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Only several centuries ago in order to deliver a small letter, the courier needed a whole week. Nowadays, it can be accomplished even in one day and you can track the delivery process. PostNord Sweden was founded in the 17th century.

For all this time of existence, this company has accomplished numerous shipments. With a vast knowledge and experience and provides a great number of different delivery services in order to satisfy the need of every customer. It does not matter whether you are a small enterprise, large company, eCommerce retail, or a simple customer. All shipment options are available to everyone.

PostNord Sweden Shipment Options

It does not matter whether you are sending something within Denmark and Sweden or abroad to any other country. PostNord Sweden has multiple delivery solutions, which allows couriers to cope with the most specific transportations. Each of them has its peculiarities that you should consider before choosing one. In case you cannot decide which one shipment option you need, you should not hesitate to get in touch with the customer support department.

Package Post International

If you need a simple, convenient, and not slow shipment option to an outside country, then you should consider Package Post International. Your addressee in average will have to wait up to 5 working days. If the target destination within Europe, then you may expect that package will arrive sooner. Otherwise, it may take more time for delivery. However, you should not worry as you always can check the package location by PostNord Sweden tracking number.

While preparing package it is better to check in Send Direct all available sizes and weights of the box. The minimum parameters of weight are 50g and length 60cm, which makes it suitable for documents. The maximum allows you to ship up to 20kg package, which should be no longer than 105cm.


It often happens that you need to deliver several packages once. As it is tiresome to sell each package separately, you can use the Groupage option. It is available only within Nordic countries, but you can simply send everything that you need. Moreover, you will not have to bring all packages to the post office.

With the Groupage option, all packages will be picked up at your place and send them as one shipment to the addressee. With the tracking number, you will not find it complicated to track your delivery. However, you should remember the dimension limitations of Groupage, which is 2.99m for a package that can weigh up to 1000kg. If you need to deliver something long but not too have, it has to be lighter than 35g and not longer than 6m. As it is a common delivery, it may take up to 5 weekdays.  


While transporting goods in large quantities it is important to deliver them safely. It does not matter if you are a seller or a simple person, you can get Pallet shipment if you have multiple packages to some foreign country. The maximum weight per pallet is 1000kg. However, it does not mean that you obligatory need to have so many packages. This shipment has different variations.

  • Quarter. It allows to load 200kg per pallet with length 60cm, height 120cm and width 40cm;
  • Half. Its maximum weight is 500g with length 60cm, height 150cm and width 80cm;
  • Full. For it, you can have heavy enough packages as a limit is 1000kg and it can be up to 200cm high, 120cm long, and 80cm wide.

Obviously that each of these pallet types has different prices. The number of pallets per shipment is not indicated, but if you plan to have a very large order, you should get in touch with customer support for additional information or consider other options for more massive transportations.

Sea & Air Freights

For transportation of oversized goods, Sea & Air Freights are more convenient. Limits towards size and weight derive from the capacity of the ship and plane. It means that different transportation vehicles will transport not the same amount of containers. If you definitely need this option, then you should contact the service to properly discuss your request. Sea option has more capacity while Air option is faster.

Ground Freight In Europe

If you have large and heavy objects for transportation within Europe, you can always use Ground Freight. For one shipment you can prepare packages of maximum dimensions as 12m length, 2.65m height, and 2.40m width with the weight up to 39 tons. The delivery will be performed within 5 working days. In addition, you do not have to bring your packages to the post office. They can be picked up at your place.


It does not matter if you are moving to another country, city or you simply need to deliver multiple packages very quickly. The InNight option speaks for itself. With this shipment, your cargo will be picked up in the afternoon, and till the next morning will be delivered to the target destination. While it is on the road, you can always track cargo with PostNord Sweden tracking number.

As this option performs delivery every day, you will not find difficulties to set a proper schedule. However, it is available only in Nordic and Baltic countries. Every package should not be heavier than 35kg and for pallet maximum weight is 700kg.


Transporting temperature-sensitive goods has always been problematic and not every delivery company has such a service. With PostNord Sweden Termo you should not worry about your products. With proper logistics, your temperature-sensitive cargo will be transported by one of the vehicles who have special containers for such purposes. Additionally, across Sweden, there are multiple terminals where your products can safely wait until pick up.

PostNord EMS Express

With an express service, you can easily send packages and know that it will reach an addressee very quickly. PostNord EMS guarantees that your delivery will be accomplished in 7 to 15 working days. The delivery time greatly depends on the target destination. The size of the package should not exceed 1.5m in length and should not be heavier than 20kg per shipment for direct payment customers and 30lg per shipment for customers with a customer service agreement.

Unique PostNord Sweden Tracking Number Peculiarities

Every company tries to develop its own system with tracking numbers. However, there is a general tendency to put letters in the beginning and the end of the whole number. They often mean the departure and target destination points. As for PostNord Sweden, it has 9 digits in the middle. Thus, you receive some similar tracking number to these:

  • ID012983746SE;
  • HU102938765SE;
  • UK123456789SE;
  • SU987654321SE;
  • SE123678965SE.

It is necessary to mention that each package of your shipment receives an individual number. It means that while sending packages with different destinations, you will be able to track them.

Average Time For Delivery

With PostNord Sweden you will not have to wait very long for delivery to arrive. While transporting goods within Europe, your shipment can be accomplished within a couple of days. If to speak in general about all shipment options, then the average delivery time is 7 days. It is enough to reach even distant countries by airplane. Either you need a fast nor cheap delivery option, you should check its delivery time and price at Send Direct. It allows you to make up shipment order online and check all its specifics.

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The package was claimed to have been delivered on 3 May but it definitely wasn’t delivered to our company or to the front reception of our office. There is no record of anyone signing for it so we are unable to trace it.
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Sofia Berhe
3/12/222:45 PM
Despite the fact it was shipped March 1, 2022, but the Tracking showed it “ Sweden The shipment item is under transportation. Sweden, Veddesta, 17543“ can someone explain to me please why take so long to get to the destination despite the fact we paid premium to be delivered. is it something wrong with the shipment? if so, could you communicate with us please. So that we can resolve the problem. Thank you, Sofia Berhe
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3/9/224:45 PM
Tumenbaatar Bymbatseren
2/24/222:09 AM
I ordered a watch from england but I didn’t receive it. A reason is I didn’t pay VAT. Because I didn’t know it you sent to me a fakture. But why you direct return to sender Outland. You could bring me first then send a invoice to me. I will wait again 1 or 2 months maybe.
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Ossian Jakobsson
1/31/225:48 PM
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