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Lithuania Post is the largest provider of all types of postal services in Lithuania. Each month, about 800,000 people use the services of this company. Besides, Lithuania Post also offers financial and courier services. Sometimes people face difficulties choosing service to suit their needs, so let's make everything clear about Lithuania Post services.

Letter-Post Items

All parcels with a total weight of fewer than 2 kilograms are treated as letter-post items. It's possible to deliver such parcels both in Lithuania and overseas.


If the item you are going to send is of huge importance, you may use insurance and get compensation if something goes wrong. The sum of money you will get for compensation equals the total value of a parcel and postage. This service can be used when sending both domestic and international parcels (registered ones).

Size and weight restrictions

There are two formats of letter-post items: small and large ones. For small letter-post items, a parcel shouldn't exceed 500g. Besides, such parcel shouldn't be more than 20mm in height, 381mm in length, and 305mm in width. As for large letter-post items, the maximum weight is 2 kilograms, and the parcel shouldn't exceed 900mm.

Priority and non-priority items

There are two delivery options one can choose from - priority and non-priority. The first difference between them is rapidity. Priority items always reach the destination much quicker. The envelopes are marked with the "Priority" sign, it's possible to buy those at any Lithuania post office.

Registered and non-registered items

According to the client's needs, it's possible to send either registered or non-registered items. Registered items are delivered directly to the receiver, while non-registered are delivered in the mailbox. International items are always registered.


Lithuania Post allows its customers to send not only letters but also various goods, both domestic and international. As well as letter-postal items, parcels may be insured against various accidents (sometimes parcels are damaged or lost). The maximum sum of money one can get as compensation is approximately one thousand euros. It's better to make sure your packing materials are good and there won't be any problems because of improper packaging. Pay attention that the value of compensation will never exceed the value of a parcel itself. Speaking about weight and size limitations, the maximum weight is 30 kilograms. As for the size, it may be different in different countries.

Courier Mail Services

Courier mail service makes it possible to deliver parcels in 24 hours to Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, and more. Items are sent the next day, so this service is one of the quickest offered by Lithuania Post. Courier mail service can be used both by private and business customers, internationally and domestically.


LP EXPRESS is a self-parcel terminal that makes it possible for customers to send and receive parcels at any time in one of the terminals. Here are the top features of this service:

  • items can be collected 24/7;
  • terminals are installed in convenient easily accessible places;
  • the price depends on parcel size;
  • video recording is used to provide safety.

Using Lithuania Post terminals, one can send items to 22 countries in Europe. The receiver will be informed about the parcel arrival via SMS. As a rule, it takes 2-4 working days to deliver parcels to European capitals and 3-6 days to deliver those to other destinations in Europe.

Printing and Enveloping Service

Lithuania Post printing and enveloping service is used by big companies mostly. This service makes it possible to deliver any documents to the addressee quickly. So, all the documents are printed using laser printers. Besides, such elements, as barcodes, graphic elements, and so on can also be printed. It is possible to choose either full-color or black and white format. After being printed, the documents are put into envelopes (it's possible to print any information you like on the envelopes). This service is used for delivering bills, payment vouchers, statements, etc.

Advertising Services

Addressed direct mail

Addressed direct mail is the service that makes it possible for companies and individuals to deliver books, samples, catalogs, and so on. Companies often use this service for sending advertising to attract new customers.

International direct mail

This service is used for marketing and advertising only. It is possible to send items to Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, and many other European countries.

Speaking about weight limits, the maximum weight per one item is 2 kilograms. One should sign a contract to be able to use this service.

Lithuania Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

Tracking is the easiest way to monitor your parcel. It's quick and easy, as all you have to do is to use your Lithuania Post tracking number. The only thing you should do is visit the official website of the company and use a tracking tool. You simply insert the tracking number and get to know all the current information about the delivery. Lithuania post tracking number looks like this:

  • RA743375932LT;
  • RA654398223LT;
  • RA549933220LT.

Lithuania Post Average Delivery Time

Domestic letters and parcels reach destinations much quicker than international ones. Sending goods domestically, one can even expect delivery the next business day, while it takes longer for international parcels to reach the destination. LP EXPRESS is the most rapid service, as it takes 3-6 days to reach any destination in Europe. Speaking about other services, the delivery time may differ depending on the destination country. It usually takes 3-45 business days.

Lithuania Post Customer Support Service

Lithuania post official website is a helpful source of information if you are facing any problems or just want to track Lithuania Post parcel. But what to do if you are unable to cope with your problem by yourself? Just contact the customer support team and you will get to know all the information and details you are looking for. You can also contact the company via an e-mail, be it will take longer to get an answer.

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What are you Döring with my package? Im waiting for 21 days now!
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Never delivers parcel. Never.
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They received my package on 18.11.2021. Today is 15.1.2022 and still no word of them
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