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Serbia Post Carrier Info & Tips

In general, there are two main types of delivery company in a country. The first one is independent, which performs domestic and international delivery. The second one is established by the government, which plays a very important role not only in package and mail delivery but in providing means to be connected with every resident in the country. Serbia Post belongs to the second type. It was established in 1840. In the beginning, it had been performing delivery mostly national wide, as there were no regulations towards abroad delivery.

After several years, in 1874 Serbia Post together with other delivery companies from 21 countries, has established Universal Postal Union. This organization united plenty of delivery services around the world by providing general rules and guidelines towards various aspects of international delivery. It has great help to improve the needed time for international delivery and the possibility to track packages even in other countries during the delivery abroad.

Package Delivery

Serbia Post offers a convenient and fast service of package delivery. While preparing parcels for delivery it is important to use proper size boxes. The item should not bounce inside of it, thus, putting bubble wrap is highly recommended.

After packing, your box should not be heavier than 31.5kg. Weighing of the package is performed after you have put everything is needed. Therefore, if you have a heavy item of 31.5kg it may be not suitable for delivery with this option. Another part of preparing the delivery is declaring its value. In case something will happen to your item during the delivery process, Serbia Post will be able to refund its price up to 50000 dinars.

Speaking about the delivery time it depends on the area in Serbia. In general, it takes from two to five business days. To urban locations with a good connection, business days are enough. Rural areas may require up to three business days. Delivery to some remote play location makes take up to five business days or more if there are some issues.

Package Special Services

Additional services can provide you more benefits from delivery. It has options to make your package delivery in the way you want.

Cash On delivery

Wit is very convenient for sellers to send packages with cash on delivery option. It allows the addressee to check the item, and if it is not damaged the recipient will pay for the product. It greatly improves eCommerce as quite often consumers do not want to pay in advance until they check the desired goods by themselves.

Package With Return Receipt

In case the product from the seller is not what the customer has expected, it is needed to be sent back. With this additional option, it can be performed with lower costs in a fast way. There is no need to fill in the address and other information as everything is already mentioned on the package.

Special Handling

Serbia Post delivers plenty of various items and not all of them are very sturdy. If you need to send something easily breakable, made from glass, or just bulky package, this service will assign status Fragile. Then, it will be delivered with special care.

Domestic Express Service

Quite often fast delivery is vital. In such a case, Express services are what you need from Serbia Express. The maximum package weight is somewhat lower, which reduces the needed time for delivery. 20kg for standard Express delivery and 15kg for Instant delivery service. If you would like to check the delivery time on the website, you will not find information. Domestic Express aims to accomplish the delivery as soon as possible. Therefore, it may take from one to several business days, depending on the package destination.

Express Delivery Options

Express delivery has various options, which you can choose, depending on how fast delivery has to be accomplished. Obviously, the fastest option is more expensive.

Next Day

If you need to have something being delivered on the next day, then this option is for you. Express delivery allows customers to choose whether the package will be delivered until 12 a.m. or 7 p.m. of the next business day. When the package has arrived, the addressee receives an SMS notification without additional fees. Alternatively, Next Day can deliver the item to the needed post office. In such a case, delivery will be accomplished until 7 p.m.

Same Day

Some urgent matters require fast delivery solutions. Same Day option means that delivery of your shipment to another city will be accomplished until 4 or 8 p.m. on the same day. The package weight should not exceed 20kg.

Instant Delivery

It is the fastest option that Serbia Post can offer. After the shipment, the delivery will be accomplished as soon as possible. Within the same cities, it will take several hours. If you need to send something to another city, it will take around 3 hours from the shipment. For such a delivery option, package weight should not be more than 15kg.

Post Express Box

Delivery plays q very important role in the life of eCommerce. Such senders sell many items to a great number of people not domestically but also internationally. Finding everything the right package and packing may take a lot of time. With a standardized box, it is more convenient. It is cheap and allows senders to put goods up to 5kg of weight. Moreover, Post Boxes have a fast delivery, which guarantees to be accomplished the next day by 7 p.m.

Mail Delivery

Even with the development of internet technologies, letters and mail are very important. Moreover, it allows clients to send valuable documents within short terms. The maximum weight for mail delivery is 2kg. Other various printed materials like posters can also be sent. The letter size should not exceed 90cm with the largest of 60cm. Cylinder mail size corresponds to the sum of the length and two diameters, which should not exceed 104cm and the minimum should not be less than 17cm. The delivery time greatly depends on the destination. Thus, mail delivery can be accomplished within 5 business days.

International Package

Nowadays, delivery companies process a great number of international deliveries. An ordinary person can easily buy something abroad and have it delivered to the house. Serbia International Package performs delivery from and to 240 countries around the world. Dimension and weight limits greatly depend on the destination country. Therefore, it is better to check in advance about the requirements for your shipment. The time to accomplish your delivery also greatly depends on the destination country. In general, it ranges from 5 to 14 business days if there are no delays or issues.

International EMS

A fast solution to send and receive a package from abroad. It allows clients to send packages up to 30kg. This delivery option on average requires 3 to 5 business days. In case you plan to buy from abroad some gifts or to send packages for holidays, it is recommended to send in advance, as a delivery service may not be available all the time during holidays.

Serbia Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

Tracking is very important in the delivery industry. It helps not only senders to always know where their package is, but also not to lost shipments for delivery companies. Serbia Post is a member of the Universal Postal Union. Therefore, its tracking number format has 13 characters, which is very common in other members of UPU. These numbers begin with two letters, then nine digits and in the end, it has another two letters. EMS delivery ends with RS and here are some examples:

  • RR123456789RS;
  • LS123456789RS;
  • NZ098765432RS.

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