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Hellenic Post focuses on customers and their level of service. They strive to successfully meet their ever-changing needs, promote innovation, develop new products, and constantly enrich the services provided. The goal is to strengthen the long-term relationship of trust that has developed with the millions of customers with whom the business comes in contact on a daily basis.

In recent years, the company has fully achieved all the quality objectives in the handling of domestic and foreign correspondence set by the National Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT) and the International Post Corporation.

Postal Gate (PO Box)

Hellenic Post provides ELTA Stores with the possibility of renting a Post Office (TT), from which you can receive your mail. With the use of Postal Gateway (PO Box), you can plan the receipt of your mail during the opening hours of the ELTA Store where the Postal Gate (PO Box) you rent is located. In some ELTA Stores, there is the possibility of 24-hour access of Customers to the Postal Gates (PO Box). In addition, if you wish, you can activate the Postal Ticket Notification Service (TTH) * for free, with which you are notified by ELTA by e-mail when a new mail is placed in the Postal Gateway (TTH) that you rent.

  • Postal Gates (PO Box) are located within most ELTA Stores and are used by Natural and Legal Entities to receive their mail;
  • Each Postal Port (PO Box) has a distinctive number and access key;
  • The Postal Rental (TT) lease period can be a semester or annual, based on a calendar year (for example from January 1 to June 30 or December 31 or from July 1 to December 31).

Foreign Service of Special Priority Mail (SPM)

The export and import courier service that guarantees the immediate delivery of your shipments and receipts to 220 countries around the world. Speaking about imports it has easy, fast, and safe imports, with flexibility in terms of shipping and delivery point (Door to Door throughout the ELTA Courier network, Recipient Charge).

SPM features

  • Up to 300 kg per shipment, with real weight charge.
  • Online tracking (track & trace) of locating objects wherever they are.
  • Personal telephone service (for contracted customers).
  • Delivery until 09:00 in the morning, 12:00 at noon or Saturday (with extra charge).
  • Change delivery instructions (with extra charge).

EMS Express Mail

Reliable shipping of your items worldwide, by connecting more than 198 international postal networks. It allows customers to easily and rapidly deliver your packages.

  • Real weight charge.
  • Shipments weighing up to 30 kg and 1.5 meters long.
  • Ideal for non-EU countries as well - no additional customs clearance required.
  • Insurance - compensation under the general terms.
  • Personal telephone service (for contracted customers).

Door-to-Door National Delivery Service

The basic courier service within the country for individuals and businesses, which for more than 30 years transfers your mail and items to every corner of Greece. With a simple phone call to 11120, one of our distributors is at your door to pick up documents or parcels weighing up to 35 kilos and deliver them to the recipient's door. It has 800+ service points throughout Greece, and in inaccessible areas at no extra charge. Online track and tracking system (track & trace) of your items are available. You receive a personal telephone service (for contracted customers). It offers a complete range of additional services, able to meet your every need.

Features of Door-to-Door

  • Door-to-Door: Receipt and service delivery from the sender's address to the recipient's address.
  • Gate-Door: receipt of the shipment from the service point of the ELTA Courier network (store or agency, ELTA store) and delivery at the recipient's door.
  • Porta-Thyrida: receipt of the shipment from the sender's address, delivery and receipt by the recipient at the service point of the ELTA Courier network (store or agency, ELTA store).
  • Gate-Gate: delivery and receipt at and from the point of the ELTA Courier network (store or agency, ELTA store).

