. Within a few clicks, every customer can check if the thing is on its way.

All items or packets can be tracked with the PostNL international mail tracking system. It needs to visit the Track & Trace page and enter the barcode. The consumer can find the barcode on a proof of posting receipt. There is a possibility to track up to 25 barcodes at once. The Netherlands Post surface mail tracker is available free of charge.

Transit Times

The Netherlands Post office delivers parcels, packets and documents to many EU and non-EU countries. The particular time depends on the delivery arrangements made by the sender of the package.

Country Delivery time (in working days)
Australia 6-8
Belgium 1-2
Canada 5-6
Curaçao 4-8
China 9-15
Germany 2-3
Indonesia 4-9
Italy 3-6
Japan 4-7
France 2-3
New Zealand 5-7
Norway 2-4
Russia 8-14
Spain 3-5
Turkey 5-8
United Kingdom 2-3
United States 3-6
South Africa 5-8
Sweden 2-4
Switzerland 2-3

How to Check Netherlands Post Surface Mail Status

It's effortless to know the Netherlands Post Surface Mail Tracking status through an online tracker system. All it needs is the Netherlands Post Surface Mail tracking number.

Every customer can enter the Netherland Post surface mail number in below online system to track and trace the delivery status information instantly.

There are examples of the Post NL tracking numbers:

  • RR104597435NL;
  • UD386218500NL;
  • RU222005314NL;
  • 3STOTA7525396;
  • 3STOTA9326798.

Everyone will get information like current location, source, destination, dispatch & delivery date or any delay info.

Customers can track and trace the Post, EMS ( Express Mail Service ), Parcel, Package, Packet delivery status details. PostNL tracking system is available 24/7 through the Netherlands Post surface mail track.

It supports both Domestic and the Netherlands Post surface mail international sendings. Every client can track multiple tracking numbers by entering them in the space provided above and clicking on the 'Track' button.

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12/28/239:33 PM
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11/6/233:11 PM
Muito mau, tenho varias encomendas pedidas e não entregaram, nem sei onde ou que numero contactar em portugal....uma vergonha
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10/15/2310:28 AM
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10/5/237:00 AM
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Jiří Pospíšil
10/4/238:54 PM
Potřebuji znát odesilatele !!!!!!!!!
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8/9/239:11 AM
Colis bloqué aucune nouvelle de leur part . transporteur pas recommandé
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3/21/234:23 PM
Toujours des soucis avec Post NL !
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3/14/239:55 AM
Parcels being dropped in front of the door and can be taken away by anybody although they should have been delivered at the local post office. Ridiculous long transit times once in the destination country. Formal complaints do not change anything it seems.
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Our user
2/16/235:36 PM
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12/27/2212:24 PM
Aspetto il mio pacco dal 21 è ancora non arriva
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