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MailAmericas is a private postal operator that provides postal services in Latin America. It belongs to the Universal Postal Union since 2000. This company encourages teamwork, cooperating with more than sixty postal operators nowadays, including Correos de Chile, Sepomes de Mexico, Correos del Ecuador, and more. Mail Americas takes part in the most significant Cross Border Mail events to keep pace with the newest trends and innovations. The company works in more than 60 states and can deliver both parcels and letters to any European city, to Asia, America, and Africa.

MailAmericas Services

MailAmericas offers its customers traditional postal services, specializing in shipping cargoes and parcels to Latin America. If you are looking for fast delivery, you may select the express services offered by this company. Those eager to save money are welcome to use ordinary delivery, but it will take a little bit longer. The main benefit of this company is that there are no fees for additional services, so the client pays only for delivery.

Solutions for e-Commerce

MailAmericas is working for the e-commerce industry, offering different cross-border solutions for parcel delivery. e-commerce service is one of the most popular services provided by MailAmericas, as nowadays many people are into Internet shopping, so there is a need for transporting goods.

Distribution of Printed Material

MailAmericas provides different options for printed materials distribution (mainly domestically). This service is used by companies mostly, as it makes it possible to deliver various printed materials (especially for advertising), including brochures, catalogs, magazines, newspapers.

Air Conveyance

MailAmericas customers are welcome to select the most convenient Air Conveyance solutions for international shipping. The list of customers of this company includes Joom, TopTop, Tiendamia, Wish, MercadoLible, AliExpress, Bang good, Linio, and more. There are many countries accessible.

MailAmericas Warehouses

MailAmericas has a network of warehouses around the globe, which makes it possible to guarantee safe storage of goods and quick sending to the addressee. All warehouses are properly equipped. MailAmericas warehouses are located in Chicago, Mexico, Poland, London, New York, Warsaw, Colombia, Hong Kong, Miami, and more.

So, companies around the globe may use MailAmericas warehouses to store goods and easily transport them to buyers.

Possible Problems

Sometimes people face difficulties using postal services, especially if they are not experienced enough. So, let's have a look at some problems and questions people are interested in most often.

  1. I can't check the status of my parcel. All you have to do to check the status of your parcel is to insert your tracking number in the corresponding field on the official website. If you have some problems with it, check whether it is correct.
  2. My package is at Customs for a while. There is nothing to worry about, as there may be additional control. This is a normal process. If something is wrong with it, you will be informed about it.
  3. How many delivery attempts there will be? The number of delivery attempts depends on the service contracted by the seller.
  4. How to change the package address? It is impossible to change the address of the delivery, so check it twice when entering the delivery address, as otherwise you may not get your parcel.
  5. The package is delivered, but I did not receive it. The only way to solve this problem is to contact the company and present some proof that your parcel is delivered, but you don't have it.
  6. What to do if my parcel is lost? You should contact the seller and think of possible solutions together.

MailAmericas Tracking Number Peculiarities

MailAmericas is proud of using the newest technologies in tracking. MailAmericas tracking allows customers to check parcels at any time. You can easily track your package by entering your tracking number in the "Tracking" field on the MailAmericas official website. So, it is possible to track and trace parcels anytime and from anywhere. MailAmericas tracking number consists of letters and numbers between 15 and 40 digit long shown on your MailAmericas receipt. A tracking number is usually similar to the barcode. Here are several examples:

  • RZ063527601MH;
  • RZ070177367MH.

If you don't have access to the tracking number, you can still track your shipment online using the reference number assigned to your shipment.

Why Use MailAmericas Tracking

There are several reasons to buy a tracking number for your parcel. The first reason to use it is security, as you will always know the current location of your parcel. That means if there is any disruption in the delivery service, it will be noticed on the tracking system. If your parcel is lost, you will get compensation, as your insurance will cover it. Using MailAmericas tracking, you will not have to hope your parcel will arrive, you will be sure of it. That's why people tend to use tracking.

MailAmericas Average Delivery Time

Package delivery depends on several factors. The first and the most important factor is the service you have selected (express or ordinary one). Speaking about domestic deliveries, they usually take a day or two, but customers usually have to wait longer for international parcels. Top factors influencing the delivery time include the distance from the origin country, service disruptions and delays, and customs delays. If you want to use MailAmericas tracking, it may add to the price, but it won't influence the speed.

While disruptions are rare, they can occur for several reasons depending on where the package originates. An outbreak of viruses, for example, can slow delivery considerably if it is present from the area of origin which restricts travel.

MailAmericas Customer Support

If you need help with sending or receiving a parcel, you can call the company to get help. Besides, you may have a look at the help desk presented on the official website, as it contains many questions that are already answered. It is also possible to track MailAmericas parcels on the website. Also, you can have a look at the full list of the company's warehouses, its partners, and customers, so have a look at the website before calling the support team, and you will probably manage to cope with your problem by yourself.

MailAmericas Reviews

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Comprei a a mais de mês.... Não atualiza o status de entrega e ainda por cima remarcaram para mais de 8 dias.
12/22/232:17 PM
Not delivered yet
Nidia Isabel
11/25/234:47 AM
Mal servicio, dice que llegaron mis paquetes y es mentira, no dan frazón no se puede uno contactar con nadie, se siente uno robado. pesimo servicio, fue la primera vez que compré con @shopie, compré 3 artículos me llegó el primero super bien y los otros dos me los enviaron por esta mala compañía y a la fecha dicen que ya fue entregado y es mentira y no le dan a uno razón de nada ni comprueban nada.
Not delivered yet
Our user
10/19/239:59 PM
Not delivered yet
Our user
9/24/237:33 AM
9/6/2312:43 AM
Mail Americas claims parcel delivery, but I never received it. They specify delivery time, which I was home for, but no courier came. My complex's security confirms no one arrived. Similar issue with another parcel, no response from the company. Other carriers delivered parcels to my address without issue. This company seems problematic. They also do not respond to the application and do not explain anything.
Not delivered yet
6/22/237:37 PM
No hecrecibido mi paquete y el tracking lo pone como DELIVERED y no es cierto
Not delivered yet
Luis Eduardo Reina
3/4/224:22 AM
No he recibido el paquete. l***[email protected]
Not delivered yet
Leonardo Suárez
2/16/221:07 PM
Entro a la página para hacer seguimiento al paquete, no hay claridad de donde se encuentra. Sólo sale "retenido hasta pagar impuestos", pero no especifica donde, que toca pagar ni algún contacto para recibir información. El paquete debería llegar en dos días, y lleva más de un mes en el país pero sin ningún cambio ni información.
Not delivered yet
1/26/2212:53 AM
Not delivered yet
Andrés Rey
12/23/214:10 AM
My package hasn't been delivered yet. I've been waiting for 1 month and in this moment, the package is not delivered yet
Not delivered yet
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