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Russian Post Public Joint-Stock Company is a Russian state company, an operator of the Russian state postal network. Its aim focuses on improving the quality of life of the population is an integral social mission of the Russian Post, which is realized through the provision of high-quality and affordable postal, logistic, social, and financial services to every person throughout the Russian Federation. Given the development of technology, the Russian Post unites the “physical” and “digital” worlds, providing each citizen of the country with the most convenient and comfortable channel for receiving services like a mobile application, post offices, traditional post offices, etc.

Domestic Delivery


The parcel can send things in Russia and abroad. Each parcel has a tracking number for tracking. With it, you can always find out the location and status of the parcel. To calculate the time and cost of delivery, use a mail calculator or check rates for sending parcels in Russia and abroad. Parcel's maximum weight is up to 20.

The size of the address side for all parcels should be at least 24×16 cm. For heavy and bulky parcels, a 40% mark-up for weight or size is added to the shipping cost. If possible, it is better to divide one large parcel into several smaller ones, which greatly helps to reduce costs for such shipment.

First Class Parcel

The first-class parcel is best suited for forwarding small items with expedited delivery to the post office. The parcel is delivered mainly by air, which reduces the time it takes to ship it over long distances. The shipment is registered, therefore tracking is available at all stages of the shipment. The maximum weight is 2.5lg. As for dimensions, it should be no more than 36 cm, the sum of three measurements is not more than 70 cm and the minimum size is 110x190mm.

The deadline for sending First Class Parcel is the time, established for forwarding from the moment of reception at the postal service to the moment of delivery by the postal worker or the moment of arrival at the postal object communication. Dates do not include the day of admission and non-business days like weekends and holidays.

  • Between cities of federal significance, administrative centers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
  • Between the administrative center of the subject of the Russian Federation and administrative centers of municipal districts located on the territory of a subject of the Russian Federation no more than 2 days.
  • On the intercity territory of cities of federal significance, on territories of administrative centers of constituent entities of the Russian Federation Federations no more than 2 business days.
  • Between the administrative center of the municipal district and settlements located in the municipal district no more than 3 business days.
  • In remote areas of the North, Siberia and the Far East, and also in other areas of the Russian Federation during periods of slaughter and off-road allowed to increase the duration of the First Class Parcel delivery. Thus, between the administrative center of the subject of the Russian Federation and the settlement of one subject of the Russian Federation for 21 business days.

Delivery deadlines for sending First Class Parcel between settlements in various municipal areas, located both in the territory of one subject of the Russian Federation and on the territory of various constituent entities of the Russian Federation, calculated by summing the relevant milestones. For postal items received at the post office after the 1 p.m. of local time, the control period of shipment is increased by 1 day.

International Delivery

Small Packet

Small packet allows customers to send abroad small unbreakable items which are not heavier than 2kg. At least one side is should be 105 × 148mm so that it can be marked with an address label.

Express Mail Service

Express Mail Service shipments are the fastest and most convenient way to deliver a letter or parcel within Russia and abroad. The courier will pick up the shipment in a convenient place for you and deliver it to the addressee home or office. Express mail service shipment is registered, its delivery and delivery can be tracked using the tracking number. In cities where there is no express mail service courier service, you can send and receive express shipment through the Russian Post office. To calculate the delivery time and cost, as well as to find out if courier delivery is available, you can use the calculator for letters or parcels.

The weight restrictions depend on the parcel destination allow, which ranges from 10 to 30kg. Speaking about dimensions of the parcel the sum of the length and perimeter of the largest size is not more than 300 cm. Length, width, and height should be no more than 150 cm.

Additional Delivery Services

  • Delivery Notice. The parcel will be handed to the addressee for signature. You will receive a delivery receipt signed by the addressee.
  • Description of attachment. You will receive a confirmation by the postal worker of the contents of the parcel and the date it was sent.
  • Declared value, which is fully or partially reimbursed in case of loss or damage to the parcel.
  • C.O.D. To receive the parcel, the addressee will have to pay the amount you specified.
  • SMS notification of the arrival of the item at the office and delivery to the addressee.
  • Check for completeness. The recipient will be able to open the parcel in the presence of the operator or courier and verify that the contents of the order. If a discrepancy is found, the recipient will be able to refuse delivery and return the parcel to the sender. The cost of the service is 15.25 rubles, including VAT.

Rent a Post Office Box

You can rent a post office box at the Russian Post Office and receive a special short address for your organization. Subscription letters, parcels, newspapers, and magazines will be put in your mailbox. If, however, a parcel arrives at the address of your PO Box, a registered letter or a registered parcel, a notice will be put in the box. You can get a shipment from the branch operator by presenting a notice, a power of attorney from the organization, and an identity card.

All correspondence received letters, parcels, notifications you can pick up from the mailbox at any time during the hours of your office. If your organization has several addresses (for example, legal and actual), you can receive all correspondence to the address of the subscription box and you do not have to monitor several flows at once.

The service is available for registration in post offices equipped with subscription mail cabinets, as well as online. On the website, you can familiarize yourself with the tariffs, the offer contract, and arrange the service. To do this, select the desired branch and cell, indicate the lease term, enter the contact information and company details (or IP). In your account, you can print the payment form and make payment through the bank. After placing the order, contact the operator in the selected department, naming the number of the application assigned on the site and get the key to your cell.

Russian Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

The tracking number of shipments in Russia consists of 14 digits. You should not enter spaces or brackets.

  • 12345678901234;
  • 09876543211234;
  • 65432178901234.

If you sent a parcel, a letter or a parcel, you need to find out the tracking number for tracking from the sender (online stores usually indicate it on the order page). When placing orders, if possible, ask the seller to fill out a registered shipment.

The tracking number of international items consists of 13 characters, it uses Latin capital letters and numbers. You should not enter spaces or brackets.

  • CA123456789RU;
  • US098765432RU;
  • CN123456708RU.

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