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EMS (Express Mail Service) is an international delivery service. EMS items are delivered exclusively by the air carrier, so the average delivery time for most countries is 7-10 days. EMS Ukraine is designed to provide reliable services for express mail delivery. As we know, postal services are very popular nowadays, so Ukraine EMS is one of the best options to send/receive your parcel or letter. Courier delivery and Ukraine EMS tracking are also available. Many people are fond of Internet shopping, which also adds to the popularity of postal services, so no wonder companies are trying to offer customers the best, as the sooner client receives the purchase, the sooner this person will come back again.

Types of Parcels

Sometimes any person can face a need for sending either a letter or a bigger parcel with some goods. So, Ukraine EMS has two shipping categories for customers to select from. Those are goods and documents. Nevertheless, there are some size and weight limitations. So, the maximum size of any parcel you'd like to send via Ukraine EMS shouldn't exceed 1,5 meters x 3 meters. Speaking about maximum weight, parcels heavier than 30 kilograms will not be sent. The maximum weight for documents is 1 kilogram.

EMS Wrapping

Each parcel you'd like to send via Ukraine EMS should be wrapped properly to avoid unpleasant situations. There are many types of wrapping (envelopes, boxes, etc.), so make sure wrapping corresponds to the content of your parcel. Otherwise, your parcel will not be safe, so it's better to wrap it properly to avoid any damages throughout the way. EMS parcels will not be sent if the wrapping is damaged, dirty, or lacking the KYIV EMS logo.

How to Receive a Parcel

If someone has sent a parcel for you, and you want to get it, it's super easy. All you have to do is to go to the post office, present your passport (or any other document) and get your parcel. Courier services are also available, so you can even get your parcel without going anywhere. It's quite convenient, isn't it?

If a Parcel is Lost

Delivering parcels is not as easy as it seems, so no wonder sometimes various problems may appear. The most common one is losing a parcel. Nevertheless, sometimes it is possible to find it. So, the first stage is the written application. You should give it to the EMS worker, present all the necessary documentation (your passport, cheque, and so on), and, probably, your parcel will be found. If it won't, everything will be compensated.

Forbidden Items

Any international post service has a list of forbidden items, and Ukraine EMS is not an exception. Such items are forbidden because they are dangerous (for the receiver or people around), so let's have a look at the full list of forbidden items:

  1. Weapons of all types (guns, knives, stilettos, and so on).
  2. Explosive, flammable or other dangerous substances, unless otherwise stated by law.
  3. Drugs, psychotropic substances, radioactive substances.
  4. Weapon permits, employment records, military IDs, identity documents (except for passports of citizens of Ukraine for travel abroad).
  5. Any other items prohibited to be imported by the laws and regulations of the Universal Postal Union.
  6. Alive animals.

If items and substances prohibited for shipment are found in international postal items, their seizure shall be carried out following the procedure established by law.

Ukraine EMS Average Delivery Time

Delivery time may be different, as it depends on the destination. As a rule, the average delivery time is 7-10 business days (for all countries available), but in some cases the parcel may be delivered the next day or in two or three business days (if the destination is not remote). Please pay attention to the list of countries that are not currently available:

  • Libya
  • Vanuatu
  • Samoa
  • Tonga (Kingdom)
  • Fiji
  • Iraq
  • Guatemala
  • Yemen
  • Myanmar
  • Nauru
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Haiti

Delivery to any other country is possible. Please note that a parcel is kept for 14 days in a post office for free, and after this, you'll have to pay extra money for keeping it.

Ukraine EMS Tracking Number Peculiarities

A tracking number is a unique number each parcel gets. Using this number, one can check the location of a parcel at any time. It's very easy to use Ukraine EMS tracking number, as all you have to do is insert your number in a special field on the official website and voila - you can track Ukraine EMS parcel and get to know all the details about its current status and location.

So, Ukraine EMS tracking number usually consists of two letters at the very beginning, followed by nine digits and two letters UA (Ukraine). Here are several examples of how it may look like:

  • EZ234675910UA;
  • ES543875001UA;
  • EB541238760UA;
  • EX912432876UA.

How to Calculate the Price

If you don't understand how much you'll be obliged to pay to send your parcel, you can utilize a price calculator on the Ukraine EMS official website. Using this tool, you will get to know the sum of money you'll have to pay in a few seconds. All you have to do is to fill in the country/region you are going to send from and destination country region. Besides, you'll have to insert the weight of your parcel. This tool is a really helpful one, especially if you are going to use Ukraine EMS service for the first time.

Customer Support Department

If you are facing any difficulties sending your parcel via Ukraine EMS, you can contact the customer support team, and qualified professionals will make everything clear for you. Besides, on the Ukraine EMS official website, one can find lots of information about tariffs, various tracking options (for example, if you want to track your parcel using another country's website), and up-to-date news.

So, browse the official website and you will probably find the solution by yourself. If it's problematic for you, you can call the hotline and ask whatever you are interested in. You can also send an e-mail, or use a special contact form on the website, but be ready to wait for a response for some time. So, if your problem is urgent, calling hotline is the best decision.

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