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DHL Express is one of the largest logistics companies that provide transcontinental express delivery services. The company works with all permitted types of departures, managing a large and well-established network of air, land, and sea transport routes. In addition to delivery, the company provides a number of related logistics services.

About DHL Express

DHL Express is part of the global giant Deutsche Post DHL, along with DHL Parcel, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Freight.

The service works in almost all countries of the world. Express delivery is possible in 220 countries. The work is carried out taking into account the individual specifics of each territory. The delivery network covers about 120 thousand cities in the world.

The company relies on innovation, and a well-established IT structure allows it to process hundreds of millions of operations of various types every day. This is one of the pillars of the efficiency and speed of DHL Express amid growing consumption and expanding global communications in general.

Special attention is paid to environmental and safety issues. DHL Express is committed to reducing environmental damage and announcing revolutionary programs that are beginning to bear fruit today. Employees receive training in the event of disasters and natural disasters.

DHL Express Services

DHL Express works in several key areas of logistics services. We propose to consider DHL commerce services briefly below.


Cargo delivery all over the planet. All accompanying services are available upon request and need. Additional services allow you to save time and money at every stage of sending. The company provides advice on any matter related to cargo.

There are no restrictions on the size and weight of items. Forbidden or significantly limited forwarding of certain categories of goods in accordance with international standards. This applies to weapons and ammunition, industrial waste, animals, jewelry, precious metals, and currency in large quantities, drugs, human remains, and so on.

The dispatch of goods is regulated in accordance with local legislation for each route of departure for each individual parcel. There is the option of tracking parcels.


Each client can see the current status and location of the parcel on the way. This is one of the key conditions for the DHL Express policy. The company provides an online tool for tracking the status of parcels on the official website. It allows everyone to get relevant information immediately. It is enough to enter the departure number in a special form to receive a response for DHL international tracking.

The company insists that they can use the tracking tool only for personal purposes. Tracking third-party packages without the permission of the company is not possible.

At the same time, the company is meeting customers. For example, everyone can contact technical support to clarify the data in case of loss of the tracking number.

Additional solutions for DHL package tracking:

  • DHL eTrack

Tracking Air Waybill by Email. It allows you to track a large number of parcels, but not more than 50 at the moment. Information is provided within a few minutes, and a request is made by email. Each person can use smartmail tracking on any device with access to mailbox.

  • DHL ExpresSMS

You can get DHL tracking international info via SMS. It is enough to enter the invoice number in the text message field and send it to +44 7720 33 44 55. The answer will come next.

  • DHL ExpressWAP

DHL tracking global online using a special tool on the site.

Quick tracking for the United States is also available via Twitter (@dhlushelp).

Customs Services

DHL Express resolves all customer issues at customs and provides assistance separately. The company uses a knowledge base and a network of contacts to expedite customs procedures in every country in the world. The user can count on an individual approach to delivery, taking into account any route.

What customs services are provided by DHL Express?

The list contains:

  • Disbursement;
  • Advance Payment;
  • Broker Notification;
  • Bonded Storage;
  • Bonded Transit;
  • Clearance Data Modification;
  • Post Clearance Modification;
  • Multiline Entry;
  • Export Declaration;
  • Temporary Import /Export;
  • Preferential Origin;
  • Import/Export Duties;
  • Import/Export Taxes;
  • General Order Warehouse Storage;
  • Import Paperwork;
  • Merchandise Processing;
  • Prior Notice;
  • Single Clearance;
  • Clearance Paperwork;
  • Controlled Export;
  • Continuous Bond;
  • Under Bond/Guarantee;
  • Other Government Agency (Border Controls);
  • Permits and Licenses.

Export / Import

Express delivery services for a specific time or day.

Optional services

DHL Express is also ready to provide the customer with a number of additional services, for example, in case of special conditions of sending or receiving, or transportation of non-standard goods.

The company offers the following list of services in this category:

  • Duties and Taxes Paid;
  • Shipment Preparation;
  • Saturday Delivery/Pickup;
  • Shipment Value Protection;
  • Monthly Pickup Service;
  • Non-Standard Pickup;
  • Extended Liability;
  • Direct Signature;
  • Residential Address;
  • GoGreen Climate Neutral;
  • Importer of Record (IOR);
  • Printed Invoice;
  • Change of Billing;
  • Neutral Delivery.

There are circumstances that require an increased price. DHL Express tries to consider scenarios of this kind and provides fixed prices for surcharges.

The list of surcharge categories contains:

  • Remote Area;
  • Overweight Piece;
  • Oversize Piece;
  • Non-Stackable Pallet;
  • Dangerous Goods;
  • Consumer Goods ID8000;
  • Dry Ice UN1845;
  • Lithium Ion Batteries Section II (PI965);
  • Address Correction;
  • Data Entry;
  • Restricted Destination;
  • Fuel Surcharge;
  • Elevated Risk;
  • Exporter Validation.

Track Number Examples

Everything is very simple for DHL Express here, and it is impossible to make a mistake. The only one rule here: the tracking number of this service consists of 10 digits. There are no other signs. For example: 1525954201.

At the same time, you may encounter track numbers of a different format. These are numbers of other DHL divisions. For example, GM12345678901234567 is an example of DHL Global Mail, and CP123456789DE is a Deutsche Post.

Average Estimated Delivery Time

Most standard packages ship within 14 days worldwide. There may be exceptions in some cases.

The most urgent parcels can usually be delivered within 5-6 days in any direction. If we are talking about deliveries within a single country, the issue can be resolved in 1-2 days.


DHL Express is a combination of speed and flexibility of customer service. Users choose companies due to the urgency of delivery, reliability, and the ability to receive additional services at customs and more. This means that DHL Express provides comprehensive logistic assistance to the client for all situations almost all over the planet.

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