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Winit Carrier Info & Tips

Winit is a Chinese postal service that was founded in 2012 in Shanghai. Winit has numerous warehouses in the United States, China, Australia, Germany, and Britain. Cross-border e-commerce, logistics, financing - that's what the company's services cover. The aim of this company is to make it more convenient for buyers to get their orders, thus enhancing sellers' competitiveness in marketplaces worldwide. So, let's have a look at what this company offers.

Winit Peculiarities

Free shipping from China is a decisive argument for many buyers when choosing a store. But if the delivery is free, its price is laid down in the cost of goods already. The most common problem of shipping products from China is a long delivery time, as even direct delivery of packages from China lasts an average of 25 days.

Chinese stores often use logistics services, responsible for arranging delivery to customers. Speaking about Winit, it delivers packages from China in a little bit different way. In some cases, the company simply carries out transportation to China Post offices or arranges delivery to local branches of European postal services that deliver parcels via transit countries.

Winit Overseas Warehouses Service

As it was already mentioned, Winit has many warehouses in different countries, making it possible for sellers to sell goods easily. Let's have a look at the benefits of Winit warehouse service:

  • Legal control.
  • The strict control of customs clearance and warehousing.
  • Commodity registration, manual approval.
  • Requirements of each country are met.

Any shipping type is available, including express delivery (either by sea or by air). Winit can provide cost-effective solutions for all customers and all types of parcels, based on delivery time and destination, cargo weight and volume. You will certainly be satisfied with Winit services, as the company's ideology is to be able to tailor to people's needs.

Wanyi Chain Service

Wanyi Chain is a simple, end-to-end, trusted trading platform tailored for factories and e-commerce. Thousands of sellers and customers generate billions of sales on international e-commerce platforms every year. So, you can place your goods in the warehouse, then upload them to Wanyi Chain in one click and sell them. All transactions are online, real-time, and transparent. The main peculiarities of Wanyi Chain are the following:

  • Suppliers and commodity resources at your fingertips. Once you register a Wanyi Chain account, you will immediately see the goods of overseas warehouses on the distribution platform, which can be sold within one day, and the price is transparent.
  • Risk-free overseas inventory. The inventory is in the overseas warehouse, so you can be sure it is perfectly safe.
  • Great pictures. The supplier provides multiple clear pictures. You only need to use your strengths to convert the basic and attribute information provided by the supplier into your own description to attract customers.
  • Logistics cost calculator. You can calculate cargo logistics costs based on actual cargo volume and weight in advance.

Winit International Delivery Service

International warehouse delivery refers to the service that Winit uses its own network and logistics advantages to transfer the seller's goods from China to the designated warehouses of sellers in the United States and EU countries through transnational shipping and express transportation.

Why Choose Winit

Winit is a highly reliable company that cooperates with such world-famous platforms, like eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, TopHatter, and more. There are also numerous payment options for customers to choose from, including PayPal, Payoneer, iPayLinks. Winit guarantees its customers and partners safe and reliable warehousing and shipping.

How to Sell Goods Easily

There are only four stages to go through to sell your goods overseas easily. The first step is applying online. All you have to do is register on a registration page. Your dedicated consultant will contact you to understand your business status and company positioning and recommend you the best. Then, your account will be registered. Then you'll have to prepare your goods sticking to the regular procedure you can have a look at on the official website. Another plus of this service is visual management.

  • After being put on the shelf, you can see the real-time status of any of your goods.
  • According to demand, you can freely transfer inventory between different warehouses.
  • You can enjoy a variety of value-added services, such as replacement labels, cargo inspection, etc.

As you can see, the benefits of using this service are numerous.

Winit Tracking Number Peculiarities

Winit is a safe and reliable courier company, and this is certainly one of the best choices if you are going to buy something in a webshop. But make sure you have Winit tracking number, as you will have to use it later to watch your package on the way. Please note that parcel can get stuck at the customs for an unlimited period, which may influence the standard delivery time, so it won't be a company's fault.

All purchasers (and sometimes even sellers) want to know the current location of their parcels. With Winit track, it's easy in the extreme, as it provides the ability to watch parcels via tracking number. Using Winit tracking number, one can check the parcel at any time. Winit tracking numbers exist in four formats, here are some examples:

  • LMA 987123456732 CN;
  • LMA 783761253876 CN;
  • ID 98744362846935 CN.

Winit Average Delivery Time

Similarly to other postal services, Winit delivery time may be different. Please note that this service won't suit you if you are looking for urgent delivery, as such an option isn't offered. As a rule, delivery via Winit takes from 14 to 90 days (to the remote areas), so be ready to wait.

Winit Customer Support Department

If facing any difficulties, you can always call a consumer hotline, but pay attention to phone numbers, as they are different for different regions. Browsing an official website, you can also clarify some details.

Winit Reviews

Vitor Lopes
4/19/211:21 PM
O item chegou em perfeitas condições mas considero a entrega algo morosa 30 dias é muito tempo
Our user
11/28/2010:44 AM
Not delivered yet
Eugene V McDonald Jr.
6/17/208:45 PM
Not delivered yet
6/6/2012:32 PM
Not delivered yet
6/5/205:03 PM
Not delivered yet
Our user
4/1/209:23 PM
Not delivered yet
3/21/201:19 AM
Worst company ever !!!! 50% chance to deliver in the U.S
Not delivered yet
John Smith
3/3/206:24 AM
2 packages never made it from China to the US. Winit and Packages24 are both worthless products. They can't track anything beyond mainland china.
Not delivered yet
2/24/206:24 PM
two months later have not seen anything
Not delivered yet
2/5/202:01 AM
Everytime I order something from china and winit is the carrier package takes over a month to be delivered in the USA if that!!
Not delivered yet
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