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Wanb Express is a Chinese logistics company focused on solving cross-border e-commerce challenges. The company provides transportation of goods by road, air, rail and sea transport, provides services for safekeeping and warehouse processing, and organizes logistics services for online stores.

More than 3000 companies cooperate with Wanb Express today. The company boasts integration with over 100 retail and e-commerce markets: Wish, Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Cdiscound, among others. Partnerships with global logistics companies and payment systems are also relevant.

Wanb Express is a fairly young company, but it is deservedly among the market leaders. Among the key positive aspects of the company's activities it is worth noting:

  • high level of technical support 24/7 for all clients;
  • fast delivery times (4-6 business days most often, delivery guarantee within 7 business days);
  • functional technical solutions for online stores that help optimize processes and reduce costs;
  • real time tracking.

Wanb Express delivers goods to more than 40 countries around the world (mainly Europe and North America), but the delivery network is constantly expanding, and there are also individual solutions for customers. The company has carried out more than 50 million deliveries during its existence, and every day it carries out about 100 thousand orders.


The list of the company's services is focused on logistics solutions for online stores. Wanb Express logistics is associated with innovative solutions and cooperation with the largest trading platforms in the world. Wanb Express activities ensure the development of the latest trade trends and mechanisms.

Drop Shipping Solutions

The company delivers goods from online stores. Particular attention is paid to destinations in China. Wanb Express guarantees reliable and secure delivery of all types of authorized items within a fixed time frame worldwide. If necessary, warehouse storage services are provided due to an extensive network of warehouses in different countries of the world. In the case of storage of goods in a warehouse, the company provides all solutions for automating the distribution of goods, including assortment management, packaging, shipping, and so on.

Delivery is carried out within 7 working days on average. The main directions of delivery from China are:

  • USA (5-7 days);
  • European Union (5-7 days);
  • United Kingdom (3-5 days);
  • Brazil (15-20 days).

Wanb Express provides round-the-clock cargo service, taking into account any delivery conditions The company uses logistics mechanisms that help customers save significantly in comparison with many leaders in the express delivery market. Frequently, shipping is possible at half the price of "big name" competitors. Tracking of parcels is possible at all stages of delivery.

Cross Border Global Shipping Solutions

Providing cross-border logistics around the world. Safe and fast delivery of goods to a large number of destinations across all continents. The company provides delivery to more than 200 countries of the world with a last mile solution, provides urgent delivery within 1 working week to major destinations and allows customers to significantly save on delivery without losing quality. More than 9 out of 10 clients of the company give high marks to the service in all aspects.

Amazon FBA Shipping Solutions

Solutions for customers who use Amazon FBA services (storage of goods in the company's warehouses). The delivery service provides full escort for each cargo, which is safely delivered from the factory or factory to Amazon warehouses around the world. Cost-effective conditions for customers apply. Solutions in this area include shipping by sea, rail and air. Includes flexible solutions for re-labeling goods, as well as organizing returns.

Intelligent System

The company provides a number of technological solutions that greatly simplify the life of partners and their clients. Among the services available in this category, it is worth noting an intelligent shipment management system, which ensures the accuracy and efficiency of all processes. Also available to the user is a shipping rate calculator, a range of payment solutions, an address matching center and a user-friendly interface for tracking delivery times.

Sourcing and QC Management

Help in finding suppliers from China. A streamlined set of analytical services that will help everyone calculate the most effective delivery options, taking into account the timing, prices and scale. Customer gains access to classified information on local Chinese platform sources with low MOQ. He receives comparison reports for the plants most relevant to the task. Verification of the requirement is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the client. If necessary, each Wanb Express partner can count on support in negotiations and, as a result, on improved terms of cooperation with a high probability.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

Wanb Express provides the ability to track postal items by track number. If the seller registers the shipment, it will be assigned a tracking number. Tracking is possible from the moment of dispatch and throughout the entire route of the cargo. A variant of the tracking number for international shipment with Wanb Express services can be the following number: WNBAB2500628371YQ.


Wanb Express focuses on a somewhat limited number of areas and challenges. However, it helps them to achieve the highest quality of service with larger and more multi-focused logistics companies. Wanb Express delivers strong results for trade with China and deserves attention as a reliable partner for the delivery of goods.

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Wanb Express
Wanb Express
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Linda Hunt
8/15/235:27 PM
It's been 8 days and nothing. I'm a prome member Amazon. I even pd extra for shipping with these guys. I have no word when phg will arrive. All Amazon says is late. Tried calling this company and nope nothing. . Beware using this company.
Not delivered yet
12/16/2212:44 AM
Its horrible ordered an rc car and said it failed to deliver and trying again!
Not delivered yet
8/14/226:49 PM
No updates since "Data received" two weeks ago. Terrible, useless, disgraceful.
Not delivered yet
Janet Vanderhulst
11/21/218:37 AM
I have been expecting my parcels that have been sent to me (supposedly) on October 8th. It is now November 20th and I still haven't received my product. I have sent numerous emails to the support at Wanb Express and they haven't returned my messages. It's just pathetic.
Not delivered yet
7/8/212:10 AM
My package was scanned in as received by seller for shipment April 27, 2021, it's now July 7, 2021. There have been no updates for 71 days. For all anyone can tell me it's at the carrier facility in China still waiting to be shipped at all. Tried customer support on the carriers website ( which is in Chinese), but it doesn't work or something (hard to tell because it is in Chinese and won't translate). I've emailed, nothing back. I'd call, but I don't think the cost of that international call would make me any happier when they either can't help or can't communicate with me (and I speak 6 languages, just not any form of Chinese). This is ridiculous for the amount of S&H fees I had to pay!!! It'd be nice if you could even get a little bit of help from their site which boasts excellent 24/7 customer support....
Not delivered yet
Joni Rhodarmer
12/19/209:15 PM
Not delivered yet
8/25/207:57 PM
Please ask for information on a 9-day bangood shipment stopped in Spain.
Not delivered yet
Our user
7/25/207:35 PM
i have been waiting for 3 months for my package and when i tried to track it ,it doesnt have any updated information on it
Not delivered yet
7/8/207:52 PM
Tracking is shady and no items delivered! Worthless!
Not delivered yet
Kim lambert
6/29/203:47 AM
Waiting 2 months for my packages
Not delivered yet
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