Additional Extra Charge Services

  • Same day: receipt and delivery of items on the same business day within the same city, the possibility to provide the service in other areas by appointment.
  • Cash on delivery: sending goods by collecting cash or receiving checks from the recipient and short delivery time to the beneficiary by agreement (via cash or IBAN account). Immediate notification for e-mail.
  • Performance at a predetermined time (at selected destinations): performance of correspondence and objects within a predetermined time period within the day.
  • Distributor waiting: with analog charge after the first 10 minutes.
  • Performance and receipt on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays: at selected service points of the ELTA Courier network.
  • Purchase order: make a purchase of a service or product on your behalf and deliver it to the desired location (if you have previously paid for it).
  • Return of shipment with protocol number and supporting documents: delivery of delivery, receipt of protocol number or receipt and receipt of documents and supporting documents through special management.
  • Declared Value: the company's liability for losses or damages has a specific limit depending on the type of shipment. For shipments of items of great value that exceed this limit, the possibility of insurance through the service Declared Value is offered in order to declare a higher value for your shipment and up to the maximum allowed limits.
  • Multiple missions: sending more objects from the same sender to the same recipient with a 15% discount.
  • Group mission: receipt by one sender, delivery to multiple recipients with or without a recipient's signature.

Prepaid Delivery Services

Prepaid Mail & Packages

A modern and practical product with unique advantages that saves you time, money, and human resources. They are envelopes - of various dimensions - with a stamp together, ready for postage in Greece. It also offers ready-made and elegant packages of various types and sizes with a prepaid fee can be used for easy, fast, and simple delivery of parcels. Cardboard boxes are available in 4 sizes of durable and recyclable material. All prepaid packages are traceable at all stages.

  • Mails are ready for shipment, 24 hours a day, without the need for a stamp;
  • It allows to easily, quickly and simply mailed inside the country;
  • The company provides you with the ability - and depending on the quantity - to personalize your folder by printing the logo in place of the sender.

ELTA Hellenic Post Tracking Number

In the delivery process, the possibility to track your delivery is very important. Thus, ELTA Hellenic Post has a convenient way to check the status of your package delivery. The format of the number is very common in the international and national delivery industry. It consists of 13 characters with two initial and ending letters, while in the middle nine digits. However, some numbers originating from Germany may have just 12 digits. Here are examples:

  • PP918276543AU;
  • GR432156789PP;
  • 1204965891113.

Average Delivery Time

  • Door-to-Door. It allows to receive package on the next business day or in 1-2 business days.
  • EMS Express Mail. Fats solutions to get your packages around the world requires 2-3 business days for delivery to be accomplished.
  • SPM Economy. Special and fast delivery without spending too much needs 2-3 business days.
  • SPM Express. Fastest solutions to have your package and mail delivered within the shortest terms, according to the delivery destination.
  • Prepaid Mail. It has a maximum delivery time of 3 business days and a single price, throughout the Greek Territory.
  • Prepaid Packages. It requires up to 4 business days to complete delivery of your packages.
  • Postal Gate (PO Box). It requires up to several business days to accomplish the delivery and PO boxes are available 24/7.

ELTA Hellenic Post Reviews

ELTA Hellenic Post
ELTA Hellenic Post
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M.C. Maass
11/9/234:42 PM
Never received my delivery via hellenic post. Was only send to central warehouse and back to sender.........
Not delivered yet
Our user
2/9/2312:19 PM
Not delivered yet
11/19/224:22 PM
Not delivered yet
9/30/226:54 PM
very easy way to send somtehning in Greece
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Cleopatra Kyrkou
2/3/222:54 PM
Βασιλική Νικολάκη
1/22/2211:37 AM
UD5***5YP Απαράδεκτοι το δέμα μου λέει ότι έχει φτάσει σε εσάς κ δεν μπορεί κανείς σας να με εξυπηρετήσει.
Not delivered yet
Ioannis Oikonomou
1/15/227:49 PM
the parcels that come to Greece via Hungary and arrive with ELTA are very late and several times are lost, or returned to the seller. he is a miserable carrier and I say it, that I am Greek
Not delivered yet
1/11/225:44 PM
από την Κίνα φτάνει στην Ελλάδα σε 15 μέρες και για να εκτελωνιστεί και φτάσει στα χέρια μου χρειάζεται ενάμιση μήνας ΕΛΤΑ ίσον φρίκη
Not delivered yet
Our user
1/5/226:16 PM
Not delivered yet
Our user
1/5/2212:30 PM
Not delivered yet
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