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Posta Romana was founded in 1991 and now is still providing various services for sending letters, parcels, as well as for money transfers. In 1998 Posta Romana has become a national company. Nowadays, this is the only company providing postal services in Romania. Let's have a look at the services this company offers.

Letters and Postcards

There are many services for sending letters and postcards nationally and internationally.

  1. National letter mail service. It is possible to send written, types, or printed materials via this service (postcards, letters, aerograms). This service doesn't include tracking, so if you want to watch your package you have to choose the "Insured Mail" additional service.
  2. Cash-on-delivery national/international letter mail service. The recipient should pay the value of goods, and after this he/she will get the parcel. Tracking is provided. The delivery via this service usually takes up to ten days.
  3. International letter mail service. This service is the same as the national mail service. It is possible to select "Insured Mail" if you want to monitor your parcel. Besides, if you have chosen this additional service, you will get compensation if your item is lost. The weight limit is 2 kilograms.
  4. International priority small packages with A.R. (acknowledge of receipt). It is possible to send goods with/without commercial value to numerous destinations around the globe. The minimum size is 90 x 140 mm, the maximum weight is 2 kilograms. There is also the value limit, that equals 100 lei.

Books, Newspapers and Magazines

National Printed Papers

One can send newspapers, books, and periodicals nationally via this service. Such materials can be sent in a non-priority system exclusively. Delivery directly to the mailbox is not available. The maximum weight is 2 kilograms. The delivery usually takes up to 5 days.

National Cecogram Items

It is possible to send items that consist of sign records or cecographic signs are sent via this service. The maximum weight per parcel is 7 kilograms. The delivery will not take more than 5 days.

International Printed Items

Postal items that consist of periodicals, books, maps, catalogs, musical scores, can all be sent via International Printed Items service. There are a priority and non-priority mail items, which influence the delivery time. It takes 3-4 days to deliver priority packages. They are given a special blue label stating "Priority". As for non-priority ones, it takes up to 6 days to deliver those. Additional services include item insurance and personal delivery. The maximum weight per item is 2 kilograms.

International M Bag

International M Babs is the service that makes it possible to send packages that contain all types of printed documents (like newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and so on). So, the parcel may contain all of those materials. The weight limit is 20 kilograms for outbound international mail and 30 kilograms for inbound international mail. The delivery takes up to 3 days.


National/international Postal Parcels

Those using this service can send parcels either domestically or internationally quickly and affordably. Priority delivery is not available for national service, while for international delivery it may be chosen. It is possible to send goods of all types (except for prohibited goods). It is possible to track Posta Romana parcels based on commercial agreement. Additional services include parcel insurance, content protection (if it is fragile), and personal delivery. International delivery in priority regime takes 3 days, and 5 days for non-priority.

Cash-on-Delivery Parcels

You can send postal parcels anywhere in Romania or internationally, and the addressee will pay the value of the goods before getting those. The weight limit is 31.5 kilograms for international parcels and 20 kilograms for domestic ones. Additional services include content protection, personal delivery, and acknowledgment of receipt.

Express Services

Prioripost - Express Service

This service is used both for parcels and documents. Items sent via this service reach the destination within 12-24 hours (nationally only).

Luxury Post Express

Customers who want to send items of big importance (gifts of all types) nationally choose this service most often. Door-to-door delivery is available for this service. This service is available on working days only.

Express Plus

This service is mostly used by financial or private institutions for document delivery (nationally). Items are usually delivered the same day or the next day, so this service is a really quick one.


This is an ultrafast door-to-door service of collection, transport, and delivery within/between the 41 county seats. Posta Romana tracking is provided. As for delivery time, it takes 4-24 hours to deliver goods (depending on destination). The maximum weight is 30 kilograms.

International EMS Delivery

There are more than 100 countries accessible, so the tariffs, as well as weight/size limits, depend on the destination country. It is possible to monitor all parcels using the Posta Romana tracking number.

Posta Romana Tracking Number Peculiarities

Posta Romana tracking number is used if a sender/receiver wants to be aware of the current location and status of a package. It is composed of letters and digits. Here are several examples:

  • RA634852228RO - small registered packages (the initial letter R - registered);
  • CD432765907RO - parcels of a total weight less than 20 kilograms;
  • EE436790218RO - EMS parcels.

Posta Romana Average Delivery Time

There are many services available, so delivery time is different for all of them. For express services, it may take from several hours to several days to deliver a parcel/letter. Those who choose non-priority services will have to wait a little longer. As a rule, delivery via Posta Romana to any destination around the globe takes up to 1-1.5 weeks.

Posta Romana Customer Support Department

On the Posta Romana official website, there are many frequently asked questions for those facing some difficulties, so you can have a look at those before calling the customer support team. If you are unable to find a solution by yourself, you can write an email or call the support team. Besides, there are two special sections for domestic and international complaints on the website, so you can freely use those.

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