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Bosnia And Herzegovina Post, or BH Pošta, is the national postal operator of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company is one of the country's three public postal services, along with Pošte Srpske and Hrvatska pošta Mostar, and is the largest of all here. It was founded in 1992 with the independence of Bosnia. This is one of the largest state-owned companies in the country, and in addition to postal and logistics services, it provides a number of support solutions for customers, including typical scaling products of national postal services. The company currently employs about 2,300 people. The headquarters of the company is located in Sarajevo. The history of the company begins much earlier than 1992, and this issue deserves detailed consideration.


In general, the first shoots of the postal system in the territory of modern country can be dated back to the era of the Roman Empire, because the "Roman road" ran here.

If we talk about a more organized postal service and objective publicly available information, then the beginning of local mail dates from the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, The country was a part of the Ottoman Empire, and it was the territory of this country that served as an important link in all trade and other communications between it and the West. Goods and mail were transported here almost in all directions and roads. For some countries, this direction was so strategically important that post offices of other countries appeared in Bosnia. For example, we are talking about the French Post office opened in Sarajevo in the 19th century. This office was designed to strengthen relations between France and Turkey, to improve the quality and guarantee of delivery of mail between the two countries.

It is interesting to note that the post at that time had the beginnings of autonomy because the post office of Sarajevo had an official seal with the inscription Bosna Sarai. There is evidence of this fact dating back to the early 19th century. Also, during the entire period of the Turks' rule, all mailings on the territory of these lands were carried out by merchants / carriers, which can be read by a kind of courier or partner service.

Since the second part of the same century, a private post office of the consul of Austria (consular post office) has been working in Sarajevo. Local residents have access to its services, and this led to confrontation between the department and the authorities.

The constructive growth of postal services’ system in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 19th century began when Topal Osman Pasha came to power. As a great vizier, he put a lot of effort and time into organizing an effective post throughout the Ottoman Empire, and the main the postulate of this ambitious idea was published in 1859.

The start of the construction of a national (formal) postal service in Bosnia can be dated to 1858, when the first telegraph appeared in Mostar. By the way, in Sarajevo the same place first appeared only 6 years later.

A new impetus to the development of the postal service happened with the conquer of territory by Austria-Hungary. After the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the postal and telegraph solutions received a fundamentally new structure and management, which were closely related to the wide range spheres of life and existence of Austria-Hungary. Immediately after entering of Sarajevo, a network of military post offices is being founded everywhere. At the same time, in the late 1870s, telegraph stations appeared in all more or less large settlements of the country. It is noteworthy that they all work around the clock.

By the beginning of World War I, in Bosnia, there were nearly 120 such branches. The new main post office of Sarajevo was inaugurated in 1913, and its building was recognized as an architectural masterpiece.

The post of Bosnia continued its gradual development after the devastating war, and by the start of World War 2, there were almost 200 post offices on its territory as part of Yugoslavia. At the same time, the telephone network of the country was actively developing. Some decades later, we can talk about the development of the postal service of Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the Independent State of Croatia and socialist Yugoslavia subsequently.

The history of the country's independent mail begins with Bosnia gaining independence. During the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s postal network suffered massive damage estimated at $ 900 million. The biggest symbol of this is the burning of the Main Post Office in Sarajevo by the Army of Republika Srpska on May 2, 1992, when it was completely burned down.

The local postal service here was immediately founded in 1992. She got the name BH Post. From this day on, the BH postal service in Sarajevo works independently, creating the basis of modern postal services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1993, the BH Post again became a member of the Universal Postal Union.

With the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement in 1995, which ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the post office network of the country was divided into three state operators, including the above-mentioned national postal services of Serbia and Croatia for certain territories of the country. On February 16, 1997, Postbank BH, the Post Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was established with headquarters in Sarajevo.

In 1997, in order to diversify services, it was decided to divide the company into two independent structures BH Telecom and BH Post. Since that year, for more than 20 years, the modern Bosnia and Herzegovina Post has been operating.

The 21st century is a time of active development of BH Post and entry into the space of e-services and e-products.

Company policy and principles

The company evolves taking into account the needs of the present and provides for the modernization of the existing system in an innovative manner. The business image of Bosnia Post is based on the desire to be the best and most convenient postal operator in the domestic market, as well as beyond.

