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Korea Post is the national postal company of South Korea. Korea Post provides various services, including postal and insurance services. Headquartered in Sejong City, it has two divisions with four bureaus. Besides, the company has offices in Jeonnam, Jeongbuk, Kangwon, Busan, Chungcheong. There are more than 3,500 post offices throughout the country. So, let's get to know more about the services offered by Korea Post.

Korea Post Postal Services

Korea Post offers a variety of postal services to suit people's needs, including such services, as Hybrid Mail, Greeting Cards, Stamps, and some extra services.

Hybrid Mail

This service is a quick and easy way to send letters to various destinations. Letters delivered via Hybrid Mail usually reach the destination in no more than 4 working days. From mail production to final delivery - Korea Post will take care of everything.

Greeting Cards

Korea Post offers those who love greeting cards to create their own ones. You can choose any design you like and send unique greeting cards to your loved ones.


It is possible to order all types of Korean postal stamps. This service is loved by stamp collectors, as it includes door-to-door delivery. The additional information about stamps is also provided, like a history of this or that stamp and some interesting stories about stamps manufacture. Those who would like to print stamps by themselves have such an option as well. The person should pay for the stamp and then get it via the Internet.

Extra Services

  • Direct Cash Registered Delivery;
  • Change of Address;
  • Korea Post tracking;
  • Delivery Proof Service.

Customized Services

As it was previously mentioned, one can create greeting cards of a unique design. Moreover, it's even possible to create postcards with your own photos or drawings. Besides, you can create unique postage stamps with your photos or photos of your loved ones. This service may be useful for companies as well, as company logos, advertisements can also be used while creating postage stamps.


Choosing Korea Post shipping, one will enjoy quick delivery and all shipping information. This service (and the support team, if you need some help) is available 24 hours a day. You can order a pick-up service and Korea Post workers will come to your home or work to get your parcel. The delivery time for this service is usually one day and about three days if a destination is remote. The weight limit for this service is 30 kilograms, and the size of your parcel shouldn't exceed 160cm. Dangerous or fragile items will not be accepted.

Express Mail Service

Express Mail Service is the usual choice of those who want to deliver parcels, letters, and documents abroad. There is a special agreement between Korea Post and other countries' posts, so this service is considered to be one of the fastest. There are 143 countries accessible. There is also EMS Time Certain Service. This service delivers goods to nearby destinations the next day. As for delivery time for a standard EMS service, it usually takes 2-5 days for a parcel to reach a destination (if there's no need for customs clearance). It will take extra time for mails that require customs clearance. Korea Post tracking is available for this service. All you have to do to get to know current information about your package is enter the barcode on a "Tracking" page.

Mail Services

  • Mail services provided by Korea Post include Email service and Short Message Service.
  • Email service provides such options, as composing, reading, and confirming your mail.
  • Short Message Service (SMS) allows customers to send messages via the Internet.

Smart Phone Service

This service makes it possible for Korea Post customers to get all the necessary information and solve many problems via their mobile gadgets. Let's have a look at what is offered.

  1. Oversea delivery.
  2. Tailored postcard.
  3. Shopping.
  4. Flower delivery.
  5. Parcel delivery.
  6. EMS.
  7. Tracking.
  8. Post-office finding.
  9. Pick-up service.
  10. Zip code search and more.

Smartphone service is accessible for Windows Mobile, Mobile Web, Android, iPhone.

Korea Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

Korea Post tracking is a nice opportunity for every customer to watch the package all way long. It is very easy to utilize this service, as all you have to do is to use a unique tracking number (the one you get from the sender). So, you insert this number in a corresponding field on the Korea Post official website and get to know all the up-to-date information about your package. Sometimes there may be some delays (for example, a parcel may get stuck in customs, etc.), and you will be able to control everything via Korea Post tracking. As a rule, Korea Post tracking number looks like this:

  • RT452846392KR - for small packages;
  • CA398665571KR - for parcels;
  • EE932745821KR - for express deliveries.

Korea Post Average Delivery Time

The delivery time may not be the same, as it depends on the type and weight of your package and on the destination. Some packages may be delivered within the shortest time limits (for example, those sent via express service), while the others need much more time. The delivery time differs greatly, so it may take from 1 day to 30 days. Let's have a look at how long it takes to deliver goods and parcels to some destinations.

  • Taiwan - 12 days;
  • Colombia - 5 days;
  • Sri Lanka - 19 days;
  • Poland - 15 days;
  • Italy - 23 days;
  • Spain - 16 days;
  • Switzerland - 22 days.

Korea Post Customer Support Department

Sometimes people face various problems using modern postal services. The easiest way to solve all of those at once is to contact a customer support team. You can contact the Korea Post support team either via phone or by using their email. It's better to call the company if your problem is an urgent one, as you may wait for the response for several days if decided to write an email. If you just need to calculate how long it will take to deliver a parcel to this or that destination, you can simply use a delivery day and price calculator you can find on the official website.

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