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Deutsche Post DHL is the largest German group of companies that provides logistics postal services. Deutsche Post network covers more than 200 countries (about 120 thousand cities). Its scope of activity is domestic and international delivery of letters and parcels. Total profitability is over 63 billion euros as of 2019. The staff is about 550 thousand employees. It has an air fleet of 260 aircraft, as well as more than 100 land vehicles.

The headquarters is located in Bonn. The group of companies has three main structural divisions:

  • Germany / Europe, with innovation center in Troisdorf and main hub in Leipzig;
  • USA, with innovation center in Chicago and main hub in Cincinnati;
  • Asia Pacific, with innovation center in Singapore and main hub in Hong Kong.

Deutsche Post DHL aims to bring together people and markets around the world to ensure international trade. The company strives to provide the best service possible, to be the main choice for every client and investor. Today, the main focus of activities is the further scaling of the main logistics divisions, the implementation of a complete digital transformation and the gradual reduction of environmental damage while providing services. Deutsche Post DHL intends to achieve zero waste levels by 2050.


Deutsche Post DHL Group includes two main brands:

  • German Post provides postal services in Europe (market leader);
  • DHL covers a wide range of international cargo delivery services of any scale, express delivery and development of logistics solutions.

Now we’ll tell in more detail about each of the brands.

Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post is the largest postal service provider in Europe and the market leader in postal services in Germany. The company's portfolio includes delivery of mail and parcels, secure electronic communications, dialogue marketing for private and corporate clients. Deutschepost is a pioneer and innovator in the field of postal technologies, carbon-neutral transport solutions and logistics solutions for e-commerce.


DHL focuses on international logistics. The company provides delivery services for parcels and correspondence around the world, providing electronic delivery solutions, express transportation by sea, road and air, the development of supply chains. DHL provides specialized solutions for technology, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing and energy, automobiles, and retail.


The structure of services and divisions of the company group is much broader at the same time. It contains five structure divisions:

  • Post & Parcel Germany;
  • Express;
  • Global Forwarding, Freight;
  • Supply Chain;
  • eCommerce Solutions

We highlighted the basic information about each of them.

Post & Parcel Germany

Post & Parcel Germany delivers letters and parcels throughout Germany and Europe. The activities of this department include the following areas:

  • Business Mail: correspondence delivery services for businesses, including B2B and B2C sectors;
  • Dialogue Marketing: direct mail marketing services to help build customer relationships and find your target audience;
  • Packet: help in delivering light packages by international mail.

The company delivers about 55 million letters and 5 million parcels per day. The staff has a little less than 200 thousand employees. The department has at its disposal about 61 thousand cars and 27 thousand bicycles.


Door-to-door express delivery services for documents and goods worldwide. The division is active in 220 countries and employs about 105 thousand people. It owns 260 aircraft that deliver cargo worldwide. The department serves 2.7 million users. In addition to the 3 main hubs, it has more than 84 thousand service points around the world. More than 36 thousand cars are the company's land fleet.

The main product is Time Definite International (TDI). This is a delivery of items at a predetermined time. The company guarantees high accuracy of delivery due to experience in customs activities. There’s also Day Definite and Same Day products to choose.

This also includes niche units. For example, the healthcare sector is served by Medical Express. This department ensures the delivery of goods in accordance with relevant safety requirements. It is Medical Express that has the set of delivery tools, for example, donor organs safely.

Global Forwarding, Freight

The department is engaged in air, sea and land forwarding escort, including standard, multimodal and industry solutions. Work with individual industrial projects is possible. The business model is based on brokerage transport services between customers and freight carriers. Performance is determined by the worldwide presence of the company. The staff of this unit is about 45 thousand people.

Global Forwarding products and services include:

  • Air & Ocean freight;
  • Large-scale logistics;
  • Transport management;
  • Customs clearance.

Freight Services are:

  • Full truck load / Part truck load;
  • Less than truckload;
  • Intermodal transport;
  • Customs clearance.

