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Belarus Post (Belpost) is the postal service of the Republic of Belarus, which has the status of the national operator of its country. The company today focuses on modernization, technology and innovation in order to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and keep up with private services. The company is actively scaling and operating outside the country, and is also constantly working to improve the speed of delivery and consistent development in general.

Services are provided to individuals and legal entities, and each of the listed categories of clients has individual solutions in accordance with the needs. Belarus Post has been awarded a number of world-class awards that confirm the compliance of its activities and range of services with international quality standards.

Republic of Belarus is a member of the Universal Postal Union. It has one of the highest postal development indices at the end of the 2010s. The company employs over 20,000 people. In addition to logistics and postal services, Belpost's client can count on courier, financial, banking, insurance and other services at branches throughout the country. In total, there are over 3000 branches throughout Belarus, and there are also stable communication channels with remote areas. Delivery of letters and goods is possible to almost all countries of the world.

Today the company is actively developing the e-commerce niche, courier network, remote customer service systems. The optimization and improvement of the postal and logistics infrastructure is also heavily active today. Some aspects of it have not changed since the country's independence almost 30 years ago.

Belarus Post is a universal provider of a wide range of services that provides comprehensive and unimpeded contact between the state, businesses and ordinary citizens.


The first information about the delivery of mail on the territory of modern Belarus is mentioned in chronicles over 1000 years ago. In the era of Kievan Rus, an analogue of the "courier service" was the position of the prince's messenger, who served, respectively, noble people.

The first centralized postal service in Belarus appeared during the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which was also available only to rulers and their entourage. The first administrative law on the device of mail dates back to 1558. In 1583, it was on the lands of Belarus that the first system of tariffs for payment for parcels was introduced, associated with the type and weight of the shipment. This system operates all over the world to this day.

The next hundred and more years are associated with the development of postal directions in the lands of Belarus and beyond. Since 1795, the local postal service has become part of the postal system of the Russian Empire. At that time, the postal service was structured, postal districts appeared, and the efficiency of deliveries increased. Postal services have become more accessible in terms of area coverage. In 1859, the first telegraphs opened in Minsk and Bobruisk. From 1871, mail began to be delivered by rail.

By the time the First World War broke out in 1914, the postal network in the modern territories of Belarus consisted of 380 branches. During the Civil War in Russia, an independent Belarusian People's Republic was formed for a short time. Stamps of independent Belarus were first issued there in 1920-1921.

Subsequently, the post of Belarus was transformed into the postal service of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic as part of the post of the USSR. (The western part of Belarus became part of Poland with the operation of the corresponding postal service.) At the beginning of World War II, the network of post offices of the BSSR included more than 2,300 branches. During the war, all infrastructure was destroyed, and its restoration lasted until 1948.

The post office of Belarus in its modern form was founded only in 1995, several years after the declaration of independence of the Republic of Belarus. From the very beginning, the company focused on the breadth and availability of services provided to the population of the country. In the second half of the 1990s, the company offered direct advertising services, sales of general consumer goods in branches, and insurance. Since 2003, a system for processing and receiving electronic payments has been operating in the country, and in 2005 the first payment terminals appeared.

In 2008, the automation of all post offices of the country was fully completed. Belarus Post has become a full member of the PostEurop Association of European Postal Operators. Since 2009, mobile stations for issuing postal items have been operating in the country, which have made it possible to cover all remote populated areas.

In the 2010s, Belarus Post continues to develop actively. The company is expanding the scale of its services, actively cooperating with Belarusian businesses through the sale and advertising of goods. A separate direction of development is entering the international arena, where logistics services and delivery of letters and parcels are provided in accordance with current world standards.


Belarus Post distinguishes two main categories of services:

  • For businesses;
  • For individuals.

Next, we will consider the available solutions in detail.

Services for businesses

Advertising, trade and logistics solutions for online and offline businesses.


Basic service packages for different specific categories of businesses.

Online stores

Solutions for effective e-commerce. Systematic assistance to online stores in organizing the delivery of goods to customers.

  • E-commerce: delivery of parcels up to 30 kg between post offices of Belarus or to addresses.
  • E-commerce MAX: delivery of parcels up to 100 kg of actual weight or up to 300 kg of volumetric weight between post offices of Belarus.

Tracking of parcels is available in every case.

Corporate clients

Development of customized solutions for forwarding, transporting and delivering letter-post items, goods and cargo.

Trade organizations

A partner offer for the sale of branded packaging of Belarusian mail (shipping rates included) in the trade locations of businesses.

