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Mailing company with a long history. That is how Singapore Post can be described. In 1819, a small office was delivering a very small volume of letters with only three postal workers. Nowadays, it is a company, with multiple offices across Singapore. Signpost helps not only with delivery but also with plenty of other services like banking, insurance, and online shopping.

Singapore Post performs the delivery to almost any country in the world. With the Singpost tracking system, you can always know where your mail or package is. Thus, you simply will not be to lose it.

Where to Find Singapore Post Offices?

It often becomes difficult to find all the locations of some post offices even in your area. On the website of Singapore Post, you will not have trouble with that. You can easily find an interactive map with all locations of:

  • Post offices;
  • Kiosks;
  • Posting boxes;
  • Postal agents;
  • Speedpost agents;
  • POPStation locations;
  • Locker alliance locations.

Singapore Post Services


If you need something to be delivered very fast to a large list of countries around the globe, then you should consider Speedpost from Singapore post. This delivery option has four different kinds.

  • Speedpost Express. The fastest option that will deliver your mail to the destination in 2-3 days. You can send even several packages per one shipment and pick up is free.
  • Speedpost Priority. This one takes from a couple of days to up to a week. Multiple packages option is not included, but picking up is also free.
  • Speedpost Standard. The delivery may take from a couple of days to two weeks and without free picking up and multiple packages shipment options.
  • Speedpost Economy. If you ready to wait for up to several weeks, this option will suit you.

Tracked Mail & Package

This option allows you to send a mail or package with tracking possibilities. Letters and printed papers can be up to 500g while the package weight limit is 2kg. The advantage of this service is that the recipient receives an SMS when the mail is delivered.

SmartPac Services

If you want not to worry about getting the right stamps and simply indicate the address of delivery, then you should think about SmartPac. It is very easy to use, and you will be able to track your delivery on the website.

  • SmartPac Mini – 600g
  • SmartPac Lite – 1kg
  • Smartpac – 3kg

Features of Singapore Tracking Numbers

While ordering something from far away, it is important to know where your mail is. Singapore post tracking options allow you to know where your package and a simple mail is at the moment. The Singpost tracking number has a specific template, which consists of 13 characters. At the beginning and the end, you will find letters while in the middle are numbers. Here are some examples:

  • XC123456789SG
  • XR123456789SG
  • AU123456789SG

How Much Time the Delivery Takes?

As Signpost has become an international company, Singapore to USA delivery as in any other country is possible. It just will take more time due to the distance between countries. Speaking about the delivery time it is important to separate mail by surface and by air. It is necessary to mention, that during major holidays and celebrations, the time for delivery may be prolonged for several days.

Ordinary Mail By Air

If you need something to be delivered very quickly, then sending something by air will definitely be a faster option. Depending on the location, your delivery may take from three to twelve days. It is not just from the airport to another airport. The package or mail sometimes has to travel the distance from the airport to the destination. Therefore, to places where is a land connection is not very good it requires more days.

Ordinary Mail By Surface

When it comes to delivery by surface, you should expect to wait longer until it reaches the target destination. It may take from three to seventeen weeks. If you are not in a hurry it can be a good option to save money on delivery. Moreover, if you like to make plans, sending presents for holidays in advance can even help to save money even more, as presents on the eve of a holiday are more expensive.

Customer Support

The customer support department is always available to solve your issue. You can arrange a live chat session, or call them at any time. Thus, if you have noticed with Singpost tracking that your package has stuck at some location for some long duration, you may always consult with a representative support agent.

Singapore Post Reviews

Singapore Post
Singapore Post
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Hatice Kelleci
11/26/213:50 PM
Mijn pakket raakt 9 van de 10 keer kwijt. De bezorgers van PostNL laten een onduidelijk brief achter waar niet eens opstaat waar ik mn pakje kan ophalen. Geen adres niks!! PostNL is een zeer slecht bedrijf
Not delivered yet
Our user
11/10/201:49 AM
Not delivered yet
Aubut genevieve
7/24/205:56 PM
Not delivered yet
Our user
7/17/205:57 PM
Not delivered yet
Mompelat Sandrine
7/6/2010:33 AM
très très mauvaise expérience commande expédiée depuis avril juillet toujours rien
Not delivered yet
Kelvin Ceron
7/3/208:39 AM
Desde febrero pedí mi paquete y aun no tengo noticias de el en destino. Muy mal servicio
Not delivered yet
Giulio Ezio Bolognini
6/30/207:33 PM
It is from 8th aprile that the item is in their hands...
Not delivered yet
6/24/2011:23 PM
Have had two interactions with SingPost. The first one was reasonable and took 17 days from time of shipping to delivery in my mailbox to get to California, United States. The second, and present, interaction is going extremely poorly and is still just 'dispatched overseas' after 21 days. I seriously wish this wasn't the only carrier the company I buy things from deals with. It's disappointing.
Not delivered yet
Mustapha Muhammad
6/1/207:56 PM
my items is yet to be delivered to me
Not delivered yet
5/31/206:26 AM
Item been in transit for over 20 days, can't get any more information from them
Not delivered yet
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