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Saudi Post is a Saudi Arabia postal service owned by the government. Saudi Post is the official operator of postal services in this area. This organization is considered to be the oldest Saudi service authority. Saudi Post offers a variety of services of all types, both old-fashioned (mails, parcels, etc.) and modern ones (Internet shopping, money transfers, and more). Saudi Post is very popular in the Kingdom, having more than 470 main offices and about 180 branch offices. Let's have a more detailed look at what it offers customers.

Saudi Post Services


If you are looking for the best option to send a parcel either locally or internationally, EMS Box is probably the best choice. This service is considered to be the most rapid one, besides, it's very cost-efficient. The maximum weight of a parcel is 30 kilograms.

Priority Mail

Priority Mail will certainly satisfy all your needs if you want to send a letter. This service is available both locally and internationally, offering a huge number of available destinations worldwide. The receiver will get a letter in approximately 5 business days. The weight limit for this service is 2 kilograms.

Torode Economy

Torode Economy service is used for local shipments mainly. The prices are competitive, the safety level is high. The maximum weight is thirty kilograms. Having received your parcel, you will be able to pick it up from the nearest post office. The delivery usually doesn't take longer than five business days.

Local Services

  • Wasel. This service is used to deliver all postal services to people's homes (locally only).
  • Mureeh. Mureeh is the service used for serving the local government.
  • Gulf Ex. This service is a very cost-efficient one, making it possible to send parcels to other Arab states. Besides, there is an option for next day delivery.
  • Jamaee. This service can be used for students' documentation exclusively (admission documents). It's free.
  • Indian Par Ex. Using this service, one can send parcels from Saudi Arabia to India. The prices are low, which makes this service very attractive to people. The maximum weight limit is 30 kilograms.

Post Boxes Service

Post boxes are boxes available at post agencies' offices. Those eager to receive letters into post boxes may utilize this offer. This service is available for individuals, companies, and organizations, so all interested may get a private post box. Banks, departments, both governmental and non-governmental organizations use this service frequently. The main features of this service are permanent address and privacy. Those using it have to pay a fee.

Government Documents Delivery (Absher)

This service is used if there is a need for delivering governmental documents of different types from Absher to a receiver's address. Let's have a look at how to utilize this service:

  1. First of all, one should register for a national address. In about an hour the address will be automatically shown up on Absher.
  2. The second step one should perform is to sign in to Absher and fill in all the necessary information. Select the Saudi Post as a delivery option.
  3. Having done it, you will get a message with the receipt and payment methods to complete your delivery.
  4. The last step is the delivery of your documents.

This service can be used for renewing any of the residents' documents, for renewing passports, national IDs, and for issuing and renewing both car registrations and driving licenses. Utilizing this service, one usually has to wait for the documents to be delivered from 2 to 4 working days.

Money Transfer Service

Ersal Money Transfer is the most reliable, safe and quick way to transfer money to different destinations, including:

  • Jordan;
  • Yemen;
  • Philippines;
  • Egypt;
  • Indonesia;
  • India;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Pakistan;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Nepal and more.

So, choosing this service, customers shouldn't worry about anything, as nowadays this is the best option for money transfers in Saudi Arabia.

Registered Mail Service

Using this service, one can send documents, letters, greeting cards, and so on. The maximum weight is 2 kilograms. As a rule, delivery takes 4-8 business days inside the Kingdom.

Postal Parcels

Having selected this service, one can deliver parcels to any point inside the Kingdom and to all countries at competitive prices. The weight limit for this service is 50 kg and 30 kg for the international parcels. Parcel dimensions, in total, shall not exceed 3 meters.

Saudi Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

Those eager to watch a parcel all way long will find convenient Saudi Post tracking service. To track Saudi Post delivery, you should just visit the official website, insert this number and you will immediately get to know the current status and location of your delivery. Parcel with a total weight of fewer than two kilograms may not be tracked sometimes. So, let's have a look at how Saudi Post tracking numbers look like:

  • RT987654231SA - for small parcels;
  • CA234651854SA - for bigger ones;
  • EE543286502SA - for express deliveries.

So, the first two letters indicate the parcel type, and two last ones indicate the destination country.

Saudi Post Average Delivery Time

The delivery time for any parcel depends on the service one has selected and the destination country. The parcel may be delivered even the next day (in Saudi Arabia) if you have selected one of the extra services. In other cases, you'll have to wait from 5 to eight working days (regionally) and up to a week internationally.

Saudi Post Customer Support Department

On the company's official website, one can find a form to put all the details and questions about the parcel or any other questions. All you have to do is to choose customer type (either individual or commercial), fill in personal data, and any details you'd like to clarify. You can even attach pictures. Besides, you can call customer support service to get an immediate answer or contact the customer support team via their Twitter account. Be sure all your questions will be answered, as reputation is important or this company.

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