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Posten Norge is one of the most popular postal services in Norway. The company was founded in 1647, and now there are about 30 offices in the country. So, Henrik Morian was the founder of this company, and it was privately run until 1719. Nowadays, it belongs to the state. Posten Norge has experienced numerous changes and rebrandings, now divided into four divisions: Post, Logistics, Distribution Network, and ErgoGroup AS. So, let's have a more detailed look at the company's services.

Express Overnight

If your delivery is an urgent one, this service is the best choice, but be attentive, as it's available in Norway only. Your recipient will receive the parcel on the door. Posten Norge tracking is also available. The company offers you a time guarantee, so all delays will be refunded. Delivery time is different, but you can check it using the special tool on the official website: all you have to do is to fill in postcodes. Having done it, you'll get to know the delivery time for the parcel of yours. As for weight/size limits, your parcel shouldn't weight more than 35 kilograms. The minimum size is 23 x 13 x 1 cm, and the maximum is 120 x 60 x 60 cm.

Express Parcel Overseas

Utilizing this service, one can ship parcels with a maximum weight of 35 kilograms. You can use either your own packaging or packaging offered by the company. The maximum size of a parcel is 120 x 60 x 60 cm. Speaking about the delivery time, it will take 2 working days to deliver a parcel to central areas in North America or Europe. Speaking about other destinations worldwide, it will take 3-4 days. Such contents, like animals, cigarettes, weapons, art, food, precious metals, tobacco, banknotes, are prohibited.

Parcel Abroad

If your parcel is not an urgent one, the best option for you is an ordinary parcel service. Your parcel shouldn't be bigger than 120 x 60 x 60 cm. There is also weight limitation, so your parcel shouldn't be heavier than 20 kilograms. Packages may be sent worldwide, but in some areas, Posten Norge tracking is limited (in North America and Europe).

Registered Letter

Choosing this option, you will receive a receipt for submitting the letter to Posten and the person you send to will have to show proof of identity when it is collected. The price depends on the size of your letter. The minimum size is 9 x 14 cm. Length + width + thickness cannot exceed 90 cm. When shipping a letter, the delivery time will be different for different countries. Speaking about Norway, it will take 3 working days. As for Europe, it will take up to 11 business days (depending on the country).

Letters in Norway

If you need to send an ordinary letter, postcard, or small package, this is the best choice. Weight and size affect the price, but you can calculate it using a special tool at the Posten Norge website. Length + width + thickness cannot exceed 90 cm. Sending letters in Norway, you will also have an opportunity to use digital stamps, regular stamps, and even create stamps on your own.

Home Delivery

Home delivery is a great option, especially if you are into online shopping. Let's have a look at how it works:

  1. Select home delivery in the webshop.
  2. Having received a message from Posten Norge (with an expected delivery date), you will have to let the company know where your package should be left (it can be left outside even if you are not at home if you wish).
  3. You will get another SMS once your parcel is delivered.

Delivery in your mailbox and in-home delivery are also available.

Posten Norge Tracking Number Peculiarities

Posten Norge tracking is a great opportunity to watch your parcel throughout the entire way to the destination. But tracking is impossible without a tracking number. Having sent a parcel, you will receive an e-mail or message with your Posten Norge tracking number. The tracking number usually consists of 13 characters (4 characters, 9 figures, 17 or 18 digits). Here are some examples:

  • CS458765120NO;
  • CS123456789NO;
  • CS876230991NO;
  • 333222777665599881;
  • 665213475689432173;
  • 31265487639754327;
  • 54311657895430092.

If your tracking is not updated, just wait a little bit, as usually it takes some time (sometimes it may take up to several days) for a parcel to change its status, it fully depends on the transportation method and shipment type. It is possible to track packages in most countries in Europe and in some other countries. You can track any Posten Norge parcel that has a tracking number, but tracking of registered letters is limited in foreign countries. You can do it either on a company's official website or via the mobile application, which is also very convenient.

