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Pitney Bowes' goal is to guide customers through the complex world of retail. It provides data that companies can use to market their services. It enables mail and parcels to be shipped anywhere in the world. In addition, it secures the processing of payments with the creation of account statements and invoices that customers can look ahead. As the inventor of the first commercially available franking machine, Pitney Bowes has more than 90 years of experience in developing innovations that help customers find their way in this complex and constantly evolving world of retail.

Over 1.5 million customers That is the number of small businesses that Pitney Bowes support around the world in communicating with their customers, processing orders, increasing productivity, improving mail delivery, and optimizing postage. Pitney Bowes helps to collect, track, process, and use data to market to the best customers and reach them with a working communication.

Inbound Package Tracking Software

It helps efficiently manage the traceability of packages. It allows you to increase your productivity and minimize the number of lost parcels, letters, or registered letters. This software simplifies the management of inbound packages. Such logistic solutions allow automating the entry of information such as carrier, package tracking number, sender, and recipient. It conveniently and efficiently manages your parcels.

The tracking possibilities provide full traceability of your incoming folds, packages, and items. You can receive email notifications and optimize follow-up to limit calls concerning the status of packages or folds. This software allows you to send internal email notifications as soon as a package or envelope is scanned. With software as a service solution, you will eliminate IT costs and delays.

PB One Tracking

Incoming and outgoing management of documents and packages. It simplifies internal management in mailing services. It helps to save time and money by increasing the efficiency of your receiving and delivery process.

PB One Tracking simplifies the registration, tracking, and management of packages and documents received and delivered. You will gain better visibility into what enters and leaves your organization and where it goes.

PB One Tracking Benefits

  • Service with the possibility of customization;
  • Multiuser access - option for each user to make their request and follow up directly on the system;
  • System via web;
  • Improved management of processes related to shipping routines.

China E-commerce to US Delivery Solution

If you want to ship packages directly to consumers in the United States, the long-term prosperity of your business depends on reliable and consistent service and avoiding risks in a rapidly changing market.

  • Reliability: Meet the expectations of American consumers for low-cost delivery, high tracking visibility, and delivery times comparable to local delivery speeds in the United States.
  • Risk aversion: Trade tensions and changes to the UPU agreement by the United States will increase transportation costs.
  • Fully managed to import US supply chain: Parcels enter the US through eight entry points, with fast logistics; Pitney Bowes has full authority to handle all matters from customs clearance to delivery, with high tracking visibility.
  • Recognized expertise: US commercial customs clearance, domestic processing, and home delivery.
  • Consumer experience: leading domestic warehousing, contract fulfillment and return services in the United States.
  • Strong network: a trusted partner for package pickup, integration, and international transportation.

Hybrid Mail Delivery

Hybrid mail is your virtual post office. You just need to install the Pitney Bowes app for a printer. Then, by a simple click on "Print", you will print, put in envelop, frank and dispatch letter via local post office within one working day in a continuous work process. It operates according to the latest GDPR guidelines with 100% data security. At the same time, you retain full transparency and cost control over everything. Simply dial into the Pitney Bowes online portal, you can see the shipping status of each letter at any time and there is a detailed cost statement at the end of the month.

Hybrid mail solutions can help you quickly and easily switch from paper to digital mail. Including email and the new, emerging digital channels. The way in which customers want to maintain their communication is changing. It gives employees more time to concentrate on their core business instead of worrying about sending letters.

Cross-border Delivery

Cross-Border is a comprehensive and scalable international e-commerce solution that helps manage all aspects of your cross-border expansion. Retailers can localize their website to better target their international customers and take advantage of cross-border logistics services and international customer service.


MeterNet was developed to actively respond to the constantly changing requirements of your business environment: with a postal billing and consolidation package that provides unlimited cost center bookings and unprecedentedly detailed statistics and reporting options.

Real-time data acquisition

Up to 50 parameters for each transaction can be recorded and saved and are therefore available for detailed evaluations. A barcode reader can be used to speed up the data entry process and minimize operator errors.

Centralized information

All non-franked transactions, for example, jobs sent by courier or outsourced to external mail processing service providers, can be recorded in MeterNet, analyzed and assigned in the same way as franked mail.

Reduced costs

MeterNet can be used proactively: control and analyze the expenditure of individual company areas against the planned budget. In addition, increase your return on investment by choosing the best service provider on the market.

Meaningful reports

Analyze postal and other services - down to the individual piece of mail. Among other things, there are over 40 easy-to-create standard reports.

Pitney Bowes Important Points

Value-added tax

All prices that you see in the shop are net prices plus VAT and shipping. VAT is displayed when you complete your order process.


  • For all online orders over 250 euros (excl. VAT): free.
  • Up to 100 euros (excl. VAT) order value: 5.90 euros shipping.
  • 100 euros to 250 euros (excl. VAT) order value: 3.90 euros shipping.


Pitney Bowes save your order and send you the order data by email. You can view the general terms and conditions here at any time. Past orders can be viewed in your account


All returns must be approved by Pitney Bowes and you should receive a listing as proof that Pitney Bowes has received the returned goods. In general, this company will take your claims into account if they are communicated within 28 days of the invoice date and will issue a credit note if goods have been lost or delivered incorrectly.

It is also applicable if invoices have been sent incorrectly or if an incorrect and damaged delivery due to the company mistake. For a proper return, the goods must be in the original packaging, protected by an outer box, and in a resalable condition.

Payment methods

As a new customer, you can only pay by credit card in an online shop. For all other orders, you can continue to pay by bank transfer, direct debit, or as you wish with a credit card. You can view and change the payment method in your customer account at any time.

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Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes
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Ted Martin
7/27/2312:54 AM
Pitney Bowes customer service is the worst ever. They wont even look up your damn tracking number and assist you at all. My package was help in California 11 days between Bloomington and Stockton California, after 11 days it finally left Stockton California. USPS has been great and even called me, Pitney bowes needs all new employees and fire all those incompetent butt heads
Not delivered yet
7/16/219:26 AM
This shipping company sucks. Why are you stopping my shipments?!
Not delivered yet
Our user
9/15/208:12 AM
If they are responsible for insuring that shipments proceed in a timely manner they are doing a poor job. Very long periods of no movement of shipment.
Not delivered yet
Our user
8/26/2012:45 PM
Not delivered yet
Beaugendre Cedric
7/21/209:54 PM
I chearch my item
Not delivered yet
Our user
7/6/209:20 PM
Not delivered yet
Mary Byrne
7/1/2010:48 AM
Would like to know where my pig is and when am I going to receive it.
Not delivered yet
Our user
6/15/202:06 PM
Not delivered yet
Our user
6/13/208:27 PM
Not delivered yet
6/10/205:04 PM
I am happy with this purchase.
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