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Pakistan Post Carrier Info & Tips

In Pakistan, proper delivery is very important. It helps to connect people even from distant places. Pakistan Post has plenty of various solutions to send packages and mail within the country or to multiple international destinations. In case, time is very important Pakistan Post offers various EMS delivery options.

Pakistan Post has a long history, during which, it has accomplished an accountable number of shipments. To be sure, that customers are satisfied, the customer support department is always ready to provide needed assistance.

Pakistan Post is the national postal operator of Pakistan. In addition to postal services, it provides a wide range of financial services for the population, and in total, there are more than 12,000 Pakistan Post offices in the country.

Letter Delivery

Even nowadays letters are quite popular. Pakistan Post is always ready to deliver mail to the destination. The time for delivery greatly depends on the target destination. The enclosed envelopes should not be heavier than 500g.

Small Packet

If you need to deliver soma small items in range from 1 to 5 kg, Pakistan Post will deliver them around the country or to almost any other part of the world. Domestic delivery requires from 3 to 5 business days. For international delivery, you need to specify information about the destination country directly on the website.

Literature for Blind

Blind people often face various difficulties. With Pakistan Post, they are able to send and receive literature without difficulties. The package weight should be no more than 10kg for domestic delivery and up to 7kg for international delivery. Within this weight range, the delivery is free of charge.

Registered Newspaper

Pak Post offers newspaper delivery across Pakistan at an exceptionally low rate. There is no revenue from this facility but its availability to newspaper publishers testifies to the fact that Pak Post is fully aware of its social role. Newspapers are distributed across Pakistan to help people raise their level of education and social and political awareness through Pak Post's extensive transport network. If the weight exceeds 100g you will need to pay for additional grams.

Electronic Money Order

Pakistan Post also offers a range of banking services, some of which are connected with money transfers. Electronic Money Order is a Swift way to send money from one post office to another. It is a safe delivery solution that guarantees the safety of transfer. In addition, money transfer can be performed to the doors of the addressee. It is recommended to book this service in advance. When the transfer is accomplished you are able to receive an SMS notification.

EMS Delivery Services

Urgent Mail

Pakistan Post offers plenty of various delivery solutions. If you need to deliver something efficiently and fast. Urgent Mail is able to accomplish delivery overnight or on the second day. The maximum weight of such packages is 30kg. As for the size, the length should not more than 1.5m.

Express Mail

In case you are trying to find an EMS service, which has a good combination of price and delivery, then you need a standard Express Mail. The delivery time greatly depends on the country of destination. During the whole delivery time, you are able to know the status and location of the package. This option allows you to prepare packages of 30kg with length and girth maximum of 3m.

Plus Export Parcel

While sending parcels to multiple countries around the world time plays an important role in specific items. Plus Export Parcel is suitable when your delivery has to be accomplished within 72 hours. It is suitable for small and medium businesses, which sell goods to customers from the whole world. It is a time-sensitive service, which allows preparing packages of 30kg.

Fax Mail

In the modern world, not many people still use Fax. However, sometimes there is a need to deliver important documents to distant locations. If the addressee does not have a fax but you still need to deliver some papers you can use Fax Mail EMS service. Papers will be printed in the closest Pakistan Post office and then delivered to the recipient.

Documents for transmission through Fax Mail Service will be accepted up to a maximum size of A-4 which is 210 millimeters by 297 millimeters. Fax Mail Service booking tariff has to be paid in cash for each page of a letter or each page of document A-4 size without exception.

Cash On Delivery

Ecommerce is a fast-growing industry, which requires fast delivery solutions. Cash on Delivery allows senders to send goods and receive payment for products. It is suitable for online shops as it increases their efficiency as customers prefer to pay only after receiving and checking the package. COD covers a large number of countries. The packages can be 30kg maximum.

Same Day Delivery

Sometimes delivery has to be accomplished within the shortest time. Same Day Delivery allows you to have your packages delivered during the one day in Pakistan. As it depends on the distance between two destinations the list of cities between this option is available you will find on the website. The package should be in rage from 5 to 20kg. Upon the successful delivery, you receive an SMS notification.

Peculiarities of Pakistan Post Tracking Number

Delivery is a very responsible task as service has to deliver packages or mail in an excellent condition within a specific time frame. With the possibility to track every package, chances that your parcel will be lost is very low. Pakistan Post as other delivery companies provides clients with the possibility to always know the status of every package. The tracking numbers are used as special identifiers. Every company develops its own tracking number format or follows the guidelines of the Universal Postal Union.

The Pakistan Post tracking number in most cases consists of 13 characters. It begins with two letters, then it has nine digits and in the end, it has PK. The first two letters indicate the type of departure. Pakistan Post mail indicates the weight of the parcel in the first letter. “R” - up to 2 kg., “C” - up to 20 kg .. If the letter “E” is the first, then this means that the package is being delivered by EMS quickly. The sending country, in this case, Pakistan, is indicated by the last two letters. For Pakistan Post packages, these are the letters "PK." Thus, the tracking number of this carrier looks something like this:

  • RE123456789PK;
  • CE123456789PK;
  • RE123456789PK.

Options to Tack Pakistan Post Delivery

To track the Pakistan Post, you need to have a computer or mobile device with Internet access. You have three options for tracking Pakistan Post.

  1. Various websites and online stores. It is very easy to use. On the page of your order, there is a button “Track”. There you will see information about the movements of your parcel. It is necessary to mention that it is being updated very late.
  2. On the official website of the Pakistan Post. This is a reliable method that requires knowledge of Urdu or English languages. Alternatively, it may be less convenient in navigation.
  3. Through a universal service. This type of tracking is considered the most progressive today. Such services have access to information from hundreds of mail services, including Pakistan post. In addition, they support plenty of various languages.

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Our user
10/12/227:45 AM
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Aamir Baig
9/14/227:37 AM
With so sad. Really a very very bad service I give a packet for ITALY 16 days b4. But thats still not show on web. So i dont like.
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1/31/202:27 PM
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1/27/208:04 PM
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1/22/206:55 PM
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1/10/203:07 PM
It has been two days since the package arrived at its destination city and the tracking site shows that it has been sent for delivery from the GPO on 8th January 2020.
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Umar hayat
1/9/2012:35 PM
bad servise
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Mirawas sherzad
1/6/209:10 AM
Hello Sir, about 50 days is nearing completion, but I have not received this crop yet, so now you can tell me why and where this parcel is located. 0***4
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Ahmed Jabir
1/5/2011:20 AM
I dont know when the package will be ship to destination country, 32 days have been passed and the package is still in karachi exchange mail
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