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Indonesia Post is the state-owned company providing various postal services in Indonesia. The company became state-owned in 1961. Indonesia Post cooperates with different transportation companies, like ship, bus, and airplane operators, providing services in approximately 17,000 islands throughout Indonesia. So, let's focus on postal services Indonesian Post offers its customers.

Domestic Services

The list of Indonesia Post domestic services includes both courier and logistics services. The courier ones include:

  • Pos Express;
  • Standard Service;
  • Pos Kilat Khusus;
  • Q9 Sameday Service;
  • Economic Jumbo Post;
  • Q-Comm.

Pos Express

This service can be used for sending documents, packages, and letters throughout Indonesia. Pos Express is one of the fastest services offered by Indonesia Post, as the delivery usually takes just one business day. Insurance is also provided, so you will get compensation if your item is lost. Indonesia Post tracking is available. Speaking about the size and weight limits, the package shouldn't weight more than 50 kilograms, and shouldn't be bigger than 400 cm (width + height). The package is delivered to the recipient's address directly.

Standard Service

This service is a little bit slower than the previous one. It's possible to send/receive both documents/letters and goods. The maximum weight for letters sent via this service is 2 kilograms, and 20 kilograms for packages. The delivery time may be different, depending on the destination. It's possible to pay both via credit card or in cash.

Pos Kilat Khusus

This service is available in all Pos Indonesia branches throughout Indonesia. It's possible to use it to send letters and packages. Insurance and Indonesia Post tracking are included. The maximum weight is 50 kilograms. It may take from 2 to 9 days to deliver a package.

Q9 Sameday Service

Speed, safety, and practicality are what people are looking for when choosing postal services. Q9 Sameday Service makes it possible for customers to deliver goods/documents the same day. The maximum time limit is 9 hours. This service is available on Java Island only. Speaking about price, it depends on the weight of a package (the maximum weight is 2 kilograms).

Economic Jumbo Post

The minimum weight of a package is 3 kilograms, the maximum is 30 kilograms. Those choosing this service are welcome to watch packages at any time using Indonesia Post tracking and will get compensation if a package is lost.


Q-Comm makes it easy for online businessmen to send goods easily and quickly. This service is available on Java Island only. This service is an automatic one, so customers no longer have to waste time in queues. Everything is done online, from booking to receipt. The maximum weight is 5 kilograms.


Domestic logistic services offered by Indonesia Post include Warehouse and Freight Forwarding.


This service is mostly used by companies (webshops, etc.) looking for storage. Those using Indonesia Post warehouses can check the status and condition of goods at any time. Various goods can be stored in warehouses, except for forbidden items.

Freight Forwarding

It is possible to transport packages both by air and by sea to all areas in Indonesia. There are two services one can choose from:

  1. International Air Freight. This cost-effective service makes it possible to send goods to different areas with direct or consolidated air transportation modes. You can also watch every status change using the Indonesia Post tracking number.
  2. International Ocean Freight. You won't have to pay too much for this service, as its main focus is affordability. Various sea transportation modes are used to deliver packages within short time limits. It's also possible to track Indonesia Post parcels at any time, as tracking is included in this service.

International Services

Indonesia Post provides options for sending goods not only domestically but also internationally. So, let's have a look at international services one can use.

  • Express Mail Service. This service is one of the fastest services offered by Indonesia Post. The delivery usually takes from 3 to 5 business days (depending on destination). The weight limit is 30 kilograms. Tracking is available.
  • Pos Export. Using this service, one will have to wait for 4-8 working days for the parcel to be delivered. The maximum weight for a parcel to be accepted is 300 kilograms. If a parcel is lost, it will be compensated (the compensation won't be higher than the actual price of an item).
  • International Air Parcel. The delivery takes up to 10 days (6-10), and the weight limit is 30 kilograms. Indonesia Post tracking is available.
  • International Registered. This service is usually used for documents. The maximum weight is 2 kilograms. The delivery takes 6-10 business days (if there are any delays, you will be informed about it).
  • ePacket. ePacket is used for document transportation as well. The maximum weight of a parcel is 2 kilograms. Choosing this service, you'll have to wait for a parcel to be delivered for up to 10 working days. During this time, you'll be able to check the location of your delivery at any time using tracking.
  • International Surface Parcel. For this service, tracking and compensation are not provided. The delivery takes up to 10 business days.
  • International Air Mail. This is a delivery service for merchandise with an average delivery time from 30 to 90 business days. The weight limit is 20 kilograms, tracking is available.

Indonesia Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

As it was previously mentioned, a majority of services offered by the Indonesia Post include tracking. So, what should one do to check the current status and location of a package? It's very simple, as all you have to do is to insert a tracking number in a corresponding field on an Indonesia Post official website. As a rule, Indonesia Post tracking number starts with two letters, followed by nine digits and ends with another two letters. It looks like this:

  • CP548321174ID;
  • EE875443920ID;
  • CP645926405ID.

Having entered your tracking number, you will immediately get to know the current status of your shipment and all the necessary details.

Indonesia Post Average Delivery Time

Understandably, all customers of postal services want their goods or letters to be delivered as soon as possible. In fact, the delivery time depends on such factors, as the service you have selected (either it's an express service or ordinary one) and destination. Within Indonesia, it may take just a few days for an item to be delivered, while delivery to remote areas may take a month or even more.

Customer Support Department

All people make mistakes sometimes, so if you are facing any difficulties utilizing Indonesia Post services or need some help, you can always contact customer support. There are several options for you to choose from: you can call the company, write an e-mail, or simply use live chat on the official website.

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