Supply Chain

The company pays particular attention to supply chain optimization. This helps customers receive goods and packages faster. The security level is also increasing. The department includes several areas of work:

  • Warehousing;
  • transportation;
  • Lead Logistics Partner (LLP);
  • real estate solutions;
  • logistics services;
  • packaging;
  • electronic supplies.

The company develops integrated solutions for businesses, taking into account all aspects of a single task. Customers are guaranteed easy integration of all standard tools into internal processes.

Almost 160 thousand employees are involved in the work of this department. It is interesting to note that the total area of ​​personal or rented warehouses of the company is 12.5 million square meters.

E-commerce Solutions

International shipping services for the e-commerce sector. This is the newest department, and the company makes a big bet on it, taking into account the emphasis on technologicalization. The main focus is the delivery of packages of the last mile, which is relevant for the United States and parts of Europe and Asia. It also deals with cross-border services not related to TDI with a focus on Europe.

The department operates in 30 countries. A total of 67 thousand customer service points are available. The staffing division is nearly 35 thousand employees. The operating flow is over 1 billion international parcels per year.

Samples of Deutsche Post DHL Delivery Products

The company is characterized by a wide range of services. The company is characterized by a wide range of services in different directions. We have collected the most popular products of their various divisions to create a brief description and illustrate how to track a package from Germany.

Deutsche Post

Brief/Postkarte Deutsche Post International: letters and parcels for sending written correspondence and documents. Sizes: from 14-23.5 x 9-12.5 x 0.5 cm and up to 20 grams (Standard, 1.10 Euro) to the sum of the sides up to 90 cm, 14 cm wide and 9 cm high, up to 2 kg (Maxi, 17 euros). Priority delivery (by air). Cost from 0.75 to 16.9 Euro. Tracking is not available.

Einschreiben International: registered letter with Deutsche Post tracking, + 3.5 euros.

DHL International

DHL Päckchen International is a small package for shipping small goods weighing up to 2000. The maximum shipping dimensions for the sum of three dimensions (LxWxH) are 90 cm, and the length should not exceed 60 cm, max. the mass is 2000 grams. Delivering is priority (by air). Shipping costs from 15.9 Euro.

DHL Paket International is an international postal product with delivery options to more than 210 countries. Maximum dimensions of the shipment (LxWxH): 120 x 60 x 60 cm, max. weight - 31.5 kg. Delivering is priority (by air). Shipping cost depends on the area of the country. DHL Germany tracking and insurance up to 215 euros (depending on the weight of the package) is included in the shipping cost.

DHL Paket International Premium is the same as DHL Paket International, but with additional features. This is about expedited shipping and insurance for 500 euros, included in the cost of delivery. This service is paid extra.

Examples of DHL paket international tracking numbers:

  • Rx123456789DE - small packages up to 2 kg;
  • Cx123456789DE - parcels 2-20 kg;
  • Ex123456789DE - parcels over 20 kg (up to 31.5 kg).

DHL Global Mail

DHL Global Mail is a shipping service offered by the international DHL company to its business partners in many countries around the world.

Global Mail Packet is the cheapest shipping method for shipping light and inexpensive items. The maximum dimensions of the shipment by the sum of three measurements (LxWxH) 90 cm, max weight is not more than 2 kg. Investments in the amount of not more than $ 400. DHL packet tracking is not available in all cases, usually only in the territory of the country of the exporter.

Global Mail Packet Plus is equivalent to Global Mail Packet, but contains an international tracking number and a customs clearance fee.

Global Mail Parcel Standart / Priority is a parcel service, a rather profitable and fast way to deliver various goods weighing up to 20 kg. The maximum dimensions of a shipment based on the sum of three measurements (LxWxH) are 200 cm. A tracking number is available. Example tracking number: GM12345678901234567


The range of services and structure of the Deutsche Post DHL is very large. If you look, you can put it at your service. We are talking about one of the best and most accurate services of its kind, which works in almost every corner of the planet.

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