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Bpost is a Belgian post company that offers both national and international services. Founded in 1974, nowadays the company provides a range of various services, aimed at satisfying all people's needs, including different electronic services, banking, postal, courier services, and so on. Bpost top features include:

  • 10,000 postmen ready to deliver packages every day
  • 98% of packages are delivered the next business day.
  • bpost is a familiar company for Belgian consumers
  • 5 sorting centers in Belgium

So, bpost is all about creating connections between people and communities, constantly trying to bring something innovative. It is not just delivery parcels, it's about providing people with the highest level of service and comfort.

Bpost is constantly on the move, implementing the newest technologies and strategies. Bpost statistics is also incredible:

  • More than seven million letters are delivered every day
  • More than twenty thousand parcels each day
  • More than two thousand service points

There are more than 30,000 employees in the company, and there are always open vacancies for those eager to build a career. There are three main directions: mail and retail, parcel and logistics North America, and parcel and logistics Europe and Asia. So, let's have a look.

E-commerce logistics

Nowadays all spheres of human life are developing rapidly, and post services are not an exception. So, bpost is trying best to keep pace with all changes to offer customers the best. The company is working on developing an e-commerce logistics supply chain. There are two subsidiaries (Leen Menken, Dynafix) helping to achieve this goal.

Cross border

As we know, there are no borders for internet shopping and E-commence. No wonder, as you can get what you want via several clicks. bpost offers customers help and support at all stages of international mail services, including transportation, sorting, and collection to and from Belgium.

International mail

International mail service is the one offering quick and cost-effective letters/documents delivery option. Choosing this service, one can be sure that the mail/parcel will be delivered just in time. The Mail Group (a bpost’s subsidiary) is responsible for providing this service.

Advertising mail

As we know, in the modern digitalized world people pay much more attention to what they see on paper. That's why a vast majority of important documents are required to be submitted in paper form. This peculiarity is widely used in advertising, so bpost offers advertising mail services for companies interested in growth and development, eager to get new customers.

Transactional mail

Transactional mail is another popular service of the company. As we know, there are many people finding it difficult to receive bills or other documentation in electronic form. For those people, bpost transactional mail is a good offer. Another aim of this service is to make it easier for big senders to inform people of their services, so the company is working on combining the mail and digital technology benefits to offer the best multi-purpose solutions.

Press distribution

This service is available in Belgium only. If you are into the printed word, you will certainly like it, as via this service bpost delivers various newspapers and magazines. Speaking about the delivery time, you will receive your morning press before 7.30 a.m. in business days.

Bpost World Express Pro

Bpost World Express Pro is the best solution if you need to send a parcel with a weight that does not exceed 30 kilograms. There are more than 220 destinations around the globe available. Speaking about the benefits of this service, it's impossible not to mention quick delivery(depending on destination):

  • 1 business day for neighboring countries
  • 1-2 business days to most EU countries
  • 2 to 5 business days to the rest of the world

Door-to-door delivery is also available.

Bpost World Business

World Business service is a standard solution for sending packages weighing up to 30 kg to an address abroad. It is possible to deliver your parcels to 220 countries and regions. The maximum length of the parcel is 3 meters.

Bpost Europe Business

Europe Business service is a nice solution for sending packages of up to 30 kg to European companies. The included extended warranty provides users with additional security. Your benefits when using this service include:

1. Fast delivery (27 European countries)

2. From 2 to 4 business days to neighboring countries (the Netherlands: D + 1; Luxembourg: D + 1; France: D + 2)

3. 3-5 business days to the rest of Europe

4. Delivery to your customer’s door

5. Maximum package weight: 30 kg

6. Maximum package size: 3m

7. Custom service

Bpost domestic delivery

Bpost is the only company in Belgium that offers 4 different delivery methods. Thus, you can always deliver your parcels in time to the place your client wishes. Bpost tracking is included in all parcel services. There are 4 delivery methods to choose from: door-to-door delivery, parcel locker, one of your shops, and collection point.

Urgent delivery

If you need an urgent delivery, there is nothing impossible. There is a bpost subsidiary called Euro-Sprinters available 24/7 for your urgent and important deliveries (Both in Belgium and in Europe). Here are the top benefits of utilizing an urgent delivery service:

  • If a destination is in Belgium, your parcel will be delivered immediately
  • It's possible to send important documents and packages from 1 g to 24 tons
  • This service is always available: 24/7, including holidays and Sundays
  • No special packaging or shipping labels required

Bpost tracking peculiarities

To get to know where your parcel is at the moment, you can use the barcode or link that bpost or the sender sent to you. You will receive it by SMS, by e-mail, by confirming a deposit or receipt from your post office, through a telephone card that your postman has left in your inbox, or by any other message from the sender. For your bpost tracking to be successful, it's important in the extreme to use a full barcode. A barcode acts as a bpost tracking number, so don't overlook it. This code is rather simple, as it consists of 24 numbers, for example:

  • 329998745632147852375873
  • 327650742037312840876043

So, it’s very easy to use the bpost track for watching your parcel.

Solving problems has never been easier

Bpost official website has many options one may consider useful if facing various difficulties. It is possible to calculate how much it will cost you to send your parcel, search your parcel via bpost tracking number, and so on. Nevertheless, if you are facing some troubles you are unable to cope with by yourself, you can always ask professional help.

You can call customer support service or write an e-mail. Nevertheless, it's better to check the "frequent questions" section before calling the company, as many people find a solution to all their problems in this section. If you want to get to know the current status of your parcel, eager to change the destination, or having some other problems connected with your parcel, check this section first of all. Besides, it is possible to download a mobile application to make the procedure of sending and receiving parcels even easier. You can also change your delivery settings, as well as find the nearest bpost offices. As you can see, it's possible to find a solution to almost all problems of yours on a website.

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send that package Antti Paukkeri Kanavanranta 12 92100 Raahe Finland
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What to say really unprofesionall
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