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Quantium Solutions is a global logistics company that offers route-building and cargo delivery services of any type and scale worldwide. The main region of the company is Asia, where Quantium Solutions has offices in 10 countries:

  • Singapore;
  • Australia;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Indonesia;
  • Japan;
  • Malaysia;
  • New Zealand;
  • Philippines;
  • Thailand;
  • Taiwan.

The company carries out deliveries around the world, but the main area of activity is the delivery of goods between Asian countries, as well as the organization of trade contact between the region and the rest of the world.

In total, the company declares the possibility of delivery of goods to more than 200 countries. Quantium Solutions has an affiliate network of about 1,000 partners in Asia, with a monthly delivery turnover of 1 million shipments.

The main areas of business that the company serves are marketplaces, cosmetic brands, sellers of clothing, electronics and sports equipment. However, the logistics company is open to any partnership. Particular attention is paid to eCommerce solutions.


The company offers a wide range of logistics services, which sets ambitious goals to be the fastest and most comfortable service for each client at all stages of cooperation and taking into account any delivery situation.

Cross Border Shipping

Ample opportunities for the international delivery of goods of various types to almost all countries and territories on the planet. The company has an extensive network of established routes, which helps to organize delivery quickly and with a guarantee of quality.

The company relies on the fact that the service for the client was simple and affordable in any situation. This is the basic principle of the company. The logistics company aims to empower customers with a reasonable price guarantee. At the same time, the cost of services is indicated openly at the first stage of cooperation, and hidden payments and surcharges are excluded. Assistance with cargo clearance is provided.

The service includes several solution packages.


Delivery time is 4-17 days. Delivery of goods up to 2 kg in more than 220 countries is carried out by postal services. The recipient is responsible for duties and taxes.


Delivery time is 4-10 days. Otherwise, delivery services are similar to the previous service package.


Shipments are delivered within 3-7 days by postal services. It is possible to send parcels up to 30 kg in 220+ countries of the world. The recipient is responsible for duties and taxes.


The fastest shipping method, within 2-5 days to worldwide. Delivery channels in this case are strictly commercial, and the weight of the cargo is no more than 30 kg. Responsibility for duties and taxes can be borne by both the recipient and the sender.

Thus, each client of the company can choose the best package in the ratio of delivery speed and price.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

The company provides assistance in the region in the development of warehouse management and execution of orders in accordance with the individual requests of each client.

To implement the tasks, the latest technologies are applied, which are developed, tested and used by the company independently. There are unlimited possibilities for scaling up B2B and B2C businesses.

In total, the company has 14 warehouses in 10 countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Each warehouse is a modern, fully automated space that provides accurate work with any type of product. Electronic management solutions are applied.

The company guarantees the efficiency of warehouses in all conditions, including sales, seasonal periods of sales growth, holidays and so on. Additional shipping solutions are provided, including packaging design, price tags, and more.

It is also worth noting the presence of a mobile Pick & Pack, complete safety and security, returns management and quality control, creating individual designs and solutions for each client. Work on improving KPI is ongoing.

Last Mile Delivery

Quantium Solutions is a large partner network to provide customers with highly efficient last mile delivery. The complex of affordable solutions and attention to details in each individual case serves all the possible needs of the clients' businesses, including the possibility of electronic payment upon receipt.

The company provides fast delivery of parcels and goods to the door, or to local post offices. Return and fast shipping options are included. In total, more than 20 thousand access points throughout Asia and more than 3 thousand points of delivery of goods (PUDO) are available.

Several service packages are available to suit any possible customer needs. All services include the delivery of goods up to 30 kg with the possibility of full tracking on the way. The difference is in the delivery time.

  • Regular: 2-4 days
  • Next Day: 1 day
  • Same Day: delivery at the same day
  • Time Definite: delivery at the requested time

Returns Management

The company removes the current difficulties for business partners associated with the return of goods by customers. The introduction of electronic solutions that make the return process convenient and quick for all sides of the process. Company solutions have a simple integration and use structure. They help to increase the company's income by saving costs in such situations. At the same time, the partner’s client has round-the-clock support.