The list of available services expands as requests arise and new development concepts are created. All services and products are tested and implemented carefully. Thus, the company guarantees customers the fastest delivery times and more opportunities for the implementation of each available service. For example, today there are such projects as a hybrid postal service, a sorting center, and much more. These are particles of a standard that takes Bosnia and Herzegovina's mail to the same level as the leading national companies in the world.

All post offices are equipped with modern systems, solutions and equipment. This allows you to automate mail service and speed up processes by creating a single stable information system. In addition to postal and logistics solutions, BH Post customers can rely on integrated postal and banking services.


BH Post provides a number of logistics and delivering solutions, and also a high demanded financial and business services.

Letter Services

The main category of company services, which includes the reception, sending and delivery of letters, postcards, any printed materials and parcels (that is, any compact items).

Mailings can be delivered for delivery through mailboxes, or in the offices of the BG Post. Delivery of any items to the address by postman is possible (no more than 1 kg for departure and up to 100 km distance from the post office).

Parcel Services

A parcel service includes the receipt, delivery and delivery of parcels sent to a specific addressee. The BG Post guarantees a safe delivery of parcels to private and commercial persons, and the services apply not only to the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also to foreign countries and territories.

Express Services

This category of services includes solutions that are designed to provide urgent and accurate delivery of letters, correspondence and cargo to recipients.

Express Mail Service – EMS

EMS is an expeditious delivery of goods using national and international delivery services of any type, which is also provided through an affiliate network of postal and logistics companies. One package available for dispatch should weigh no more than 31.5 kg. The maximum parcel size by the sum of the sides is 140 cm. You can send the parcel at a distance of no more than 10,000 km.

BH PostExpress

BH PostExpress is the fastest way to deliver goods and parcels throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Online delivery and pickup is available for customers. Call center specialists keep up to date on any issues.

There are several options for the delivery of goods by the degree of urgency. For example, a customer may order delivery on the same day. In this case, several solutions are available:

  • Delivery by noon on the same day with departure no later than 9am to nearby areas;
  • Delivery before 6 p.m. on the same day with delivery no later than 9 a.m. to nearby areas;
  • Next day delivery until noon.

Non-urgent solutions with delivery within 1-3 days are also possible. The maximum weight of a parcel is up to 50 kg with the sum of the lengths of the sides no more than 300 cm (up to 250 cm on either side).

Hybrid Mail Services

This category of services involves the mutual integration of traditional postal services and electronic solutions. The main service here is the ability to send a message in electronic form, which will be printed by the BG Post and delivered to the addressee in paper form. This feature is usually used to send bills, workings, bank statements, advertising, and so on. Mail offers a number of related services, including the development of a unique letter design.


The service of sending email messages, available by calling the short number 1202, in post offices or on the Internet. A message delivery service is available on a specific day, but no more than 30 days from the date of sending the application. Confidentiality guarantees are provided, and the service is open from 07:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Financial Services

A wide range of financial services for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 281 post offices of the country, including the transfer of funds, international money transfers using popular systems and payment of bills (for example, utilities).

Indoor Post Office Advertising

BG Post assists individuals and businesses in advertising goods, services, or any other promotional activities. The company provides the ability to order video ads on a network of screens. A network of screens is located in 60 post offices throughout the country.

Commercial Services

Another commercial service from the post office of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the implementation of intermediary services in trade. This is the best solution for online stores that send goods by mail, and can request payment in the opposite direction directly at the post office. Mail receives a commission for services, which can be pulled from the sender or recipient at the request of the first. A separate contract is signed for each transaction.

Philately & Shop

BG Post produces stamps and collectible philatelic items. The company sells them, and the ability to order online anywhere in the world is possible. Bosnia also sells partner products with a wide partner network (books, decor items, essentials, etc.)

Examples of tracking numbers

Bosnia and Herzegovina Post typically uses tracking numbers. Their formats are:

  • (R # *** *** *** BA)
  • (V # *** *** *** BA)
  • (A # *** *** *** BA)
  • (C # *** *** *** BA)
  • (E # *** *** *** BA)
  • (L # *** *** *** BA)

First letter is a type of delivery, # and * are random letter and numbers that makes the delivery unique, and BA means Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Delivery Time

Parcels and goods are delivered across the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina almost always the next business day. As for international shipments, a lot can depend on the partners of the company, and delivery usually takes 5-12 days within Europe, and up to 21-30 days to the rest of the world.


BG Post provides a complete package of effective solutions in the logistics and postal field of activity. They also gradually introduce electronic solutions and expand the scope of mail services, which makes it a reliable conglomerate of mail and related services.

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