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Parcel Force, a parcel delivery service, became a separate division of the Royal Mail in 1990. Then Royal Mail established a network of cargo deliveries around the world. Today, the company continues to develop and demonstrate high quality products in all areas of activity.

Parcel Force Services

We have already said that Parcel Force is a separate Royal Mail structural unit for the delivery of UK & international parcels weighing over 2 kg. All services and products of Parcel Force are focused on the main task. There are two categories of services on the division’s website.

Sending / Receiving a parcel

There are two areas of services and products for shipments within the United Kingdom and beyond it.

UK Parcel Delivery

  • express9: by 9 am the next day.
  • express10: by 10 am the next day.
  • expressAM: by midnight the next day.
  • express24: within 1 day.
  • express48: within 2 days.
  • express24 / 48 large: within 1-2 days for especially large parcels.

International Parcel Delivery

  • Globalexpress: by tomorrow's working day in the USA, Canada and European countries, or the day after tomorrow in other countries of the world.
  • Globalpriority: fast worldwide option with RoyalMail track and storage in the company's warehouses.
  • Globalvalue: inexpensive worldwide product, from 4 days.
  • Globaleconomy: worldwide solution for any sizes up to 28 business days.
  • Irelandexpress: urgent parcels from Northern Ireland to Ireland.
  • HM Forces: delivery of packages to the addresses of post offices and branches of Royal Mail worldwide.

Business parcels

Everything is the same here, and the company provides packages of services for businesses within the country and abroad.

UK Services

  • ExpressAM: next business day morning.
  • ExpressPM: next business day evening.
  • Express24: within 24 hours.
  • Express48: within 48 hours
  • Express48large: within 24-48 hours for bulky packages.
  • Convenientcollect: mailing to local post offices.
  • Expresscollect: express tool until the beginning of the next business day (until 8 a.m.).
  • Sameday: fastest delivery within the same day.
  • Expressexchange: coming time selection opportunity.
  • UK Pallet:  pallet services collected from your UK location, delivered worldwide.

International Services

  • Europriority pack: express delivery of small packages (up to 3 kg) in Europe within 2 business days.
  • Globalexpress: delivery by tomorrow's working day in the USA, Canada and European countries, or the day after tomorrow in other countries of the world.
  • Europriority: delivery in Europe in 2 days with full Royal post tracking.
  • Globalpriority: delivery outside Europe within 2 business days.
  • Globalbulk: safe delivery and storage of large-sized items throughout Europe with RM tracking.
  • Globalbulkdirect: Direct address delivery of bulky items throughout Europe.
  • Globalpriorityreturn: help in returning goods from customers worldwide.
  • Irelandexpress: urgent parcel delivery from Northern Ireland to Ireland.
  • Europriorityimport: delivery of goods in Europe and / or back within 3 days.
  • HM Forces: reliable delivery to the British Forces based overseas.

Parcel Force Reviews

Parcel Force
Parcel Force
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Adel Ahmad Hawchar
4/30/229:13 AM
There are problems with the address. My real address. Süderstrasse 202 20537 Hamburg
Not delivered yet
Younes hamdi
2/11/225:38 PM
Not delivered yet
Lacramioara Parpaluta
1/6/222:18 PM
Sunt foarte dezamăgită am trimis pachetul in Romania dar nu a ajuns încă și nici nu il gasesc.Acolo am două telefoane iphone pro max 12 in valoare de 2600 £ .Pe data 16 decembrie l am trimis si inca nu a ajuns.
Not delivered yet
Paul Mossop
1/6/221:39 AM
Horrendous! Issued me with a customs charge of £130.00 for a £350 camera from Germany! I’m not paying it and will get returned to sender. This is disgusting and not reflective of the value of the original goods. I ordered this way before Christmas and it’s been sat in my local delivery office for ages until I finally get a letter from them with this ridiculous charge. I’m f***ing furious!
Not delivered yet
Amaniel Andei
12/31/216:19 PM
Not delivered yet
Ciprian Pandeleanu
12/29/2111:10 AM
Nu dă locații exacte
Not delivered yet
Vo thi sau
12/20/218:18 PM
My order CY5***7DE has not been received. Where is it now
Not delivered yet
12/20/216:11 PM
Why did you recall my package to me
Our user
12/11/212:51 PM
Very poor track and trace information.
Not delivered yet
Mary Agyemang
12/1/211:24 AM
Why is package stuck in transit been processed excepted on shipment by air no tracking since the 23rd of November
Not delivered yet
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