The return shipping solution is called Q-Spin. It serves all possible customer orders that fit into the format of the proposed delivery solutions from Quantium Solutions.

eCommerce Solutions

An effective and recognized by a wide range of consumers, a set of solutions for driven managed e-commerce.

The company provides assistance to customers in:

  • The development of an online store from scratch, including design and all the necessary functional elements;
  • market and multi-channel order management;
  • cross-border trade solutions.

E-commerce services are divided into three categories.

Drive Revenue

Assistance in developing a highly conversion online store, subsequent technical support and comprehensive customer service.

Web Design & Creative Services

Creating an online store from scratch, developing a corporate brand and a single visual design. Long-distance service includes the development of an online store, the production of content and much more.

Implementation & Integration

Implementation of technical solutions that ensure the stable growth and development of the online store on any scale and budget. Using Agile Technology.

Digital Marketing

Creation and implementation of an individual marketing strategy for the site, traffic management and increase conversions in any way possible. The implementation of the task is carried out by detailed monitoring of markets, identifying trends and integrating information into the project development model. The service includes work with social networks, CEO, email marketing, analytics and much more.

Marketplace Management

Development and implementation of a strategy for presence in the online market. Creation of business goals, pricing strategies, solutions for development and scaling, and so on.

Optimizing Operations

Order management in the e-commerce field.

Cross Border Commerce

Implementing flexible solutions for delivering orders to all corners of the planet, quickly and efficiently. Quality is ensured through a wide range of services and affordable technologies.


Optimization of the processes of an online store to improve qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Delivery & Logistics

Efficient and fast delivery in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world.

Omnichannel Order Management

Cloud-based solution for managing multi-channel orders with the ability to fully control each shipment. Implementation of an order processing center that provides retail operations across all channels.

Leverage Expertise

Improving user experience at different stages of cooperation.

Merchant of Record

Effective payment processing, organization of tax payments and optimization of the financial structure of the business. Reducing financial risks in processing payments.

Customer Care

Implementation of the customer service department of an online store outsourcing. Applicable to all countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Examples of tracking numbers

Quantium Solutions tracking numbers are fairly typical, and the ability to track them is available on the company's website without restrictions.

Examples of tracking numbers Quantium Solutions:

  • RP901148838SG;
  • 1043930668.


Quantium Solutions is a flexible and efficient logistics operator that has built a wide network in the Asia-Pacific region and provides fast delivery services from here around the world. Its services are suitable for most online businesses and online stores that deal in B2B and B2C sectors.

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Quantium Solutions
Quantium Solutions
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José Morales
10/7/208:32 AM
I don't know where my order is, was lost on the way?, too long to arrive.
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7/15/207:28 PM
desde enero que realice un pedido a traves de tienda wish aun no recibo el paquete ni puedo hacerle seguimiento al mismo
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Md sohel shaik
6/23/209:00 PM
UQ1***5SG The quality of the AliExpress service I have not yet received is very poor
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6/19/201:55 AM
There has been no update on my package for 2 months, I know with what is going on at the moment in the world but 3 months to deliver my item is really bad, I have purchased other items overseas and got my item within a month. Where is my item this service is ridiculous
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Mustapha Muhammad
6/1/207:56 PM
My item is yet to be delivered to me
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Ana Maria Booyonlonian
5/28/206:51 PM
Hace un mes q estoy esperando
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5/24/208:04 PM
don't change shipping status
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Robert Beck
5/1/208:23 AM
My parcel has been in Singapore since April 1st, it's now May 1st. Have sent numerous emails and all have been ignored.This is by far the worst experience I have had with on line shopping, and I am now in process of contacting credit card company hoping they will be able to help.Avoid this company at all costs
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