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Poczta Polska is a company with over 460 years of tradition, the largest operator on the domestic market. It has over 80,000 employees, our network includes 7600 branches, branches, and postal agencies. It focuses on strengthening the most promising areas like parcels, logistics, finance, international delivery services.

Package +

Package + is an offer for those for whom the reliability of delivery and freedom in choosing additional options are important. Depending on customers’ expectations and individual needs, the company offers the option of choosing the most convenient, guaranteed delivery date. Detailed information on the implementation of the service can be found in the regulations. You can also lower the parcel-shipping price by using the Poczta Polska application, which will generate an address sticker and automatically provide us with the shipment details.

Dimension Requirements

Within the Package + you can send parcels up to 30 kg, for parcels sent with the "Pick-up at POINT" option, the maximum weight is 20kg. Shipments over 20 kg are accepted at designated post offices, which you can find in the branch search engine. For standard shipments, dimensions should be no more than 250cm and the largest dimension (length) should not exceed 150 cm. As for the non-standard parcel, dimensions should be over 250cm, but not more than 300cm, with the largest dimension length that not exceeding 150cm, and for roll 20 cm diameter x150cm length.

Delivery Time

The package + is delivered within the guaranteed delivery times:

  • up to 2 business days after the day of posting for shipments with the Ekspres additional service;
  • up to the 3 business days after posting;
  • up to the 4 business days for shipments sent as non-standard shipments.

Postal Parcel

It is a simple and proven solution for your shipments up to 10 kg. An ordinary package or one with a declared value, in an economy or priority version, is the simplest form of delivery. Detailed information on the implementation of the service can be found in the regulations.


  • Minimum: 9cmx14 cm address side with a tolerance of 2mm;
  • Maximum: the length with circumference is measured in should not be more than 300cm.

Delivery Time

  • Priority - the expected date of service delivery is the next business day after the day of posting parcel to the post office until 15:00.
  • Economical - the expected date of the service is 3 business days after the day of posting.

International Delivery

Poland Post operates all over the world, delivering parcels to the farthest corners of the world every day. Parcels and courier parcels with Poczta Polska will always arrive on time, exactly where you addressed them. You can take advantage of additional solutions that simplify the planning of shipping and delivery, such as additional insurance or the option of online monitoring of their status.

Postal parcel

The most proven solution in a foreign edition, at a favorable price. As part of this service, you will receive a package of additional solutions, e.g. value declaration or confirmation of receipt. By sending a parcel, you can declare the value of the items sent in it. In the case of foreign parcels, countries differently determine the possible rates for declaring the value and some countries do not accept parcels with the declared value.


The minimum package dimensions are 9cmx14cm. While maximum package dimensions length with circumference is 300 cm, with a maximum length of 150cm. As for weight, the package should not be heavier than 20kg.

Delivery Time

The delivery time to other countries greatly depends on the distance. Therefore, it may take from several business days up to a month.

Ukraine Plus Package

The Ukraine Plus package is a parcel weighing up to 20 kilograms, which you can send at any post office. You can give items up to PLN 400.00 in it. The service is carried out within guaranteed delivery times. The advantage of the service is not only the price but also the effective and timely delivery of parcels on the territory of Ukraine to the recipient. The offer is intended for both individual and business clients.

To facilitate the filling of transmission documents by Ukrainian citizens, the fields on the address label have been described in Cyrillic, and an interactive form has been created that allows you to easily prepare address labels without leaving home.


The minimum dimensions are 16cmx21 cm. For parcels, in roll form, the sum of the length and double diameter may not be less than 30 and the largest dimension should not be less than 10 cm. While maximum package dimensions length with circumference is 300 cm, with a maximum length of 150cm.

Delivery Time

While using this service you receive estimate delivery dates. Thus, depending on the destination you will need to wait a different amount of business days. In case the delivery is delayed, you need to contact the customer support department.

National Pallet Shipment

The service is recommended for domestic shipments of industrial goods, excluding unsupported ADR goods, which are perishable and not transportable.

Types of shipments:

  • Small-scale Pallet Shipment is a service for a shipment covering an area of 6.00 pallet spaces or weighing up to 5,000kg;
  • Partial Shipment a service for a shipment covering an area of 6.01 to 20.00 pallet spaces or weighing from 5,000.01 kg to 16500kg;
  • Full Load Shipment is a service for a shipment covering an area of 20.01 pallet places or weighing more than 16 501 kg.

Poland Post provides logistics services throughout the country. This delivery company uses its own technical infrastructure to handle loads, the most important elements of which are logistics platforms located throughout the country and connected by a network of permanent connections, which are 14 main and 21 auxiliary.

International Pallet Shipment

International Pallet Shipment is an international Poland Post service provided on the territory of Europe to countries included in the list of countries covered by the service. The service can be used if you want to send goods from Poland to selected European countries or from Europe to Poland or between selected European countries without transporting goods through Poland.

This service involves the transport of goods packed and placed on a pallet (or other loading units) or non-palletized from the place of delivery to the place of delivery using several means of transport. Parameters of permissible loading units in the International Pallet Shipment service you can find on the website. The service is provided on the basis of an order or a written transport contract concluded with the customer, within the time limits specified in the delivery schedule. Poczta Polska carries out shipments of industrial products, excluding unsupported ADR goods, perishable goods, and goods not transportable listed in the List of goods excluded from transport.


EMS is a postal service of Poczta Polska, which consists of collecting from the sender's headquarters or receiving at post offices, and then moving and delivering to the addressee abroad, parcels containing documents or goods. This list also contains information about the places to which you can send EMS shipments from Poland and possible data on the specific conditions of providing this service in individual countries.

To facilitate the use of the EMS service, a convenient form of sending shipments in the door-to-door system is recommended. After ordering the service by phone (only by senders with a written contract) or electronically, parcels are received directly from the customer's premises free of charge. EMS shipments can be sent at selected post offices.

Delivery Dates

  • The expected date of delivery of an EMS shipment to European countries is 3 business days;
  • The delivery to countries on continents other than Europe it takes 6 business days.

Kurier Pocztex

It allows customers to send your shipments quickly and efficiently up to 100 kg. Polish Post will collect the parcel directly from you and it guarantees to deliver it on time to the indicated address. The Pocztex service is the fastest of postal services. You have a wide range of services and additional services at your disposal. Adjust the solution to your expectations and needs.

Poland Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

To search for a registered parcel, enter the number in the box. The Poland Post tracking number format consists of 13 characters, which has 4 letters and 9 digits. Here are some examples:

  • CP098765432PL;
  • EE918273645PL;
  • VV321654987PL.

In case the ID entered is correct, data and event history for the specified shipment will appear. If the shipment history or information about it does not match the proof of posting, you should check the correctness of the entered number. For registered letters, registered parcels, and small parcels, information on the day of posting and delivery of parcels is displayed, without any route.

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Terreble services for global shipping with priority mail. Prices high but services low quality.
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