Manufacturers and suppliers

Sales of partner consumer goods in post offices of Belarus.

Consumer services organizations

Postal address forwarding of the result of the provided household services by partners: repair / tailoring of shoes or clothes, dry cleaning, repair of household appliances, and so on.

Roadside service facilities

Sale of postal products and media in the places of work of roadside service facilities.

Courier services

Courier solutions for business clients.

Postal courier

Acceptance of postal items in the office, their packaging, addressing and provision of other types of additional services. Delivery of postal items, strict reporting forms, printed media and postal products ordered in the online store of the Belarus Post. A regular subscription service is available for concluding a contract.

Express courier

Urgent delivery within 3-4 hours of urgent documents and goods weighing up to 7 kg within the city of Minsk or other large regional center. Applications are accepted: around the clock through the company's website in the "Courier Call" section, or by calling the Contact Center 154. Arrival of the courier within 1 hour from the moment of receiving the application. Additionally, a preliminary call to the addressee before delivery is possible, SMS or e-mail notification of the sender about delivery, declared value, cash on delivery (there is no shipping fee).

Advertising solutions

Belarus Post provides ample opportunities for advertising partners' businesses. There are two solutions available for business clients.

  • Advertising in the branches is focused on the flow of visitors in the postal network. Possible printed advertising on stands and in special service areas, or video advertising on monitors and terminals.
  • Mailing to mailboxes. Direct mailing of information and advertising materials to an unprepared base of potential customers (Belarusian postal subscribers). Provides flexible criteria for determining the target group of recipients. Mailing to the base of specified addresses is possible.
Additional services

This category includes the option of buying packaging with postage paid. Also, business clients of the Belarus Post can request temporary storage services at the company's warehouses, buy forms of strict reporting, any postal products (including online). There is an opportunity of renting premises, obtaining insurance services and the help of a customs representative. At the Belarus post, you can buy an electronic directory of postal codes.

Services for individuals

The category of services for individuals largely repeats the list of services for businesses, but there are also unique services and differences in the services provided in general.

Delivery of goods and cargo

Solutions for the delivery of parcels across the territory of Belarus. Standard shipment is possible for parcels up to 20 kg. For parcels that are larger in weight, it is required to use the MAX service (no more than 100 kg or 300 kg of volume weight; no more than 400x100x220 cm between large cities and no more than 250x100x150 cm within any directions in Belarus).

Financial services

Private clients of the Belarus Post can carry out postal money orders in the company's branches, as well as receive pensions and benefits, issue Belgazprombank or Belarusbank payment cards, manage Belarusbank investments, and also make any payments by bank details.

Postal items

The ability to send letters to Belarus and other countries of the world. There are several categories for national and international shipments, including the option of express delivery by EMS services to anywhere in the world.

Courier services

A similar package of courier solutions, by analogy with the same category of services for businesses. Courier call at the address is available.

Support services at home / post offices

This category includes related postal services, including filling in forms and envelopes, packaging, mail storage, mailbox rental, media subscription management, and so on.

National information system services

Belarus Post offers residents of the Republic of Belarus the service of access to state information resources through interaction with the national information system. The service includes access to the unified state register of real estate, rights to it and transactions with it, information on cases of economic insolvency (bankruptcy), a databank of social benefits and much more.

Customs broker services for individuals

Assistance in customs declaration of goods in international postal items, in respect of which additional customs operations of export, re-import and so on are required.

Online store of the Belarus Post

Goods from Belarusian manufacturers with delivery throughout the country and beyond. In total, over 14,000 items are available in popular consumer product categories. Delivery of bulky goods is possible, as well as express mail home delivery.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

Tracking service is available for all types of parcels. Registered international items have several types of designations.

  • Rx123456780BY is a small package
  • Cx123456780BY is a regular parcel
  • Ex123456780BY is an EMS departure
  • Ax123456780BY is reserved for all types of domestic shipments within Belarus

First letter is a type of delivery. Second letter and numbers diversify tracking numbers. The last two letter are related to country (Belarus – BY).

Tracking of parcels is available on the official website of the Belarus Post Office.

Time of Delivery

Delivery time within the country is the day of dispatch + 2 working days. For all other destinations, delivery takes 1 day longer.

Delivery times for standard international shipments are dispatch day + 5-10 business days. For EMC shipments, the delivery time is 3-6 business days depending on the destination.


The post of Belarus is developing in accordance with the trends of modern national postal services. It is constantly scaled up, and the main vector of development today is focused on the system of international mailings.

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