Average Delivery Time

One of the most common things customers are usually interested in is how long will the receiver has to wait for a parcel. In fact, the delivery time differs, depending on the country and the service one has chosen. If there are any delays, you will be informed about it. Speaking about parcel delivery in Norway, it takes from 1-4 business days. Having selected

Express Overnight service, you can be sure your parcel will be delivered the next day, but it will cost you more. It will take 2 working days to deliver a parcel to central areas in North America or Europe and 3-4 days worldwide. In any case, you shouldn't worry about your parcel, as you can always track Posten Norge parcel.


Proper wrapping is important in the extreme if you want your parcel to reach the destination intact. As a rule, packages are reloaded many times (especially if the destination is remote), so wrapping must be good to avoid unpleasant surprises. Good wrapping is a guarantee everything will be good with a parcel, so both inner and outer wrappings are important. If you are a sender, it's your responsibility to wrap the parcel properly. Speaking about outer packaging, it's better to use proper envelopes, either plastic or wooden boxes. If the content is rather heavy, the solid outer packaging is required. It's better to fill the empty space inside the box to fix the content and reduce the risks of its damage. If the item is fragile, it requires even more attention.

All packaging materials are available for purchase at Norway Post points of sale. As for inner packaging, it's better to surround items by additional material, like bubble wrap, wood pieces, crumbled newspapers, and so on. Liquid content, glass, and other fragile materials must be wrapped supper carefully, as otherwise your addressee may receive it in pieces.

Forbidden Content

Some items cannot be sent by Posten Norge, so let's have a look at the list of forbidden items:

  • fireworks, smoke bombs, dynamite;
  • weapons, ammunition;
  • explosive substances;
  • drugs;
  • animals (both alive and dead), except for insects;
  • pirated goods;
  • precious metals/stones.

If you are not sure whether it is possible to send your parcel, just call the customer support team to clarify it.

Customer Support Department

If you are using Posten Norge for the first time or just facing any difficulties with your parcel sending/tracking, feel free to contact the customer support service to get a quick answer to any question. Besides, on the Posten Norge official website one can find a variety of questions people ask most often, so have a look at those before calling the support team. Besides, you can get acquainted with the price list and track your parcel there, so make sure you are unable to cope with a problem you are facing by yourself. You can also use online chat, which is available 24/7.

Besides, if you are looking for information about Posten Norge post offices, submission locations, or collect locations, those are also listed on the website. If you haven't found the answer to your question, the customer support team will gladly help you to solve any problem.

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Ahmed Mahmoud dabo
11/27/239:53 PM
Ahmed Mahmoud dabo
Not delivered yet
Bo lindahl
7/24/2212:57 PM
it have taken them 5 weeks
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Deler amiri
7/8/229:24 PM
Pakken min kom aldri frem til adressen min el fikk noe informasjon hvor pakken befant seg
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Deler amiri
6/25/2212:51 AM
Not delivered yet
Yousef Ibrahim
3/14/2211:25 PM
How could it take this long from Sweden
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Kjell Bøe
3/1/229:40 PM
Har nå ventet på denne pakken siden den ble sendt fra St Petersburg i november 2021 , Burde jo ha kommet frem til Nor4ge på den tiden . pakken er dypet savnet . >Og jeg håper den er rett rundt hjørnet .
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Torbjörn Haraldsvik
12/10/218:17 PM
Not delivered yet
Selam Matiewos
11/5/2111:28 PM
Not delivered yet
Stein-André Karlsson
11/5/217:52 PM
Posten Norge bør skjerpe seg, post blir levert seint eller ikke levert i det hele tatt og tar ikke de ansvar/erstatning, og annen hver dag levering er totalt idiotisk, andre land har mye bedre system når det gjelder post/pakker det vil si sporing, post Norge sin kundebehandling er en stor vits
Not delivered yet
Dominik Dziubich
10/23/2110:46 AM
Didn't get my package, while the page says I did..... what is this BS
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