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Every country can have more than one delivery company and it often happens that governmental service is not of good quality. That is not about Italy. Poste Italiane exists for more than two hundred years. With constant governmental investments, it has developed wonderful solutions not only for Italians but also to everyone who needs to ship something from Italy.

Poste Italiane is suitable for small, medium, large businesses, and separate singles. Ecommerce sellers can find wonderful features of delivering products to customers and for refilling their stock. With Poste Italiane tracking number you can always know where your package or a group of packages are right now. If you need assistance, you can reach out customer support department in different ways.

Poste Italiane Shipments Options

Italy is a marvelous country to live in. It is not so large, but due to its geometry, delivery from one part to another may take some time. Here are delivery solutions within Italy.


If you are not in a hurry while sending something across Italy, the Standard option will be money efficient for you. You can send several packages per one shipment but each of them should not be heavier than 20kg. In order to accomplish delivery, this option requires 4 working days. Moreover, an addressee has only 10 days to collect the delivery from the post office.


For those who do not want to wait very long and require fast delivery, Express can accomplish shipment in 1 to 3 working days. With this option, your packages can be a maximum of 30kg. If you want to deliver it to the home of the receiver, you need to include a signature on the delivery option.


Sometimes people need delivery solutions for large objects and packages. Poste Italiane is ready to help with them. The Oversize option is suitable when you need to ship something that will fit in one pallet in a weight range 70-500kg. Its dimensions should be 1.2m X 1m X 1.7m. In case some of your stuff has an irregular shape and size you will need a Fuori Sagoma supplement.

International Shipping Options

Road Europe

There are always different ways to deliver packages abroad. Speaking about Europe, truck delivery is more ecologically friendly. Thus, it is popular among customers. For delivery, it requires only 2 to 4 working days. In order to ship your packages efficiently, you should properly pack them. Then, you can book picking up your shipment. On the day of delivery, your packages will be examined and loaded into the vehicle. After you will just have to wait for the delivery to be accomplished.

International Espresso

Most people know how tasty this coffee is, and Espresso shipment form Poste Italiane is very quick. You can send packages to most countries in the world. Delivery for European destinations takes only 1 working day, Northern America 2 working days, and other countries in the world 3 working days. The amount of packages per shipment is unlimited but they should not exceed limits and be properly prepared.

International Time Trial

The eCommerce industry has greatly increased in recent years. Thus, developing a convenient delivery solution is important. With an international time trial, you can send packages that are not heavier than 30kg and no longer than 1.5m. The delivery goes directly to the house of the addressee. In case there is nobody at home, there will be several other attempts, after which packages will stay at the post office for another 15 days. If the customer will not collect them free of charge, they will be sent back. Depending on the country it takes from 3 to 5 working days, including the collection time.


It often happens that you need to sell small packages that are not very heavy. If you do not want to wait longer than needed, you can ship them with PosteMiniBox options. They allow you to send goods up to 2kg, without the weight of the package to 40 countries around the globe.

  • Standard. For a quick delivery solution of small boxes, which require up to 3 working days.
  • Track. It allows to know where your small package is during transportation.
  • Economy. Delivery may take up to 6 working days and you will not be able to track such small packages, but you save money.

eCommerce Services

While dealing with products and customers that are far away, high-quality delivery solutions can are needed. They are suitable for small and large enterprises and eCommerce.

Shop Refill

If you manage a business, which requires constant delivery of goods, then Shop Refill can be a wonderful option for you. You develop the number of packages and their schedule on your own. It is somewhat limited in dimensions as each box should be less than 20kg and no longer than 60cm. The price of Shop Refill includes insurance up to 500 euros and fuel supplements. It is available only in Italy and delivery may take 1-2 working days.

Round Trip

If you are selling products online and customers want to return some products or you are exchanging with someone, Round Trip can be a nice option. While sending a package, the addressee can send it back or pack it with other stuff for delivery and send back. Thus, you will not have to pay two times. It is available in Italy and requires 1-2 working days to be accomplished.

Hanging Clothes

Italy is famous for its clothes brands. Thus, there is an option to deliver clothes around Italy without folding clothes. Hanging Clothes from Poste Italiane will deliver your products within 2 working days. The limits in length are 2.6m what is quite enough for long dresses. In addition, you track your products.

Poste Italiane Tracking Number System

Several years ago people never know where their packages are during the delivery process. However, nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the delivery industry without possibilities for tracking. Thus, every company creates a system of numbers in order to track packages. At Poste Italiane, every package obligatory receives its numbers. It allows you to track even several packages from one shipment.

Each company uses its own format for tracking numbers. As Poste Italiane is a part of world delivery services, its numbers normally consist of 13 characters. The initial and last two characters are letters that indicate the origin and destination of the package delivery. Between them, there are nine digits. Here are some examples:

  • NZ918472365IT;
  • CN098123455IT;
  • SP918273645IT;
  • UK987123456IT;
  • EG918276654IT.

As you can prepare your shipment online, Poste Italiane tracking number you receive together with a label that you have to attach before shipping. Therefore, you can send packages even without visiting post offices.

Average Time of Poste Italiane Delivery

Time is a key factor in successful delivery. Poste Italiane is oriented on domestic and international shipments. Depending on the distance between Italy and destination country it requires a different amount of working days. In addition, the delivery time is not the same for each shipment option.

  • Express. If you need an urgent delivery within Italy, this option can cope with your shipment in 1 to 3 working days.
  • International Standard. While sending packages to Europe and other countries in the world without a hurry, then you should this option. It is cheaper and to reach the destination it takes from 10 to 25 working days.
  • Europe. For fast delivery within Europe, you may rely on this option. Your packages can be delivered in 1 to 3 working days

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11/21/235:16 PM
Tracking information is not true.
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11/6/2312:32 PM
20 days and I am still waiting. The product I ordered spoils after 10days so I am waiting for it to be sent back so I can get a refund but it’s 20days in transit
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Johann Steger email: j***[email protected]
10/12/2312:23 PM
Paket befindet sich seit 31 Tagen "In transito presso il centro Operativo Postale" (Trento TN)
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Mauro Corsetti
3/27/2310:08 PM
Fortunatamente ho trovato il pacco ordinato dall’estero e pagato profumatamente 360 euro che vagava fuori dalla porta del negozio per terra… oltretutto pure pisciato da qualche animale che di passaggio ha deciso di segnarlo. Un modo di consegnare i pacchi così pessimo non lo avevo mai visto… do una stella ma ne darei zero se fosse possibile! Nonostante si indichi orari di consegna, orari di apertura e chiusura… non serve a nulla! I corrieri o i postini che lavorano per le poste dovrebbero consegnare alla persona e di persona quel che si ordina, non abbandonarlo per terra alla mercè di chiunque passi e se li prenda! Pessimo servizio!
3/22/2312:04 PM
Tracking inaffidabile, personale scorretto
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