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Singapore Speedpost is a part of a large international delivery company SpeedPost. For many decades of existence, this delivery company has developed a strong positive reputation and trust among customers. Nowadays, it is oriented to different kinds of shipments. You can easily send your packages inside and outside of the country. Its international shipments reach more than 200 countries around the globe. With Singapore Speedpost tracking you may not worry that your package may get lost. You can always check its location, even if someone returns your package back.

Overseas Shipments

Singapore is quite distantly located from the rest world. Nevertheless, it plays an important role in international delivery. Singapore Speedpost has many different shipment options, which allow you to deliver your package to distant destinations by water and air. You just need to pick up the most suitable option for you.

Express Import

In the eCommerce and retail market, it is important to receive goods for further selling by means of high-quality import service. Express import is oriented on business clients and their customers. While sending packages back you will not have to overpay in foreign currency as payment has to be made at a local post office in Singapore. Alternatively, students can use this service to send gifts to parents, and they will be able to pay for delivery after receiving packages. Moreover, you are allowed to send multiple packages per shipment.


It is important for every delivery company to have an Economy option for delivery. Some people do not want to pay more as they are not in a hurry with their delivery. With this option, you will be able to track your package in Singapore and several other foreign countries.


If you need cost-effective in terms of compromise between price and time, then Standard will suit you. You can easily send your package to almost any destination in the world. However, with this option, you are allowed to ship only one package order and tracking may not be possible in certain countries.


In case you do not like to wait very long to have your package delivered, but without overpaying, then you should consider the Priority option. With it, you will be able to track your package all the way.


Sometimes you need to cope with your delivery very quickly and effectively. The express option helps to deliver your package in the shortest time. Additionally, you can send as much as you want packages at once. Each of them will have a separate tracking number. Thus, you can send packages to several different destinations and always know about their status.

Freight Delivery

International shipping often requires solutions for very heavy and large cargo. For such purposes, Singapore Speedpost offers freight delivery. Depending on your needs it can be ship, airplane, or combined. With Singapore Speedpost tracking number of your cargo, you will always receive up to date information on its status.

Service of Alliance Locker

It often happens that the addressee does not have time to be at home to wait for the courier to receive a package. With Alliance Locker, it is no longer a problem. Such lockers are conveniently located and are available even in late hours. After making a purchase, the order goes to the merchant, who makes a shipment. Depending on the shipping option, the courier will book for you a locker and leave the package in it. In the end, the customer receives a notification that the package is ready for collecting.

Package Tracking At Singapore Speedpost

Every delivery company has its own format for a tracking number. One service may have even several format types. Speaking about Singapore Speedpost, you will not be confused. It has only one format for all types of packages and shipping options.

While making a shipment you receive a tracking number for your packages. Only for the following shipment options, you are allowed to send many packages simultaneously per shipment.

  • Speedpost Express
  • Speedpost Express Import

With all other options, you can send only a single package and track it. The Singapore Speedpost tracking number consists of thirteen characters. It always begins with two letters and finishes with SG. In the middle, you have nine digits.

  • KR123456778SG;
  • UA098765432SG;
  • UK987321654SG;
  • FR123456789SG;
  • CH129384756SG.

It is necessary to mention that sometimes you will not be able to track your package after it has left Singapore. With Standard and Economy shipment tracking and tracing is partially available. Only in selected countries, tracking will be available.

Average Delivery Time

Sometimes delivery duration plays a very important role in the happiness of the sender and addressee. Singapore Speedpost delivery cares about the satisfaction of its customer. Therefore, you have a list of different shipment options. Each of them has personal specifics and time delivery.

  • Express Import. If you need to import goods for business purposes it will take you up to 2 business days.
  • Economy. Shipping something without overpaying will make you wait from 3 to 15 business days.
  • Standard. In case you simply want to send a package with ordinary conditions, you will have to wait a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 business days.
  • Priority. If your package has to be delivered faster but not so urgent, you will wait with this option form 2 up to 8 business days.
  • Express. For those times when every hour of delivery important this shipment needs 1-3 business days to cope with your order.

Solutions For Convenient eCommerce

Developing eCommerce business with Singapore Speedpost is simple and convenient. It helps to create your shop online and attract customers from different countries. With an advanced logistic system, you should not worry about reaching even the most distant clients. Moreover, with Store Front service you will not have difficulties with documents while shipping products.

Another beneficial side of developing eCommerce with Singapore Speedpost is its warehouses. You can store your products in different regional warehouses. When a customer makes an order, it will be transmitted to the appropriate warehouse. Its workers will properly pack your product and ship it. It means that you will not have to spend your time packing and shipping. With an increasing number of online customers, it is very convenient.

Return Possibilities

When it comes to online purchases it difficult to avoid returns. Therefore, you will prefer a delivery service with good return possibilities. If you need to return the package, you should check if whether there is an EzyReturn label inside the box together with goods or not. If you could find it, then you simply need to attach it on the package. After that, you should bring it to a POPStation or post office. Then you may not worry, such a package will definitely be returned.

From the seller side, if your goods can be returned after the purchase you may need to add inside of a package. That label can be attached on the package and the most important is that you can track such package too. Thus, you can be sure not to lose it on the way to you.

Customer Support Features

While sending something valuable abroad you will always worry about the package. If something happens you should be able to receive assistance. On the website of Singapore Speedpost, you can easily find different instructions and answers on the common question. In case it is not enough, you can reach out Singapore Speedpost customer support department by sending a request of calling.

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Singapore Speedpost
Singapore Speedpost
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Un suivi désastreux 2 semaines pour un départ Hong Kong et revenir à Singapour Je recevrais sûrement mon colis en début d'année prochaine à ce rythme là !!
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The name is "speed" but it is actually very slow.
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